Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 31

At 2:14pm (EDT) was a lunar eclipse. I say "was" because I am posting this about 3 hours after the fact. But the effects are still in play.

As you know a lunar eclipse is a Full Moon where the shadow of the Earth masks part or all (depending on your vantage point) of the moon. There is usually a POP that we feel somewhere in our life depending on where the eclipse takes place in our chart. Look at your own chart and see where 10 degree cancer lies. Do you feel down? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel a bit off? Yeah, that's all eclipse stuff.

Of course, the energy of this full moon will be felt for about 3 days.
A bit crabby, a bit melancholy, a bit 'what's the use', a bit down. But under the sadness or low energy is something more important. We are being asked to take more responsibility. If there are things in our life that aren't working, what disciplines can we activate that will help us get the life that we want? Responsibility and rebuilding our lives is very Capricorn. And remember, the Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite The Moon. The Sun is at 10 Capricorn, reminding us that we can accomplish much if we just start doing the work. Bit by bit.

Additionally, This full moon has a beautiful conjunction between the Sun and Venus and Pluto and a wide aspect with Mercury. There are a lot of tools at our disposal---if we use them. If you want to lose weight you have got everything from Weight Watchers to friends who are dying to exercise with you. If you need to meet a mate, or one of the others is just a few clicks away. If you need to bring in more money, what skills or resources in your own life are you neglecting? There are tools there for you, use this full moon to find them.

one other note, in Mountain Astrologer, Stephanie Austin indicated that this Full Moon eclipse is similar to the one we had on December 30, 2001. Are you revisiting topics from then?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mercury is retrograde....but you had to have already known!

On December 26 at 9:38am (EST)---Mercury turned Retrograde.
I'm sure you guys are already feeling it. I know I am. Confusion about dates and people's expectations, lost glasses, batteries broken, miscommunication...yeah, I'm already feeling it.

Back on New Moon I wrote the following:

Mercury Retrograde

Well, what the heck… in the middle of this Sag Lunar cycle where we are redefining goals and stretching for more and then adjusting ourselves, we get a big fat Mercury Retrograde. On December 26 Mercury will Retrograde 9:39am (21 Cap 47). This is a pragmatic retrograde. I think it is quite ironic that the Sag lunar cycle is about bringing in MORE and Expanding our world but Mercury in Capricorn is about “practical application” Construction and building something from the ground up . God knows we all understand how Mercury goes backward and we can’t find our keys, our computer freezes, emails are lost, things go screwy but when Mercury is in Cap we are going to have to slow down and really make sense of our life. Is the theory of our life way too big and misguided than the practicality? Yes, I want to be healthy but if I do not have a structured exercise program than how is it going to be accomplished? And if my computer freezes or my car breaks on a Mercury retrograde, I gotta ask, “should I have bought a new computer years ago but was unwilling to do it?” Or should I have taken my car to get a tune up in August but skipped it? Practicality serves our minds and our worlds greatly during this retrograde.

Also, the Sabian Symbol for 22 degrees of Capricorn is “ A General accepting defeat gracefully.” Obviously, when we learn from experience (Capricorn word) we can cut our losses and move on to more fulfilling environment.

And for those who like to follow the shadow period-----
9th December 2009 - 13:37:39 - Mercury shadow began (5 cp 33'16")26th December 2009 - 14:38:07 UT - Mercury stationed retrograde (21 cp 47'43")15th January - 16:51:49 UT - Mercury stations direct ( 5 cp 33'16")4th February - 07:03:55 UT - Mercury shadow ends (21 cp 47'44")

For more information on Shadow go HERE.

How was your Christmas?

As most of you may remember, on Christmas Eve we had our annual Sun conjunct Pluto event.
Last year was our first run of the two in the sign of Capricorn.

And then on Christmas we had a big old square between the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. If any of you got out of the holidays without a fight with your husband or wife, without a huge brawl with your family and without a completely miserable experience then consider yourself one of the Lucky Ones! It was a shitty couple days.

And no surprise to any astrologer that during that two day period there was the flight between Amsterdam and Detroit with the cuckoo terrorist-lite jerk.

Now, if you look back on your Christmas and feel really yucky, do yourself a favor and plan next year's Christmas now. What would it look so that it is an improvement on this year? What would make it more meaningful? What changes do you need to make? Capricorn is a pragmatist--so in order to make the most of the this year, get practical. Get out your 2010 Calendar and write down exactly how you want Dec 25 2010 to look. Do it now. Don't hang on to sadness, bitterness about this year get PROACTIVE for next year.

