Thursday, April 19, 2018

Saturn & Pluto

Saturn Retrograde 
April 17 9:46 pm EDT 

About 18 hours after Chiron goes into warrior Aries for its eight-year journey, Saturn stations retrograde at 9/10 degrees of Capricorn.   To put it mildly, that is what we call an interesting day.  Saturn moved into its home sign Capricorn late December. Saturn likes being in Capricorn, this is the place where Saturn can manage the world.  Do this, do that, put that there,  move this over here….and in truth Saturn is pretty right about things that need to be done in order to manage things tidier.   Where it gets misguided is when it keeps pushing forward and the ground is not solid.  If it stays on a schedule and does not stop and make sure everything is okay that there are no fissures or cracks.   The gift of Saturn retrograde is for all of us to take a moment and make sure everything we are building is ‘sound’.   Is it rooted in something that can stand the test of time?   Or is it rooted in something false?  Or rooted in insecurity?   Between now and when Saturn stations direct on September 6 at 2-3 degrees of Capricorn we will have good opportunity to see what is not working because it is not rooted in the higher or whole ideal.    Insecurity is a good motivator but it is not good to be built upon.    Watch what comes up. 

Pluto retrograde
April 22 11:25am EDT 
21 Cap 17 

And here is where we laugh and say, “Okay, Spirit I got it, you are throwing in the kitchen sink this month.”   Pluto stations retrograde every year and here we are in the middle of the Aries lunar month because we don’t have enough going on! Pluto is a slow planet and even in his bit by bit movement there is still opportunity for something to be lost. Retrograde Pluto can glean any missing item or nuance or movement that will help us in our evolution.   Pluto’s evolution in Capricorn speaks to our fears around corporations and government and infrastructure.  Our fears may be based in reality but if we are not solving the issue from the ground up then we will be left with a big mess when Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024.  Case in point when Pluto was in Sagittarius we could have had an opportunity to help higher education in its evolution.  Instead For-Profit universities, many of them not even accredited emerged in the market place.  And at the same time, Pluto which is one of the debt planets burdened many students with predatory lenders both in private and public universities.   These students with thousands of dollars in debt is going to take some time to unwind.  Maybe by the time Pluto gets into Aquarius in 2024.   But Now as Pluto travels through Capricorn, which speaks to the basic fabric of society from pipes that take out sewage to fresh water that is brought into homes to rules and laws, Pluto is transforming where it can.   Enviromental concerns are certainly in the mix since Pluto is about the removal of waste.  What is going in the air?  What is going in the water?   What are we doing about it?  Watch what comes up during the next five months and see how business, government, authortites and regular joes respond.   Are they doing all they can?  And if not, why?  
For those people with planets between 18 and 22 in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, button up your seat belt…here we go! Wait a minute you don’t need me to point that out to you, you are already feeling it.   Hang in there! 

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