Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Moon April 15

Libra Full Moon Eclipse
April 15 2014  3:42am EDT

This Full Moon is taking place the day after Pluto turns retrograde and a few days before the cardinal crosses.     Let’s all look up at the heavens and say, “Okay, you got our attention”  

The Full Moon in Libra will be shadowed.  The lesson of the moon will showcase too much or too little Libra.

Where are you over compromising?   Where do you give up too much for peace?   Where are you too much Tit for Tat?  “Oh, they did this so I’m going to do that?” 
Where do you intellectually feel secure in that behavior but also a little bit small?

Where are you standing up on your own?  How are you different from your partner or significant other? How do you break free?  How are your scrappy?   Where do you need fire?  Where are you too fiery?    What do you look like when you are one hundred percent authentic and remain in relationship(s)?    What do you give up to be in relationship? 

Who is being shallow?  Who is being fake?   Who is being a complete tool?

Sun in Aries on top of South Node
Where are you going it alone when you should ask for help?
Where are not sharing?
Where are you going it alone and not including other(s)?
How are you breaking new ground rather than just going down a new paved road?
How are you being too independent?
How are you being too fiery?

Moon in Libra on top of North Node
Where are you relating to others?  Seriously, where is the common ground?
What are your partners doing for you?  
What are you doing for your partner?
How are you putting yourself in other’s shoes?
Where do you feel pushed to negotiate?

Watch what you sweat over for the next three days and see how that speaks to how you relate?  Or how you balance? 

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