Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taurus New Moon Eclipse

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

APRIL 29 2014
2:14AM EDT


Well, we certainly deserve a Taurus New Moon after the last thrilling ( dare I say) Aries cycle.  I have just put up my whole article which you can find HERE.

In the meantime here's a snippet.  Go to link for  full write up.

  This is no ordinary Taurus new moon; it is a solar eclipse which gives it an extra punch.  This eclipse is being dubbed, “The PenguinEclipse” since it will be seen in full in Antarctica.   Although our friends in Australia and southern Indonesia will see parts of the eclipse.  Perhaps the ring of fire light will shine on the spot where that Malaysia Air plane is located?   Maybe.  Maybe not. 

In all eclipses, we have an opportunity to push out the background noise and tune into the gift of the Sun and Moon—in this case, an instruction manual from Taurus is being downloaded. 

We have just completed arguably one of the fieriest Aries lunar cycles in the century.    The fire around us, the fire in our belly and the fire coming out of our mouth was huge.  And what is the best way to settle down the fire?   Dirt.  A lot of it.     Ding, ding, ding, here comes Taurus!  Hurray.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac.  During the Taurus lunar cycle we slow down.   We get ‘grounded’.  We get practical.   We want solutions.  But it is not dreamy airy-fairy solutions (“Hey maybe I will win the lottery”) it is looking at the nuts and bolts of getting something done in a measured way.    During Taurus we look at our money, we look at our properties, we look at the resources we hold in our hands.    We want to fix things that are broken.  We want to build things from the ground up.   

Things slow down in Taurus.  We take our time.  We know that nothing happens over night but for those of us who built Treasure Maps what can come up suddenly is a new practical path or solution that helps us achieve our goals in a bit by bit manner.     We value taking things slow.   Our psyche is nurtured knowing that consistent work and patience will build the results we desire.