Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Astrology of this Week: September 26 - October 2


Apologies for this tardy update. I planned to get this up on Monday but I was juggling a lot over here and got behind in my postings.   On Sunday 9/25 we launched the Libra New Moon.   As always there is a shift of energy with the new moon.  Our focus is now on relationships.    On 9/29 we shift to Crescent Moon this will bring more of our power to how we relate.   Jettisoning the broken for the opportunity for new will be our focus.  Letting go may be important as well as consolidating power.   We will learn much about how we shed and focus.   On 10/2 we move into first quarter moon where our focus shifts to leadership and tapping our inner executive for the benefit of partnerships and relationships.   

Please not Mercury will finally turn direct on Sunday Oct 2.  Thank god.  

New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map, but you should put out your Intent.


This focus:     Our relationships are in our sights.  How are we doing?  How are our relating skills?  What are we learning from our partnerships?  Are we bringing our best game?  How are we finding balance in our life and our schedule?   How do we negotiate?   



Special note:

9/25: Venus trine Pluto.  Love and money get practical refreshed boost.

9/26: Venus conjunct Mercury.  Communication is strong themed on values.  Love, money, beauty, art amplified.  

9/26: Sun oppose Jupiter.   Big ideas need to be balanced.  Self-goals versus partnership goals.  

9/27: Mercury trine Pluto.  Stuff comes up that can create an evolution on thinking and communication.   

9/27: Mars trine Saturn.   Building up on new structures.   Thoughtful actions that are based on timely information.  

9/29: Venus enter Libra.   Matters of love, creativity, joy, pleasure take emphasis for the next few weeks. 


Crescent Moon Phase

September 29, 2022

6:00am  DT 




Focus on: What are you learning about your power?  What are you learning about the power of release?   What are you learning about taking a deep dive?  What are you learning that needs to be cut out and transmuted?   What are you learning about the power of shedding?  What are you learning about death, taxes and sex? How does all of this impact your relationships?  



Special Focus

10/2: Mercury stations direct 2:07am (PDT) 24 Virgo 12 (see above) 





First Quarter Moon 

October 2, 2022

5:14pm PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that access your executive abilities?   How are you relying on your inner CEO?   How are you acting on or accessing leadership?   How are you looking at or accessing large systems or bureaucracy?  How does all of this impact your relationships? 


Mercury Station Direct: October 2, 2:07am PDT


Mercury Retrograde 

Important Dates:

8/20:         Mercury enters shadow 

8/25:         Mercury enters Libra 

9/ 9:          Mercury station retrograde 8 Libra 55

9/23:        Mercury re-enters Virgo

10/2:        Mercury stations direct 2:07am (PDT) 24 Virgo 12  

10/10:      Mercury re-enters Libra 

10/16:       Mercury exits shadow 


Personally, this has been one bitch of a Mercury retrograde.   I am really not certain any item has arrived where or when it was supposed to have landed without a jillion phone calls by me.   As always, I am sure many of us will kiss anything that is holy when Mercury stations direct.  


These are the two weeks of the retrograde where Mercury has returned to Virgo.   We will think about our daily life and our schedule and how much of it is in sync with our values and where we are out of balance.  Is there too much time going to _____?   While we are exploring our role in relationships, some of our thinking may need fine tuning.   We will be thinking and rethinking a lot about what we ask of others.   We also will consider what others ask of us. 

Virgo knows the power of doing something every day.  Is there something that should be on our daily schedule that is missing?  It might pop up between September 23 and October 2nd.  


On October 10, Mercury returns to Libra.  We have already discussed Jupiter’s opposition to the Sun/Moon in Libra.    On October 12, now it is Mercury that will oppose Jupiter.   Jupiter is speaking to the planet of our thoughts and communication.   This is the third time this aspect has hit (Sept 2 & Sept 18).  How have we been partnering with others that broadens our world?  What are we saying?  What are we thinking?  How are we shifting our philosophy?  How have others from outside of our usual circles, been an important influence in our own thinking?   Maybe they have shared an experience or asked for help.  Perhaps by showing up for others, we realize that we need to prepare for something in our own future.   See what comes up between Sept 2 and October 12 that brings you with new people and new thinking, new opinions and philosophies and how it strengthens your independence or puts a new path in front of you.    Perhaps you are sharing your own knowledge as well.   



