Friday, April 27, 2018

Scorpio Full Moon: April 29

Scorpio Full Moon
April 29, 8:58 PM EDT 
9 degrees 39 

As always we look at full moons in context of a bigger picture.  The Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus are opposing each other (that’s what makes a full moon) in the Aries lunar cycle.    At the new moon on April 15 we planted seeds that we build upon all year towards our goals and wishes.   Many of us made Treasure Maps where we processed the energy and took the time to really tune in to our wants and needs.    Now on the full moon is a good time to ask:  In the last two weeks have you seen changes in your life?  Have you seen changes around you?    Have people said things to you that suggest they are about to make big moves?   Can you feel the earth moving around you?  
And perhaps even more important, where are you feeling stuck?  Where are feeling too attached?  Where do you need to let go?   And even more exact:  What needs to die so you are more on the way to your goals?  

Jupiter who turned retrograde at the beginning of March is halfway through his 12 month journey in Scorpio and this full moon is conjunct the moon and oppose the sun.   Where are we getting wise (Jupiter) on functional, practical solutions (Taurus) for our evolution (Scorpio)?  During the full moon do not be surprised if you show up some place and you are about to do something, respond to something, work on something or communicate about something ---and it does not feel right, as if you can’t do the same thing.   Then consider letting the old way die and go for a new approach.     Saturn trine Sun is perhaps speaking to us that we can build something new from the ground up on this full moon.  But the change starts first with our judgments and beliefs (Jupiter).   Be open as you shed.  

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Last 24 Hours

North Korea Kim Jong Un cross the line at the DMZ.  First time since the Korean War ended.
We don't know if it means anything.  But it is a weird moment.

Cosby verdict Guilty of Three counts of aggravated indecent assault.  

Trump Goes on Fox and Friends with a most provocative interview which could have long consequences.  

Ronny Jackson is pulled from the VA job, what a circus.

Can you feel Mars Conjunct Pluto----   Exact April 26 7:00am EDT?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Week in Astrology

First Quarter Moon 
April 22, 2018 
5:45pm  EST

We are in the first quarter of the waxing moon.   This is when we take actions based on the New Moon.  Did anything pronouced take place on April 15 that need your attention now?  

Focus on: What actions are you taking that express your love and creativity?   What actions are you taking that speak to your dramatic nature?  What actions support your pride?  What actions need courage?  Where are you brave? 

Special focus
4/24: Venus enters Gemini 
4/25: Mercury square Saturn.   Thinking is rigid.   Restricted information.   Fine tune thinking and communication.   Hesitate before saying something incorrect. 

Gibbous Moon
April 26, 2018
5:30pm  EDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your daily schedule?  How are you refining your diet?  How are you fine-tuning your daily actions? How are you fine tuning your health?  How are you showcasing your skills to serve?  

Special focus: 
4/26: Mars conjunct Pluto –Anger and transformation around status quo.  Are we working too hard to keep status quo when instead we should be energized to transform what is outdated?  

Your Final Treasure Map Days

If you are still working on your Treasure Map (or have not pulled it together) you have up until April 29 at  8:58pm EDT.

If you don't have it locked and completed by that date then please wait until next year for your Treasure Map.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Saturn & Pluto

Saturn Retrograde 
April 17 9:46 pm EDT 

About 18 hours after Chiron goes into warrior Aries for its eight-year journey, Saturn stations retrograde at 9/10 degrees of Capricorn.   To put it mildly, that is what we call an interesting day.  Saturn moved into its home sign Capricorn late December. Saturn likes being in Capricorn, this is the place where Saturn can manage the world.  Do this, do that, put that there,  move this over here….and in truth Saturn is pretty right about things that need to be done in order to manage things tidier.   Where it gets misguided is when it keeps pushing forward and the ground is not solid.  If it stays on a schedule and does not stop and make sure everything is okay that there are no fissures or cracks.   The gift of Saturn retrograde is for all of us to take a moment and make sure everything we are building is ‘sound’.   Is it rooted in something that can stand the test of time?   Or is it rooted in something false?  Or rooted in insecurity?   Between now and when Saturn stations direct on September 6 at 2-3 degrees of Capricorn we will have good opportunity to see what is not working because it is not rooted in the higher or whole ideal.    Insecurity is a good motivator but it is not good to be built upon.    Watch what comes up. 

