Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And once again, Snowden

Back in December of last year I wrote:
Right now the focused dates that are on our watch are the exact dates of Uranus/Pluto square.

Square #1: June 24, 2012
Square #2: September 18, 2012
Square #3: May 20, 2013
Square #4: November 1, 2013
Square #5: April 21, 2014
Square #6: December 15, 2014
Square #7: March 17 2015

What kind of changes have happened to your life since June 2012?   

As you can see we are right now approached Square #4 on Friday (November 1).    How is the tension in your world?  Where do you see or feel changes in effect or need to be made?   If we look at the big world we saw a Government shutdown and the roll out of Obamacare  which as we can all agree both screamed SQUARE!   

And of course spying is ruled by Pluto  and I suspect astrological historians will tie these aspects to Edward Snowden.  If you note aspect #3 took place on May 20.  On that exact date Edward Snowden flew to Hong Kong having made contact with the Washington Post on May 16 which cracked open a firestorm.  Now, as we approach Aspect #4 his disclosures have implicated the US in spying on German chancellor AngelaMerkel’s cell phonewhich is something that has been going on since 2002.

Now here we are about to hit Square #5 and this is in the news:

The Washington Post and Guardian U.S. on Monday won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, among the most prestigious awards in journalism, for their articles based on National Security Agency documents leaked by the former government contractor Edward J. Snowden.

Through a series of reports that exposed the N.S.A.’s widespread domestic surveillance program, The Post and Guardian U.S. set off an international debate on the limits of government surveillance. The papers also came under heavy criticism by the American and British governments, with lawmakers accusing them of compromising national security.

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