Friday, September 23, 2022

Libra New Moon: September 25, 2:54pm PDT

Libra in a kitchen.  

Libra New Moon arrives September 25, 2:54pm PDT.   How are you relating to others?   Take this 29-day lunar month to work on your skills.   There is a lot to navigate and negotiate.   You can do it.  


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Astrology. Week of: September 19, 2022


The Week of September 19 


We start the week by continuing the last quarter moon.   



Focus on:

How are you acting on your thoughts?  How are assessing your thinking?  How are you an active member in your neighborhood?   How are your communication skills working for you on a granular level?   


Special focus 

9/19: Venus trine Uranus.  Out of the blue actions that support finances and love.   Weird stuff.  




Balsamic Moon Phase


September 21, 2022 

5:33pm PDT  


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on  On a granular level, how are you releasing ego?   How are you letting go of ‘thin skiness’?   How are you letting go of  being the ‘hero’?   How are you releasing blocks on the heart?    




Special focus:

9/22: Sun enters Libra – Equinox 

9/22: Mercury conjunction Sun.  Thoughts around relationships and partnerships.  Inspiration.   

9/23: Mercury returns to Virgo (see separate post)

9/24: Venus oppose Neptune.  Deceptive influences can impact love and money and values.  


New Moon September 25, 2:54pm 2 Libra 49  (To come) 




Monday, September 12, 2022

Astrology this Week: Sept 12 -18


This Week  September 12 – 18


We are in the final day of the full Moon phase.  Not going to lie, this full moon has been a doozy.   I am personally looking forward to moving into Disseminating phase tomorrow late afternoon (PDT).   

In the meantime, for those who are feeling dispirited, do the work that Virgo excels.  Pay bills, call your doctor, set an appointment(s), clean out your bill bowl, fix some broken stuff --- lean into Virgo.   Or if that is the stuff you always do and are feeling lost, then lean into prayer and meditation. Put on woo woo music.   Watch a movie that transports you.   Do something humanitarian.   


Then say, ‘thank god that’s over’ when we move into Disseminating….



September 13, 2022    

3:54pm PDT  



Focus on:  How are you sharing your practical skills?  How are you showing dedication and focus?  How are sharing an ability to put your head down and keep working?   How are you showing on a granular level what it means to build something from the ground up? 




Special focus:

9/16: Venus square Mars.  Love and money versus shallow satisfactions.   

9/16: Sun opposes Neptune.  Illusions.  Fantasy versus the grind.   Finding balance.  

9/16: Venus trine North Node.  Love and Money and values have a new opportunity to build from the ground up.  




Last Quarter Moon Phase

September 17, 2022

2:51 pm PDT   





Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How are you acting on your thoughts?  How are assessing your thinking?  How are you an active member in your neighborhood?   How are your communication skills working for you on a granular level?   


Special focus 

9/17: Mars sextile Chiron.   Healing around new thoughts and new actions.   

9/18: Mercury oppose Jupiter (2nd time)  3rd will be on Oct 12

9/18: Sun trine Pluto.   Letting go of the stuff on the schedule that no longer serves, digging deep and decluttering is liberating.  

9/19: Venus trine Uranus.  Out of the blue actions that support finances and love.   Weird stuff.  

Friday, September 9, 2022

HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Uranus in Taurus


Working two days before her death she meets the latest prime minister in Balmoral.  A dutiful Taurus she was till the end.  

Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth is being mourned after her death yesterday.  She was the longest reigning monarch, her son, King Charles III is the oldest royal to ascend to the throne.    