Many Apologies.....

My last post was one week ago. Please forgive me, I had relatives in for the holidays and it was pedal to the metal entertaining.
I had meant to get here every day but ended up going to bed out of sheer exhaustion!
I will attempt to make up some lost time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jupiter & Neptune

We have been discussing all year the relationship between Jupiter and Neptune.
And in fact back in May we talked about how they were on top of each other.
Well, they are back for their final Groove Dance today. This is no small thing. Jupiter which does everything it can to expand is meeting up with Neptune who does everything it can to dissolve. Interestingly they are the two planets that rule philosophical issues. Neptune when it is evolved is the most inspired. It hears a message from above and knows that it is completely in sync with The Universe. Jupiter when it is evolved will look at any task and know that it can be accomplished. No matter how Herculean. This is the evolved sides of the planets.
When they are not evolved? Neptune wants to hide out in a bottle of Vodka and Jupiter wants to yell obnoxious righteous things from a bully pulpit.
I don't think it is at all an accident that the Health Bill passed The Senate at this time. Turn on any television news organization and you will see the Bully Pulpit at full volume and we are all left questioning a lot. Expand and Dissolve.
Personally, see where 25 degrees of Aquarius lies in your chart to reconfirm where you feel like you want to expand and bring in more? Where you would like to dissolve and hide? Where you would like to accomplish more? Where you feel inspired? Where you feel lost? Where you would like to shoot off your mouth?


And so it is Winter Solstice.
12:47pm (EST) is the first day of winter.
Of course for those of us slogging it out there since Pluto moved into Capricorn (Fall 2008) it has been feeling Winter for awhile. Sigh. But let's not get bogged down in the negative.
The first day of winter is the first day of Capricorn. Of course, on Capricorn New Moon (January) we will speak in more detail about the sign Capricorn but right now what you should know is that we will are moving from parties (Sag) to practicality (Cap).
We will want more substance and mettle. In the summer, fisherman fish. In the Winter fisherman fix their nets. This is the energy of Capricorn.
How are your nets?
On this shortest day of the year we need to remember the sunny days of summer and know that they will return. Turn inward, find your faith today, and find ONE good thing about your life. From this one small bright spot more will come. A single candle can light a world.
Flame on.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mars Retrograde

On Sunday December 20 at 8:26 am (EST)

Mars the planet of action, speed, anger, soldiers, warring through and getting some place....will turn around and go backwards. Every couple years ago Mars will retrograde. Normally Mars is in a sign for about a month or so. But in the case of a retrograde Mars we will be experiencing Mars in Leo for a very long time. It moved into Leo mid October and normally it would have been out of Leo in November. Not this case, it turns retrograde today at 20 degrees of Leo and will slog backwards until March 10 when it will turn direct and then sometime around June of 2010 it will finally move out of Leo into Virgo. Basically we are getting this Mars in Leo experience for about 9 months. That is a long haul.

As I wrote earlier this week on the Sag New Moon---

On December 20, Mars will turn retrograde. Normally, Mars moves pretty fast in a sign but this is one of those times when it is in a sign for about a year forcing us to get the message of the sign. Leo teaches us how to personalize things. How to own it and make it our’s. Mars in Leo is a lot of actions based on personal desires. Yep, Leo is also about EGO and I’m sure there will be some loud noisy braggarts who are going to get their asses kicked while Mars goes backward (until March 2010). But at the same time if there are some of you who are shy and don’t share your valuable traits and talents and hide in shadows---well, knock it off. Did it occur to you, that shyness is hurting others? Still fighting me on it? Then don’t blame me when your hiding comes back and bites you in the ass too.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Can you help?

Dear Friend,
So many of you have been kind to me and sent me emails or posted to me that you have found my column very helpful. For that I am grateful. As you know there is no fee with my column nor a tip jar. But if you could do one thing for me I would be so thrilled...
Over on community board is HOLIDAY HELPERS. Every year we try to help our Families in Need. We either send Gently Used items..or we send Gift Cards. If you have got an item you can send or if you can send a GC that would be great. I swear a $20 gift card can go very far for a Family In Need. It can make the difference between a terrible Christmas and a Tender Sweet one.

For example...One mom on disability has one 9 year old son and this is his needs..

