Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taurus New Moon Eclipse

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

APRIL 29 2014
2:14AM EDT


Well, we certainly deserve a Taurus New Moon after the last thrilling ( dare I say) Aries cycle.  I have just put up my whole article which you can find HERE.

In the meantime here's a snippet.  Go to link for  full write up.

  This is no ordinary Taurus new moon; it is a solar eclipse which gives it an extra punch.  This eclipse is being dubbed, “The PenguinEclipse” since it will be seen in full in Antarctica.   Although our friends in Australia and southern Indonesia will see parts of the eclipse.  Perhaps the ring of fire light will shine on the spot where that Malaysia Air plane is located?   Maybe.  Maybe not. 

In all eclipses, we have an opportunity to push out the background noise and tune into the gift of the Sun and Moon—in this case, an instruction manual from Taurus is being downloaded. 

We have just completed arguably one of the fieriest Aries lunar cycles in the century.    The fire around us, the fire in our belly and the fire coming out of our mouth was huge.  And what is the best way to settle down the fire?   Dirt.  A lot of it.     Ding, ding, ding, here comes Taurus!  Hurray.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac.  During the Taurus lunar cycle we slow down.   We get ‘grounded’.  We get practical.   We want solutions.  But it is not dreamy airy-fairy solutions (“Hey maybe I will win the lottery”) it is looking at the nuts and bolts of getting something done in a measured way.    During Taurus we look at our money, we look at our properties, we look at the resources we hold in our hands.    We want to fix things that are broken.  We want to build things from the ground up.   

Things slow down in Taurus.  We take our time.  We know that nothing happens over night but for those of us who built Treasure Maps what can come up suddenly is a new practical path or solution that helps us achieve our goals in a bit by bit manner.     We value taking things slow.   Our psyche is nurtured knowing that consistent work and patience will build the results we desire.     

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lyrid Meteor Shower

The Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks tomorrow on Earth Day.

Get your vision on HERE.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cardinal Crosses are Upon Us

C A R D I N A L  C R O S S E S

It is really simple.  The astro tension we have been experiencing since 2008 is hitting a peak this week. It is not the only peak and it is not the final peak of this particular astro period but it is a doozey.   

If anything pops up out of nowhere and pushes on your emotions, knocks you off your feet, brings out a force in you or puts you on your tippy toes---well, you are paying attention.  Good.  Remember, these aspects may be harsh but they are putting you on track for an authentic life despite your fears.

And if it is just a perfectly fine week with no fuss—great.  You are on track! 

The weekend will be a disseminating lunar phase.  The emphasis is on:

Focus on: How are sharing your bigness?  How are you sharing your enthusiasm to learn something new?  How are you learning about building bridges?  How do you bring in ‘foreign’ information?

On Saturday (4/19) 11:56pm EDT The sun enters Taurus.  I’m kind of craving some good ol’ dirt.  Feeling a bit fatigued by the fire energy.  And you?

On Sunday (4/20) the punches begin.
Jupiter Square Uranus 3:25am EDT
Jupiter oppose Pluto  7:05pm EDT

On Monday (4/21) more punches
Uranus square Pluto 2:38pm EDT   

On Tuesday (4/22) We move into last quarter moon 3:21 am EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions can you take that bring you with the like minded?  Who are you hanging out with and do they support you on your journey?    Do the like minded want to be with you or is it hard to get to you because of the riff raff surrounding you?   Who is your crowd?  And are they in sync with you?

Also on Tuesday (4/22) more punches:
Mars square Jupiter 3:28pm EDT

Then on Wednesday (4/23) more punches:
Mars oppose Uranus 3:09am
Mars square Pluto 9:47am

Also Mercury enters Taurus 5:16am
Our thinking and communication slows down.

And on Friday 4/25:
Venus trine Saturn 12:15am
Creativity, resources, value and responsibility all in sync.

Nice to end the week on an upside. 

Additional notes:
The last time Uranus hit Pluto was November 1. What was going on with you?   And we’ll be here again on December 14.
The last time Jupiter opposed Pluto was January 31. 
The last time Mars square Pluto was Dec 30 and we’ll be here again June 14, 
The last time Jupiter square Uranus was Feb 26

The last time Mars square Jupiter January 8 and we’ll be here again August 1

This week wrap up

So, we have crossed the midway mark of both April and the Aries lunar cycle.  We moved into lunar disseminating phase and out of full moon a few hours ago.  

But it is worth noting that the full moon phase (also lunar eclipse) presented a very sad story of a capsized Korean ferry killing hundreds of passengers including high school students on field trips. I was heartbroken to hear of their texts to their parents.  And a captain who shirked responsibility and left the ship and has now been arrested. My lord haven’t we seen that story before?   Sigh.   

And the deadliest avalanche at Mt. Everest killing at least 12 guides happened during the last few hours of full. I can feel Jupiter in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn in both events    

And of course what’s a lunar eclipse phase without a big earthquake?  7.2 in southern Mexico on richter but no deaths thank god.

Astro AP for phone

About a year ago I decided to put up an Astro AP on my phone.  I read a review on Mountain Astrologer of Time Passages and decided to go for it.    I gotta say, I really like it.  I like it for a couple of reasons.  If I want to check an aspect for the day,  it is right there.  If I am having lunch with a friend and we are talking about stuff I can quickly plug in their birth data and get their chart.  It holds all the charts and I can go back to them for reference.   I bought my AP so I might have a few more bells and whistles but the reviews of the free one are very good.  It is VERY cool.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Michael Lutin

I found this today. It is from a year or two ago and as always I love Mikey.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And once again, Snowden

Back in December of last year I wrote:
Right now the focused dates that are on our watch are the exact dates of Uranus/Pluto square.

Square #1: June 24, 2012
Square #2: September 18, 2012
Square #3: May 20, 2013
Square #4: November 1, 2013
Square #5: April 21, 2014
Square #6: December 15, 2014
Square #7: March 17 2015

What kind of changes have happened to your life since June 2012?   

As you can see we are right now approached Square #4 on Friday (November 1).    How is the tension in your world?  Where do you see or feel changes in effect or need to be made?   If we look at the big world we saw a Government shutdown and the roll out of Obamacare  which as we can all agree both screamed SQUARE!   

And of course spying is ruled by Pluto  and I suspect astrological historians will tie these aspects to Edward Snowden.  If you note aspect #3 took place on May 20.  On that exact date Edward Snowden flew to Hong Kong having made contact with the Washington Post on May 16 which cracked open a firestorm.  Now, as we approach Aspect #4 his disclosures have implicated the US in spying on German chancellor AngelaMerkel’s cell phonewhich is something that has been going on since 2002.

Now here we are about to hit Square #5 and this is in the news:

The Washington Post and Guardian U.S. on Monday won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, among the most prestigious awards in journalism, for their articles based on National Security Agency documents leaked by the former government contractor Edward J. Snowden.

Through a series of reports that exposed the N.S.A.’s widespread domestic surveillance program, The Post and Guardian U.S. set off an international debate on the limits of government surveillance. The papers also came under heavy criticism by the American and British governments, with lawmakers accusing them of compromising national security.