When she was born April 21, 1926,  Elizabeth was never scheduled for the throne.  Her father was the second son of King George V.   Her father, the Duke of York was supposed to be just that, the Duke of York.    When her grandfather died in 1936, the throne went to her uncle, the Prince of Wales who became King Edward III.    Ostensibly, King Edward should have reigned for decades however that was not to be.......

Uranus the planet of "let's mix things up" was in Taurus from 1934-1942.  Taurus is sure and steady,  Uranus is the maverick, it is a revolution, it will bring chaos.   It also speaks to modernizing.   King Edward who was single when he took the throne wanted to marry a divorced American, Wallis Simpson.    When he informed the prime minister of his desires, it was rejected as too revolutionary, the subjects would not respond well to a King married to a divorced woman (American no less).     Taurus, is of course ruled by the planet Venus, which speaks to our values including love and on December 10, 1936,  Edward abdicated from the throne done for the reason he said in his speech, "..For the woman I love."    At that moment, Elizabeth's future changed direction because her father Albert, now King George VI, ascended the throne.    That which had not been on anyone's plans became reality.     Ah, welcome to Uranus in Taurus.  

Since that time Uranus has traversed the zodiac and after 80 years it returned to Taurus in 2018 and will not exit until 2026.   And here we are with the death of Elizabeth and a new monarch is ascending.  

Elizabeth is of course a Taurus.   Reading through the write ups or watching any of the reports, the words used to describe Queen Elizabeth and her reign all speak to her Taurus.   Solid, sure, steady, consistent,  thoughtful, measured and dutiful.   She also was the epitome of regal, which lines up with her Moon in Leo.     There has been much discussion about her youth as a young princess during WWII.    When her mother was asked if the royal family would leave for Canada or North America during the war she replied, "The children won't go without me.  I won't leave the King.  And the King will never leave."   Thus throughout the Second World War, Elizabeth and Margaret shared the dangers and difficulties of the rest of the nation.  They ate only what was allowed by their rations, they followed protocols of water rationing and they persevered when Buckingham Palace was bombed on multiple occasions.    The character of Elizabeth was forged during WWII and the sacrifices one does for country was a daily effort by the young future queen.  Her Moon in Leo understood her role and her Sun in Taurus had the stamina.   She also gave her first radio address when she was 14 years old in 1940. Radio is ruled by Uranus.  

If a human lives long enough they can see almost anything and such is true for the queen.  What is interesting is the queen's Mars and Jupiter in conjunction in Aquarius.   This placement speaks to opportunities through novelty and modernity and the importance of groups and peers.   It is no wonder she had the job of bringing the British Monarchy into the modern era.    Her great grandmother Queen Victoria may have brought electricity to the palace but that's modernity on the margins.   The Queen had to modernize the monarchy from the ground up.   She may not be of or from 'the people' but her Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius knew that if the royal family strayed too far out of touch from the changes within the British subjects, the monarchy would be seen as obsolete and perhaps jettisoned like old equipment.   Never was that more true than after the death of Princess Diana.   A nation grieved while the family remained in Scotland.  Every day the pain grew and anger rose especially over the fact that the flag was not lowered to half mast.  The public vitriol was sharp and after five days the Queen returned to London and gave a televised address, which was a break in protocol.  The anger subsided but the public was jaundiced.   The queen once again needed to slowly bring the family into emotional modernity.   By the time her grandson and future king, William requested approval to marry Catherine Middleton, the woman he loved, a commoner with no royal pedigree, the queen said, "Yes".     Later his brother Harry would ask to marry a divorced BIPOC, American actress, Meghan Markle and again the monarch said yes.   Given her life changed course when her uncle was not allowed to marry a divorced American in 1936 by 2018 and Uranus' return to Taurus where it had been when King Edward was told no, the queen had moved the royal family a light year in her one lifetime.  