Child #1:Age and gender: male age 9
Clothing needed (size, type): size 12 jeans and sweatpants,
prefers black or dark blueHats/gloves needed? yes, waterproof gloves for
Shoes/boots needed? (size, type): yes, size 5 Sketchers
athletic shoes, wide width if possible to accomodate orthotics (Sketchers are
the only shoes we've found that fit his feet and orthotics well)
Toy preferences: legos, Nintendo ds gamesBook preferences:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, audio books

We have got a whole bunch of other kids with some basic needs. Anything going their way will be appreciated. Go to and find Holiday Helpers. If you can't find it then post here and I'll get the data to you.

Thank you


Venus Square Uranus--Saturday December 19

Saturday December 19 8:52pm (EST)

Venus in Sag squares Uranus in Pisces. Although this aspect is exact on Saturday evening I think we should start to feel it today. With Sag and Pisces we are dealing with matters of spirituality, religion and basically, "Where we fit in the Universe." With Venus and Uranus it is matters of love and money that go topsy turvy which then makes us question if the Univese is even our friend. The angels feel sad.
Perhaps we are invited to a party and someone says something to us that shakes us up (Uranus) or we try to buy a few Christmas gifts and find that our money set aside for the holidays evaporates before we get to store #2. A wave of sadness or ennui can color the day. BUT remember, this is a pretty quick aspect. It will be gone by Sunday evening.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sagittarius New Moon---December 16

On Wedesday December 16 at 7:02 am EST --- will be the New Moon in Sag.

I gotta say I have a love hate relationship with the Sag New moon. First of all, even before I started writing New Moons and used to read them and learn about them with my old teacher Buz Myers, I used to get overwhelmed by Sag. It is such a busy time of the year and to focus on all that Buz had to say was often just too much for me. Which I have to say as a Sag made me a bit sad. There is so much value in Sagittarius energy but it can get overshadowed by the events of the day. People are running around, buying gifts, going to parties, making cards, visiting relatives.. it is just hard to squeeze in the value of Sag.

Having said that, I have written a lot about this moon. I am going to ask you to really take the time to read it all. It is just that important. A lot is going down and if you can only hear people when they shout at you then you will miss the value of whispered information. There are some whispers in this lunar cycle that I don't want you to miss.

As always you can find the whole article on Margaret Wendt's sight.

Here's a snippet:

The Big Picture

Sagittarius is the philosophical sign of the
zodiac. But left to roam without a bridle those philosophical passions and
desires can evolve into the most righteous sign of the zodiac. Religious
nut jobs can have pronounced Sagittarius planets (or crazy 9th house).
There need to be right is so strong that they must lay down the law on
everyone. (Anyone seen Bin Laden’s chart? Six words: “Saturn
in Sag in the 9th!”) But even when Sag is bad and righteous,
“My way or the highway” or good, “Let’s take a look at it from another
perspective”—Sag is THE “Big Picture” sign. This is the reason why Sag and
Virgo can have problems. Virgo sees the small and close up stuff
---The details. And they ask hard questions like, “How can that happen?”
or “How can that be accomplished?” While Sag is over there saying,
“I don’t know the ins, ands or buts ..I just know we need to look at the big
picture and figure out what we want. “ And if a Sag does not have
his or her arrow up in the sky zoning in for a target, he is then shooting off
his mouth to a fellow human. And that hurts! Not just the person who
is the subject of the comments but to the person saying it because they start to
become disillusioned about their fellow humans. Sigh.

Now on
this New Sag New Moon, The Sun and the Moon are in beautiful angles
(relationship) with Venus, the planet of love and resources, Neptune the planet
of spirituality and Great Mystery, Mars the planet of action, Jupiter the planet
of luck, abundance, expansion and Chiron ruler of Healing Old Wounds.

Look at that paragraph again. If you count, you will see
that the Sun/Moon are making music with four planets and Chiron. That is a lot
of good news. But that doesn’t mean you get to sit back, push the ON
button on your Margarita Blender, sit back drink to your heart’s content and
wait for the goodies to fall. It doesn’t work that way. Especially
with Sag who becomes totally useless and a detriment to society if he does not
have boundaries.

Remember, I said if “Sag is left to roam without
a bridle”. Quick history lesson----Next to harnessing Fire, one of the
other key evolutionary benchmarks for MAN was when MAN got on the back of the
horse. When Horses were harnessed people were able to move to
distant lands (Sag theme) and they were able to move timber, rocks, etc..Horse
driven power is still important in most of the world and even our cars are
defined by how much Horse Power they generate. Sag benefits by a
harness. Okay, so, where is the harness and bridle for this Sag New
Moon? The answer is URANUS.