Pluto retrograde
April 22 11:25am EDT 
21 Cap 17 

And here is where we laugh and say, “Okay, Spirit I got it, you are throwing in the kitchen sink this month.”   Pluto stations retrograde every year and here we are in the middle of the Aries lunar month because we don’t have enough going on! Pluto is a slow planet and even in his bit by bit movement there is still opportunity for something to be lost. Retrograde Pluto can glean any missing item or nuance or movement that will help us in our evolution.   Pluto’s evolution in Capricorn speaks to our fears around corporations and government and infrastructure.  Our fears may be based in reality but if we are not solving the issue from the ground up then we will be left with a big mess when Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024.  Case in point when Pluto was in Sagittarius we could have had an opportunity to help higher education in its evolution.  Instead For-Profit universities, many of them not even accredited emerged in the market place.  And at the same time, Pluto which is one of the debt planets burdened many students with predatory lenders both in private and public universities.   These students with thousands of dollars in debt is going to take some time to unwind.  Maybe by the time Pluto gets into Aquarius in 2024.   But Now as Pluto travels through Capricorn, which speaks to the basic fabric of society from pipes that take out sewage to fresh water that is brought into homes to rules and laws, Pluto is transforming where it can.   Enviromental concerns are certainly in the mix since Pluto is about the removal of waste.  What is going in the air?  What is going in the water?   What are we doing about it?  Watch what comes up during the next five months and see how business, government, authortites and regular joes respond.   Are they doing all they can?  And if not, why?  
For those people with planets between 18 and 22 in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, button up your seat belt…here we go! Wait a minute you don’t need me to point that out to you, you are already feeling it.   Hang in there! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Aries New Moon April 15, 9:57pm EDT

Aries New Moon article is up.   
I put it up ten days before the new moon so you can start to get into what is coming.  It is big.    I expect you to make the most of this new moon and your treasure map.  You are feeling the changes underfoot and this cycle you can start to respond.  

Please go to New Moon article HERE. 

Treasure Mapping. All the Info.


In Spring of 1996, astrologer and teacher Robert Buz Myers asked all his students to make a Treasure Map for the Aries New Moon.    I was fortunate to have been a participant in the process and it was an extraordinary experience.   I have been sharing this process for 20+ years.    

A treasure map is a collage of photos, pictures, words, pieces of things that make sense to you.  Whatever you want, you put them on cardboard and this acts similar to a vision board.   This board will be your MAP of what you want for the coming year.  It is your call out to the Universe.  This is your Treasure Map.  

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "What do I want for the coming year?"

Exactly what it says. Do you want a new house, a new living room, better health, stronger marriage, reconnect with people, a bigger family, a bigger community? Do you want to write your book? Do you want a new car? What is it you want?

Do you even know what you want? If you are like many of us, you are so busy running around, taking care of everyone else that you might not have a fig of an idea what you want for your new year.  That is the beauty of this process.  You must sit down and figure it out.   Give yourself this time to do it. Be just that selfish and dare to dream.

Why do we do it now and not January?

Treasure Maps are made during the Aries new moon. Aries new moon change from year to year and this year, it will take place on April 15, 9:57pm EDT

They are made on Aries new moon, because that is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is when you plant your seeds. It is the real beginning of the New Year. It should not be confused with the first day of spring, which is on March 20. New moon means the sun and moon are in the same degree. For those who don't know much about astrology (which is totally okay) Aries is the sign of SIGHT. So, that's why it is so important to have pictures of what you want. You need to visualize it. Or if you don't do photos/pictures.. Put up words. It is just important for you to SEE THEM.

