Monday, January 31, 2022

Aquarius New Moon: January 31, 2022


Aquarius on a ceiling next to smoke alarm (sky view lite app)

Aquarius New Moon 

12 Aquarius 20 

January 31, 2022  

9:46pm PST  

Tonight launches the Aquarius New Moon.   Like all new moons we are ready and in need of the energetic change.   Even if we resist it, we need it.    Who is your community?  asks Aquarius.   Do you know?  Does it need to be freshened?   

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Carry on.   

Monday, January 24, 2022

Astrology the Week of January 24 - 30


Monday the 24th is our final full day of Disseminating Phase


Focus on:  How are you sharing your refinement abilities?  How are you sharing the importance of discretion?  How are you sharing the power of a well-run schedule?   How are you sharing technical and details that other people may be missing?  



Special focus:


Jan 24: Mars enters Capricorn.  Pragmatic actions.  Actions that support greater goals.  Business and moving out into the world actions are highlighted.  


Last Quarter Moon Phase

January 25, 2022




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How do you own power and act on it?   How do you access your empowerment?  What actions do you need to take that speak to letting something die so something new can emerge?   What actions are you taking that speak to shared finances?  



Special focus 


Jan 25: Mercury re-enters Capricorn.  (see separate post) 



Balsamic Moon Phase


January 28, 2022 

3:22pm PST   


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing righteousness?  How are you releasing prejudice? How are you releasing hypocrisy?   How are you releasing proselytizing? 




Special focus: 

Jan 28:  Mercury conjunct Pluto (#1 12/30, #2 1/28  #3 Feb 11) Our thinking is deep.  Our communication is intense.  What do we value?  Where are weaknesses?   Why are we here?  

Jan 29:  Venus station direct 12:45am 11 Capricorn 05  (see above) 

Jan 30:  Sun square Uranus.  Creativity, irreverent, going our own, rebel with our without a cause  versus the connections we have with humans such as love and practicality.   




Aquarius New Moon January 31, 12 Aquarius 20 – Year of the Tiger


Monday, January 17, 2022

Astrology of this Week: January 17 - 23


This week is no day in the country.   Put on your seatbelts we have got a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns.  


On the 17t, the sun conjuncts Pluto quickly followed by the launch of the Cancer Full Moon.    Our emotions will be churned up as we find our place in the world and use our authentic feelings.     Manipulators and bullies will be put on notice, practical actions that speak to truth and authentic feelings will be amplified.   On the 18th, Uranus turns direct and a few hours later the nodes change sign.   It is a very stimulated day.    Then on the 19th the Sun moves into Aquarius, shifting us from building our careers and our place into the world and pivoting to finding our groups and bringing our jam to the party and doing big things as a group. 


On the 21st we move out of the full moon and into disseminating phase where we can share the knowledge, we have on staying on point, focused on details.    



Focus on 

The Cancer Full Moon.   How are our emotions reminding us of something important?    What do our feelings motivate in us?   How is family influencing us?  Even if family does not look like the family from our past, who is it influencing us?   



Special focus 


Jan 18: Uranus station direct 10 Taurus 49 (see above) 7:25am

Jan 18: North Node enters Taurus (see above) 


Jan 19: Sun Trine North Node.   Concrete realities are showcased and desired.    

Jan 19: Sun enters Aquarius 




January 21, 2021   

1:41pm PST 




Focus on:  How are you sharing your refinement abilities?  How are you sharing the importance of discretion?  How are you sharing the power of a well-run schedule?   How are you sharing technical and details that other people may be missing?  



Special focus:


Jan 24: Mars enters Capricorn.  Pragmatic actions.  Actions that support greater goals.  Business and moving out into the world actions are highlighted.  

Nodes change signs: January 18


True North Node enters Taurus. 

January 18


We are here.   The North node and its opposite south node are officially out of Gemini & Sagittarius and now in Taurus and Scorpio.   We are out of theories and now we are focused practical applications for the next eighteen months.  

Taurus North Node wants security.   It wants to feel grounded.  It also wants the security of love and beauty.   How that is defined is always the big question.   We will learn more by the time of the partial eclipse April 30.   Financial matters and issues around power (Scorpio) may come up in the news around Jan 18. 