Now we have King Charles III, a Scorpio with Moon in Taurus.  Uranus is opposing his sun and will continue for the next couple of years.  Change is everywhere for him.  Scorpio speaks to death and rebirth, cutting out losses in order to regenerate.   Out of the ashes the phoenix rises, is what we think of when we consider Scorpio placements.   Charles has Moon in Taurus so there is a practicality to him similar to his mother.  Charles' Scorpio with emphasis on power and regeneration will be sure footed.  I anticipate Charles has been planning a lot of his future moves for the last 70 years.   It is hard to imagine him only playing in the margins but we will see.  It is also interesting to see if first order of business is a healing with Harry and Meghan.  I think yes.   But we will see.  

In the meantime the world says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth.   We will see all the pomp and circumstane that comes with a monarch's funeral--alas her Moon in Leo's final goodbye.  

HRH Queen Elizabeth 

April 21, 1926 - September 8, 2022


Thursday, September 8, 2022

Pisces Full Moon: September 10, 2022


Pisces Full Moon 

September 10, 2022

2:59am PDT 


!7 Pisces 41 


A full moon announces to the world, “Hey the thing that you have been focused on for the last two weeks---let’s stop that for a minute.”    This is true of every full moon when two weeks after the launch of the new phase, the moon having traversed the sky is now opposite the sun.   It is big and glorious and shiny and bright because it is opposite the sun.    Every full moon culminates the energy of the waxing new by bringing the biggest flashlight and shines on us mere earthlings.    How it gets our attention can be a coax, or an inner knowing that it is time to reevaluate something, or it can be a sudden shock into action.   Whatever way it does it, the full moon gets our attention.  


All Pisces full moons speak to quieting the mind.    Pisces is watery and Virgo is earthy.   For two weeks we have been celebrating our check off lists.   Our to-dos have been getting to-done.   Great.   Our discerning eye has been assessing problems and fixing stuff.   We are using our practicality to manage our life.   But at the same time if our brain has been too ‘on’ and we are just doing, doing, doing or if issues of anxiety are on the verge of overwhelming us, we need Pisces to stop and find a way to calm self.    Pisces speaks to intuition, learning to trust and going in deep and connecting to something universal.    If Virgo is being in the weeds, Pisces is in the cosmos and they both need each other.  


This full moon lands the day after Mercury stations retrograde.   Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo so there is a punch to this retrograde that will no doubt get our attention.  The retrograde is predominately in the sign of Libra so issues around relationships and finding balance are on our minds.   Have we been too _____ with partner or has partner been too ____ with us.   Partnerships can speak to our significant other, but partners also are people at our work or groups or community or friendships that we have partnered.  How are they working?     Then there is the issue of being out of balance.  How are we filling our days?   Are we doing too much of one thing?   What are we missing?   Too much time on the couch?  Too much time doing work?   Too much time cleaning up messes?  Both ours or someone elses?  Or not pulling our weight?   So, in this Mercury retrograde environment, we have the Pisces full moon land within 24 hours, amplifying adjustments we may need to make.    It could be a big ass full-moony drama or it could be something small and subtle but how we respond is really the question.    


In the chart for the Full moon, the sun and the moon square Mars in Gemini and the sun trines and the Moon sextiles Uranus.    The mars square suggest a quickening, something comes up fast and Mars wants to get on it right away.   However, if there is a delay, our nerves may feel on fire and anxiousness can be pronounced.    This is when discretion is key.   Mars in Gemini can race around and have too many superficial conversations or research self into a frenzy.  By using Pisces ability to meditate and Virgo discretionary skills we are best served by going deep, reflect and in that quiet place we can reach out to specific others for input.  Uranus can bring a surprise and mix things up.   Change may be welcomed, and Uranus supports our ability to pivot if there is a need.     


Pisces is our intuition.  It is our faith.  It is how we remember that we are part of the universe.   Where Pisces is complicated is when it goes too far out and relies on substances or delusional thinking.  Or avoids things that have needed addressing.   Addictions and misguided thinking may need to be called out through a compassionate voice.  A voice used for others or the person in the mirror.     There is power in forgiveness which usually starts with self.  