So, I'm going to be busy on April 15th can I start it before the 15th?


Do I have to buy a bunch of magazines, I'm broke, can I just borrow some old ones from friends

Personally, when I started my treasure maps I always did them with fresh new magazines. And in the old days, (not married, no children) I spent a lot of dough on them because I wanted lots of choices. But with time, I ended up only getting a few magazines. I never borrowed magazines from friends however I know that there are people who did it in previous years and they were happy with their results. So, it really is your call. But if you do borrow them make sure they are put away until April 15th so they are fresh to you on that date.

What if I don't want magazine photos, can I just use my own pictures.. like my husband, my family etc?

Sure.  You can print up photos.  You can also use images from pininterest, etc.   You can draw and paint, this is you MAP.  Do what your instincts call you to do. 

Do I only focus on things?

Heck no! I would also encourage you to focus on beliefs and experiences. Affirmations like “I’m abundant” or “I am always feeling loved” “My health is vibrant.” “My partner and I are always growing closer.”

Is there any pattern I have to use when I put the photos or the words on my board?

No you can do it anyway you want.

I will say that in previous years my friends and I used the feng shui baguas for pattern. Basically I would break up the board into 9 areas. A grid like this:


7-self-knowledge (and travel)
9-helpful people and angels.

If you use the feng shui baguas, you will naturally cover most areas of your life. As you can see it is all represented there. But again, you don’t have to do it that way.  Some people have even made round boards.  

Can I build a cyber map?
Many mappers are more comfortable with cyber maps, which are always on their computer.
And they have had success.   Again, it is your call, do what your heart tells you to do.

How much time do I have to build my map?

Ideally you should build your map during the new phase of Aries new moon which would take you from the April 15th until the morning of April 19th  But if you need more time, you can give yourself up until Full Moon (April 29 8:58pm EDT)   I encourage people to do it in the beginning but I don’t want people to be pressured so if you need the whole waxing moon you can use it.    If you find yourself having not done your map and it is full moon, then skip it and do a map next year in 2019. 

Do I have to do it alone or can I do it with friends?

You can do it either way. I build mine with my 2 other friends. We are like family and it felt so right to do it with them. We started them together. I know that there are several people who have little parties where they invite those close to them over.  It is a lot of fun to do them with others--..We would all pass around the magazines.. "Hey, I found a great beach bungalow does anyone need a beach vacation? Or it would be, "I have got to lose 10 pounds, any ideas what I should put on my map?" and low and behold someone will come up with a good suggestion.

Do I have to finish it all at one sitting?

No. Often I used to cut my stuff out with my friends. Maybe glue a little thing here or there and then take it home and finish it over the course of a day or two.

Can my kids do it with me?

Yes! It is great for them to focus and think about what they want. Have them build their own maps. They also might give you their thoughts about what they think you should have in your life. Helps them to think beyond them, right?

Does it work?


Okay. I don't want to sound like a spoilsport but I’m just not interested in building a collage, can I do something else?

Sure you can take a nice piece of orange paper and write down wishes or affirmations during Treasure Map time. My wishes can sometimes feel like prayers and they are much broader in my desires.  At times  I felt like I needed to switch to 'less is more' after several years of mapping.  However I would encourage newcomers to make the actual maps. But if you really don't feel the call then just write your desires down. I like orange paper. So,vibrant. So Aries.

Is it ok to have things continue over to the next year? Long-term, ongoing stuff that has progressed but needs to continue to progress?