Cancer Full Moon: January 17, 3:48pm PST


Osman Cancer (1582) - Wikipedia 

Full Moon Phase – 

27 Cancer 51  

January 17, 2022 

3:48pm PST 



There is one day a year when the Sun gets on top of Pluto which is an opportunity to process themes around power.    This year, Sun conjuncts Pluto on January 17 but what makes this day even more potent, about two hours later the full moon in Cancer arrives opposite the Sun and Pluto.     Full moons can be intense lunar experiences and having Pluto in the mix brings steroids to the phase. 


Cancer cares about family, mom, emotions, and home with a sensitivity that is childlike.   Capricorn is about, career, responsibility and a sensibility that is adult like.     Given Pluto is shacked up with the Sun, the weight is on the side on finding our power in the world.   Showing up and doing the right thing will be showcased for this three-day phase.   


Issues around home versus work will be exposed.    Using work to disconnect from family and a rich homelife will be hard to ignore.   Using emotions to stay small and feel disempowered in the world will also be difficult to ignore.   


People who rely on guilt, shame, and manipulation to get what they want may be pushed back upon.   Those who feel victimized by psychological warfare artists will challenge any disempowering tools used upon them.   Bullies and abusers will be put on notice, even if they are the internal ones we carry in our heads.  


Watch what comes up in your life for the next three days and notice any themes around power.    How is power being used or misused?  By either you or others?  How do these power moves impact your emotional life and your place in the world?


Because of an aspect between the Sun and Moon with Mars, there will be a call to be action oriented.    Matters around truth could bring swift responses.   


These three days can offer an opportunity to cut deep down below the muck and mire and find authentic emotions.    



Emotions can be put through the grinder this three-day phase.   But if you get quiet you will find a way out.   Harnessing power is very possible.   At the very least, take long hot showers to calm nerves and get centered.     


Globally, this Cancer Full Moon is close to the natal placement of USA’s Pluto suggesting there may be a focus during this three-day phase on power issues both covert and exposed in America that get our attention.    As we head into the first contact of Pluto USA return (Feb 10) this full moon may bring important information for America to process.  

Monday, January 10, 2022

Astrology during the week of January 10th - Jan 17


This Week


We continue to be in the waxing moon with first quarter phase.   Take care with all actions on the 11th, Mars square Neptune can make for fuzzy motives on actions. 

On the 14th Mercury will station retrograde where we will double check all details before we sign off, send off or take off.   Double check everything and save your big purchases until after Feb 3 when Mercury turns direct. 

On 16th Sun conjuncts Pluto- a once a year event.   Issues around Big Government and Big Business that need depth and resolution by exploring the roots of the issues.   




First Quarter Moon 

Jan 9

10:11am PST   



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that lean into your personality?  What actions are you taking that push your identity?   What actions are you doing that take care of self?  



Special Note


Jan 10:  Sun sextile Neptune:   Creativity is high with practical application.   Reality meets dreams and imagination.  Maturity meets creativity. 

Jan 11: Mars square Neptune:   Actions based on what?  Are you being given the straight info?  Intuition is high but actions need to be thought out.   Fuzzy action and motives. 



Gibbous Moon

January 13, 2022

12:45 pm   



Focus on:  How are you refining your language?  How are you using discrimination in your communication?  How are you finding details in information you are learning or sharing? 



Special focus

Jan 14:   Mercury retrograde.  10 Aquarius 20 (see above) 3:41am

Jan 16:  Sun conjunct Pluto.  The shadows in our hearts, psyches, reality are pricked.  What’s transparent?  What’s hidden?  Sunlight is the greatest antiseptic.   New growth needs real structure.    



Thursday, January 6, 2022

Uranus Station Direct: January 18.


