Monday, January 17, 2022

Cancer Full Moon: January 17, 3:48pm PST


Osman Cancer (1582) - Wikipedia 

Full Moon Phase – 

27 Cancer 51  

January 17, 2022 

3:48pm PST 



There is one day a year when the Sun gets on top of Pluto which is an opportunity to process themes around power.    This year, Sun conjuncts Pluto on January 17 but what makes this day even more potent, about two hours later the full moon in Cancer arrives opposite the Sun and Pluto.     Full moons can be intense lunar experiences and having Pluto in the mix brings steroids to the phase. 


Cancer cares about family, mom, emotions, and home with a sensitivity that is childlike.   Capricorn is about, career, responsibility and a sensibility that is adult like.     Given Pluto is shacked up with the Sun, the weight is on the side on finding our power in the world.   Showing up and doing the right thing will be showcased for this three-day phase.   


Issues around home versus work will be exposed.    Using work to disconnect from family and a rich homelife will be hard to ignore.   Using emotions to stay small and feel disempowered in the world will also be difficult to ignore.   


People who rely on guilt, shame, and manipulation to get what they want may be pushed back upon.   Those who feel victimized by psychological warfare artists will challenge any disempowering tools used upon them.   Bullies and abusers will be put on notice, even if they are the internal ones we carry in our heads.  


Watch what comes up in your life for the next three days and notice any themes around power.    How is power being used or misused?  By either you or others?  How do these power moves impact your emotional life and your place in the world?


Because of an aspect between the Sun and Moon with Mars, there will be a call to be action oriented.    Matters around truth could bring swift responses.   


These three days can offer an opportunity to cut deep down below the muck and mire and find authentic emotions.    



Emotions can be put through the grinder this three-day phase.   But if you get quiet you will find a way out.   Harnessing power is very possible.   At the very least, take long hot showers to calm nerves and get centered.     


Globally, this Cancer Full Moon is close to the natal placement of USA’s Pluto suggesting there may be a focus during this three-day phase on power issues both covert and exposed in America that get our attention.    As we head into the first contact of Pluto USA return (Feb 10) this full moon may bring important information for America to process.  

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