For three days:  Find your quiet.   Find your discretion.    Find your balance.     I will, too.   





Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mercury Stations Retrograde September 9


Mercury Retrograde 

Important Dates:

August 20 – Mercury enters shadow 

August 25 – Mercury enters Libra 

September 9 – Mercury station retrograde 8 Libra 55 - 8:38 pm pdt 

September 23 – Mercury re-enters Virgo 

October 2 – Mercury stations direct 2:07am pdt 

October 10 – Mercury re-enters Libra 

October 16 – Mercury exits shadow 



Because the Universe has a sense of humor, adding more to our brains, Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks in the 29-day Virgo cycle.    Sure.  


Whenever Mercury retrogrades, we know it is important to take a moment.   Slow down our thinking and our communication.  Think before we speak.   Most of this retrograde is in the sign Libra.  How we partner with others is up for appraisal during this Mercury retrograde.   How do we behave in partnership?  Are we snippy?  Do we cave too much?   Mercury in Libra spends a lot of time pondering fairness.  With Mercury retrograde we may need to re-think fairness.   Is it based on equity?  Or is it tit for tat?  Or is it giving up rather than true negotiating?    Mercury in Libra can unfortunately fall into passive aggressiveness.   Saying they will be there, do that, show up etc but then not.   During the Mercury retrograde there may be some who will call out lack of commitments.   At the same time others may speak of feeling pushed to do something or not feeling heard.    Curiously, Mars, is in trine with Mercury which should help the process of clarity.   Mars likes to cut through bullshit. 


Mercury in Libra will have us thinking a lot about finding balance.   How to unplug?  How to bring out the opposite of whatever is feeling too much.   If we have been going down paths for a while that are no longer satisfying the Mercury retrograde may offer up thoughts about a new path that would be worth pursuing perhaps after the retrograde.  

There are two weeks of the retrograde where Mercury will have returned to Virgo.    This will be a window where we will be looking at our schedules and assessing if they are in alignment with our values.   Virgo knows the power of doing something every day.  Is there something that should be on our daily schedule that is missing?  It might pop up between September 23 and October 2nd.  


Mercury will oppose Jupiter three times (Sept 2, Sept 18 and Oct 12).  Partnering with others that broaden our world could be significant.   A person from another country or other politics, religion, culture.  It could be someone from our neighborhood who just has a different take or someone from another corner of our city.   Jupiter in Aries is all about independence and new roads and opportunities.   Mercury in Libra likes to share thoughts.   See what comes up between Sept 2 and October 12 that brings you with new people and thinking and how it strengthens independence.    And remember maybe it is you who is bringing the opportunity, too.  


As always, with every Mercury retrograde be thoughtful about all emails and correspondences, phone calls and social media postings.   If you can make major purchases after the retrograde that is usually smart and double check all reservations. 

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Astrology this week: Sept 3 - 11


September 3, 2022

11:07am  PDT 



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that broaden your world?  What actions are you taking that expand your knowledge?  What moves can you make that connect you with those that are ‘foreign’ meaning different approaches, thinking, histories?   What does it mean to expand your world on a granular level?



Special Note

9/4: Venus enters Virgo.  Our values are focused on what we do every day.  It is no longer just about big and joy, it's all about the love of work and daily habits.  

9/7: Sun trine north node.    Details strengthen building something important from the ground up.  



Gibbous Moon

September 6,  2022 

7:50pm PDT   



Focus on:  What is going on with your executive abilities?   How are fine tuning your inner boss?  How are you looking at the details of what makes you a solid leader?   


Special focus

9/9: at 8:38pm Mercury station retrograde  8 Libra 55 (see separate post)  



Full Moon Phase 

17 Pisces 41  

September 10, 2022 

2:59am PDT  




Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually, emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you?  


Focus on 

How do you tap spirituality?  Where are you finding metaphysical moments?   What is your inner humanitarian telling you?   What does faith look like on the granular level? 


Separate Post To come 


9/11: Sun trine Uranus