Yes. Of course. But with a small caveat. My experience after doing these for years is that when something really takes time and doesn't gel in the first year then there is something still not right. It might be something you are aware of or you might not be aware of a hurdle.
You may need to shift something about your long range goals. My sense is that they need a wee bit refining or broadening. Just a thought. But definitely don't give up on the dream.   And remember sometimes desires may need a physical move.  For example one mapper had a baby on her map for a couple of years it was not until she and her husband moved that the baby arrived.   Perhaps the baby needed a new community, a new energy to land in?  Same with jobs?  Or meeting a partner?  Just might need to be in another city.  If you are feeling drawn to a move it might be for a bigger reason.  Just sayin’    

I'm really excited is there anything I can do now before Treasure Map to help my map?

Yes, yes, yes.... I said this in previous years and I'll remind everyone now.  Get rid of clutter. Get rid of things that are bugging us. Get rid of ick. Try if you can to clear some space in your life so you can be ready for the treasure map. Remember, Einstein said, "NO TWO THINGS CAN OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE." Read that several times... now ask yourself, do I have space in my house, my family, my time, my life in general and my brain for more? If the answer is no. Then start housecleaning!

Clear out the stuff between now and April 15th. Now do you understand why it is important not to start your map before the new time?

By the way, I personally don't buy any of my supplies before the New starts. But I know some of you can't do that and if you must buy before please put aside and don't touch it until the new. Don't thumb through magazines. Leave it all be.

Good luck and dream big!

Baguas for Treasure Maps

Some of you are already starting to ask questions about your upcoming maps, which you will not build until after Aries New Moon launches on April 15th at 9:57pm EDT.
If you want to lay out your thoughts and images on your board and you would like to follow the feng shui bagua grid.  See above.    The subjects and the colors are explained.   You can also google bagua and find additional information.

Monday, April 2, 2018

This Week In Astrology

The full moon launched over the weekend and is still in effect as we start this week so we continue to process our relationships.    The big news is today’s Mars Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which will be in effect for a couple weeks.

On 4/4 Mercury square Mars super early in the morning.  We wake up where we note tough talk, reckless conversation, thinking that could be too rushed.    Shortly after the aspect we move into Disseminating lunar phase.

April 4 2018 
1:46am EDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing your power?  How are you sharing your ability to transform?  How are you sharing your extreme nature?   How are you sharing your ability to be laser focused?   How are you sharing your ability to co-mingle? 

Special focus:
4/5: Mercury square Saturn.   Cold and practical thinking.    Chilly conservation. 

4/7 Venus Trine Saturn.  Love & money benefit by structure and focus and it is easy.

Mars & Saturn: Get Your Discipline

Mars Conjunct Saturn
April 2, 2018
11:44am EDT
8 Capricorn 56

It is not a rare aspect since Mars and Saturn hook up every couple of years.   The last time they got together was in August 2016.   Mars the warrior benefits to a certain extent by Saturn’s reserved nature—meaning Mars likes to go go go and do do do but Saturn will put the brakes on and ask, “Why?”  or “What is the bigger picture for doing all of that stuff?”    That is typical of any Mars/Saturn aspect but in this case Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn, a very practical and reserved sign.  
Many of us will wake up on Monday, a bit sober maybe even somber.    We look around and wonder, “Is there anything going on in my life that will pass the test of time?”     This aspect is not just a one- day event, we will be feeling it for a couple of weeks.    We may rummage around in our brains and feel insecure or weak or  just blah.   But that does not mean our actions are null.  We may start off a bit negative but through that we come up and find our discipline. 

Questions to ask for the next couple of weeks: 
How do you get your discipline?  Where do you need to apply discipline?
How are you expressing determination?   What needs your laser focus? 
How are you focusing your energy in practical ways?
How are you keeping your focus? 
What do you need to do to move up a ladder?   A ladder determined by you. 

Of course if you know your natal chart look to see which house you have this conjunction for more insight as to how this energy will play out. 

The next Mars/Saturn aspect will take place in March 2020 in the sign Aquarius.   That one will speak to our friends and groups, this one is about climbing up out of a hole or just climbing up.  So why don’t we make the most of this round while we have the opportunity.