Uranus station Direct 

January 18, 2022 7:25am PST 

10 Taurus 49 


May 3 2021 10 Taurus 49

Aug 19, 2021 14 Taurus 48

Jan 18, 2022 10 Taurus 49

May 5, 2022 14 Taurus 49 


Uranus stations direct just a few days after Mercury stations retrograde.    Two planets changing direction close to one another impacts the energy of a week.  Mercury and Uranus speak to our mental agility with Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury.   Mercury is focused on our conversations and the doings of our personal life.  Errands, calling people, going here and there.  That’s Mercury.  Uranus is the thoughts that impact society.  Big ideas that impact big groups that’s Uranus.   Mercury turns retrograde at 10 Aquarius 20.   Which is close to a perfect square with Uranus at 10 Taurus 49.  It is not exact but had Mercury waited a day later to change direction the two would have been at perfect square.  In this case it is close enough to count and brings an added tension.  Some things could come, from out of the blue that pushes us to find our flexibility.    Perhaps again, we are getting too far out in some thinking that is missing the point.   Something rigid needs new growth.   Finding flexibility starts with willingness first.  Between January 14 and 18th big issues could come up and frustrate us on a level that is totally exhausting.   We may get to a point where we feel like giving up.  Instead, we may just need to take a beat and take some time to process.    Real solutions will slowly unfold and we may need to get past the square that perfects on Feb 24th.  Uranus will continue on its journey until its next retrograde in August.  

Mercury Retrograde: January 14, 2022


Mercury Retrograde 

Jan 14, 2022, 3:41am PST 

10 Aquarius 20 


December 29: Mercury shadow 25 Capricorn 

January 14:  Mercury station retrograde 10 Aquarius 20

January 25:  Mercury re-enters Capricorn 

Feb 3:  Mercury stations direct 24 Capricorn 23

Feb 14: Mercury re-enters Aquarius 

Feb 23:  Mercury exits shadow 


This is an interesting year because normally there are three mercury retrogrades in a year but sometimes there are four, usually by a handful of days.  Such is the case when the last week of December there will be the start of a retrograde.  That one will be in Capricorn.  All of the other (three) mercury retrogrades in 2022 will start in air signs and then re-enter earth signs.   Our thinking (air) could hit some snags with practical applications (earth) that go a bit askew.   

Mercury in Aquarius is far out thinking.   Creative, visionary, odd, and weird connections are made when Mercury is in progressive Aquarius.  There is an accent on group causes, friends and fellowships along with technological pursuits.   Once Mercury stations retrograde we will stress test all our plans and all our communications, perhaps friendships.  This mercury retrograde will also speak to internet and cyber communication.   Blogs will get stuff wrong.   Big time.   Take care with anything you repeat, double check all facts and then double check then again.   Protect all your passwords and back up your data before the station retrograde.

There is an additional intensity with Mercury whenever it gets on top of Pluto.  Normally it is one day a year  but with the retrograde it is 3 days.  When it is near these dates prepare for deep intense thinking and communication.  Dec 30, 2021  -- Jan 28 and Feb 11.   Our thinking is deep.  Our communication is intense.  What do we value?  Where are weaknesses?   Why are we here?  

 Once Mercury returns to Capricorn we will once again have to think about our thinking and its practicality.  Had we gone too far out on some subject?  Do we need to reel it back?  Mercury in Capricorn lives for practical thinking that which make long term sense.   Watch what comes up in your life that you were sure was filled intrigue and drama and consider that the simple answer may be the most accurate.    It could all be Occam’s Razor.  

Take care of your brain.   If you need to give yourself a mental break, do it.   

Astrology Week of January 6-9


Crescent Moon Phase

January 5, 2022

5:27pm PST 




Focus on: What are you learning about your faith?  What are you learning about the Nonmaterial world?   What are you learning about worlds behind other worlds?   What are you learning about intuition?   What are you learning about faith?   




Special Focus


Jan 8: Sun conjunction Venus.   Love, money, pleasure, joy and values come to the forefront ---but they are sensible, pragmatic, not particularly romantic.  Learning something about all of the above.  

Jan 9:  Mercury sextile Chiron.  New thoughts about self.  Putting self-first happens in the brain first.  


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year & Happy Capricorn New Moon! January 2.


Capricorn New Moon on a refrigerator 

How fun.  The Capricorn New Moon takes place in the morning of January 2nd.  The excitement of a new year so close to the New Moon gives us a little boost.    The Capricorn New Moon challenges us to find our ambition.   We are tired and burned out by a year like 2020 followed by a year like 2021 and yet now we must dust ourselves off and find our strength and consider actions that we can take that will improve our lives for 2022.   We are willing to use discipline and action to seek higher ground.   Isn't it time?   
Let's all go for a mountain peak!   
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