Friday, December 11, 2009

So.... Tiger Woods.....


I was looking at my Scorpio New Moon which I posted about a month ago (way before Tiger's news) and I noted what I had to say about the Mars aspect for the scorpio lunar cycle.

Make mine Mars

Interestingly as we ping
pong between personal power and group activities we will also get a challenging
aspect from Mars. Mars is the warrior and he is extra snarky in loud mouth Leo
especially while he fights with lovely Venus. Venus in Scorpio is
sultry and sexy and she slithers along taking care of her orgasms and her
wallet. Mars in Leo who normally likes to get it on with Venus is not
digging her energy this cycle (square). Judging her sleazy and conniving
Mars is staying away from love. He would rather get his army together and
fight for a big dramatic purpose. Venus of course doesn’t get what the
hoopla is about and feels like a fish out of water when no one responds to her
usual tricks and so she gets sneaky. Since Venus rules money and values
(especially in Scorpio) we should expect some underhanded activities this month
due to her fight with Mars. But since Mars has all the dogs in this fight,
be prepared ---cheaters will be exposed! If you feel
like cheating, don’t do it. If you feel like going through the back door
on something with the thought it will get you to power or to money
quickly---here’s some help--- it won’t. Don’t believe me?
Watch what comes up in the news and you’ll be happy you listened to me.
Especially since Mars is also in Opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius.
Jupiter rules the internet and television so there will definitely be a public
brawl. And expect the same public scrutiny if you screw up.

No, surprise Tiger's news came out during this cycle.

The Weekend

As you all know I write about New Moons and their 8 phases HERE but on this particular blog I do not really focus on Lunar aspects.. "i.e. Moon moves into Scorpio, Squares Mars". I opt out of those postings because last time I looked there were about one trillion bloggers who do it and there is no way on God's green Earth I am going to offer anything remotely different in terms of a daily lunar voice. My emphasis is the planets outside of the moon... Give me a Saturn Square Mars and I'll talk volumes.
Having said that, there are no planetary aspects this weekend worth noting. All aspects are lunar but since I'm here, I will tell you that of those lunar aspects Saturday is a much more harmonious day than Sunday. Lots of crunchy aspects with the Moon on Sunday.

I would like to wish those who celebrate Hanukkah a Happy Holiday and may you receive an extra crispy latke (my favorite).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sun Trine Mars

Thursday December 10-- 8:18pm EST

About twice a year we get a Sun Trine Mars and such is the case on Thursday, We should feel the energy bloom as the two planets tangle. Since it is taking place in fire signs you can expect a lot of sparks and fiery conversation. Not necessarily arguments, more like 'spirited debates." Our enthusiasm will run high. And as a Sag you know I am totally looking forward to Thursday.
Frankly, I think we all need a little boost. For the last year we have been dealing with Saturn and Uranus opposition which has rattled many of us to our core. What used to be up is now down, what used to be left is right. And adding injury to insult, starting in November Saturn began its long square to Pluto. Great, more Yuch on Yuch. So, given that environment, when we have a day like Thursday where the Sun and Mars are harmoniously aspected ---well, you don't have to tell me twice to have fun, get energized. Get proactive. Do what ever it takes to get up off the couch and be someone fabulous.
Oh, and you might surprise yourself with a funny quip or two.
Sag is known for her wit. Be witty and charm yourself somewhere glamorous.

Peas out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This Monday--- We're a little Dorothy Parker-ish

December 7 Mercury Conjunct Pluto 4:12 am EST (Cap)
December 7 Mercury Square Saturn 9:35 pm EST (Cap vs Libra)
When Mercury gets on top of Pluto for its annual romp, there ain't much foreplay. Mercury's tongue is quick and Pluto is razor sharp. Does that sound like fun? Nope. But it is clever. (That's the Dorothy Parker part) Now for the good news. Your "business mind" is exact. Everyone will be cutting to the chase even when there isn't a chase. If there are any hurdles at work, they will be dissolved with one swift email. Of course, Capricorn is a bit of a downer so if you are feeling blue, just blame sour dour Capricorn. But if you have got shit to take care of and you have been dragging your is the day to take care of it. I, for one, will call the medical company that has sent me a bill, once a month for six months which I have deliberately avoided dealing with because the thought of calling their red tape circus has left me moribund.
But tomorrow, I will call them and clear it up for ever. That is what this energy is about.
"Great, I get it, I can lance the wound and clear out the disease. But what about Mercury Square Saturn?" Well, we may be a bit negative in the night. Perhaps the work we did in the morning exhausts us. If we get a shit phone call from anyone, blow it off. Saturn is so strict and stern and Mercury who likes to be light and frivolous can't get it's rocks off today to save himself. So, guess what---that is why god created phone machines. Phone Machine on? Check. Eat Dinner? Check. Pour drink? Check. Bed? Check.

Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.

Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) U.S. short-story writer and poet.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Gemini Full Moon
December 2 2:29am EST
December 1 11:29pm PST

As full moons go this one is not too hideous. How about that for a glowing recommendation?

I say that because the Moon is not being beaten up by any other planets. It is just sitting out there on the teeter totter opposite Sun in Sagittarius. Little ol’ Sun in Sag has a nice trine to Mars and a (wide) conjunction with Venus so that is all groovy and fine making the Sun optimistic and willing to put its energy where its mouth is. Great. Of course, the moon over there on the teeter totter will be picking at the Sun in a somewhat constructive way (sort of) ‘don’t forget about that.’ “Don’t forget about this.” Think of a sibling coming around and clucking at you. That is what makes up this full moon. You have an idea about something and someone says, “yeah, but”. Not to negate your idea but more to remind you of something that later will be useful. Trust me, as a Sag I promise you I have had a lot of Gemini’s in my life (mother) and they pick and pick but they do offer us something valuable. If not now, perhaps later.

Of course, Gemini is the grand communicator so we are all feeling a bit more chatty than usual. Gemini rules magazines and fun short stories; it is also neighbors and siblings. This moon favors short trips so if anyone has been dragging their feet about going somewhere and taking care of some business this is the week to go. It will be quick, fun and productive.

Also a great moon to send a note to a friend or reach out in general. Remember the Sun over there with Mars and Venus is helping us look off into the horizon and set our sights on a target. Perhaps a nice conversation with a friend who feels like a sibling will be very helpful getting you to focus on your goal. Of course, some of us will first need to get a goal? If not, now would be the week to consider acquiring one. And certainly in time for the Sag New Moon in a couple weeks. Use this full moon to help get you ready.

Uranus Turns Direct

Our Wacky Friend Uranus Turns direct on Tuesday December 1 3:28pm (EST)

Uranus which has been retrograde for the last six months will turn direct on December 1. Uranus rules revolutions and rebels. It is only about one thing C*H*A*N*G*E.
It likes to communicate but it must do it on a higher frequency. It rules television and the internet. It can speak to the masses beautifully. It is the one-on- one that it short circuits. And now in this cycle where the universe is demanding we find out personal empowerment but at the same time give up stuff and stretch for the group, Uranus is going to go direct. Boys and girls, we must shake off our fear. Even if we don’t make the changes now, we will soon enough and Uranus is going to help. Because you see, once Uranus goes direct it is going to start heading for Aries. Ever since 2003 Uranus has been in Pisces.
But once it turns direct on Tuesday it is heading for Aries and that is a completely different environment. It won’t get there until June but it will start to feel different as soon as it turns direct. It is heading for a place where “I” comes first. Aries are all about themselves and that is okay. How interesting that we are being pushed this month to find this balance between resources and group and at the same time Uranus is leaving the sign of compassion and mystery and heading for personal vision. It is all about number one. And of course once it hits the early degrees of Aries it is going to lock up with the cardinal crosses between five other planets next summer. Perhaps the pressure we are feeling this cycle will help us later next summer. Whatever this energy brings will also be quite unexpected.
If you need a little bit more information---Uranus is turning direct at 23 degrees of Pisces.
Where does that fit in your chart? Is it your first house of Personal Identity? How about your 2nd house of resources and properties? 7th house of relationships?
Wherever it hits prepare for some changes. Remember, Uranus knows it is in the final days of Pisces so he might have some work for you. ........and Me!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mercury Square Uranus

Monday November 30, Mercury Square Uranus 2:52 pm (EST)

Twice a year we have a square between Mercury and Uranus. This is that wonky few days where brains and tongues are not working at optimum speed. Our brains are way too fast for our speech. We also can put 2 and 2 together and be WAY off. Sure it looks like a 4 but in about a week you learn that it is 5. The signs involved are Sagittarius and Pisces. Sag has fantastic big ideas about everything. It is not without OPINIONS. And Pisces is dreamy and illusive and hates Opinions since it usually likes to hang out in a grey nebulous area not out front in a bully pulpit. As you can see these two energies are not a good mix.
Where are you mouthing off?
Where are you hiding?
What crazy dreams are you thinking about?
What opinions are you espousing?

This is centered on Monday but we will start to feel it on Saturday and it will dissipate around Wednesday.

Good luck, Gang. If you feel really out are not alone.

Waterloo at the Fed

Mary Plumb has put up a short article on aspects hitting the Federal Reserve chart. We have discussed this a few times but Mary offers up a lot of other thinks that many of you might find very interesting.

Mountain Astrologer on the Newstand!

The New Mountain Astrologer arrived at my house a few weeks ago but I was so busy I didn't have a chance to even crack it until last week. And as always it is pure joy to read. When I read the Magazine I usually poke around, first the cover story "Oh, I'll go for that Water Article first." then usually the interview with a famous astrologer (in this case Alice Howell) and then slowly the rest of the featured articles and the regular columns. For me, it is my perfect gym material. I go to the climbing stair thingy and plop my Mountain Astrologer and the time flies! And to make my legs and ass move that hard and it is 40 minutes later and I don't even realize....well, that should tell you the power of Mountain Astrologer articles.
The Water article is scary. I ain't going to tell you differently. Raye Robertson has written exhaustively about the history of water in the last hundred years referring to both the astrological aspects and the politics. The emphasis is (of course) on outer planet cycles starting with Neptune and Pluto in 1891 through the new Jupiter Saturn cycle in 2020. Using the Sibley chart for the United states there are some real track able astrological events. And next year's Saturn Return in the Sibley chart is another bell ringer for those of us who have quietly sat off in the city, blogging away, living our lives wondering to ourselves, "What is my son going to do for fresh water when he grows up?" Are now saying, "Wait a minute, it is not just my son's future, way off years from is my future too, and it is now!" "Hello, Telluride Colorado Realtor--I'll take ten acres with a well."
The interview with Alice Howell is inspiring. Her breadth and knowledge of Jungian Astrology is well known and I read her book "Jungian Symbolism in Astrology" many years ago. Now having read the interview I am dying to get her book "Astrological Ages". I didn't realize she went all the way back to the Cancer Age. I think the most I have ever read covers Pisces, Aries and Taurus. I would be fascinated to see what she says about life on Earth during Gemini cycle and Cancer. One thing I loved about Alice's story is that her life in astrology took quite a serpentine path. She found it when she was a teenager, relished it in her twenties, then she got married raised her children and then went back to her astrology with new zest once her children were out of the house. She was in her 50's when she wrote about astrology for the first time. I love that story!!!! It is a beautiful article for those of us who have little ones at home but still have dreams and visions.
For sport I read Dana Gerhardt's "The Noisy birds of Sagittarius". I say for sport because I am a Sag and naturally when I first started reading astrology (13) I went for my own sun sign. Once I really learned about astrology I skipped the general sun sign articles and went for the pieces that has more in depth astrology. A Saturn in Sag is so much more fun to read than a Sun in Sag. But I gotta say, Dana brings in a nice little twist to MY sign. Especially when she talks about all the changes that happened to the world with the transits by Pluto, Neptune, Uranus in the last twenty years. The way she laid it out is very compelling.
Uranus was in Sagittarius from 1981 to 1988, sending a
rebellious, iconoclastic surge through out the decade. Disco gave way to
punk--an intense and frenetic inversion of Sagittarius optimism. Rap, a preachy
musical genre was born as well. The rapper with the sparkly gold
chains was another Sagittarius avatar.
I am about to dive into Shelley Ackerman's article "Saturn to the Eighth Power: A Look Ahead to America's Eight Saturn Return". God knows we have had our asses kicked with Pluto's move into Capricorn I can only guess what is next with a big fat Saturn Return for the US.
Anyway, if you have not read Mountain Astrologer now is the time to hit the newsstands and get one. It is chocked full of well written astrological pieces. And of course Stephanie Austen writes her own beautiful Lunar articles.
Also, if you can't buy the magazine at a local bookstore then go here to purchase them individually or maybe give yourself a year's subscription for Christmas!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today, Thursday November 26 at 9:53a (EST) Mercury Trines Mars
Of course, in the United States we all celebrate Thanksgiving today and with a Mercury Trine Mars we will have the focus to get a lot done this morning. I know I felt the energy when I woke up at 5am ready to hit the market. Of course 5 am is too early for my local Whole Foods but I did take the energy to write some emails and take on a couple of work tasks. I love Mercury/Mars trines, it is a great day where my brain and my actions are in synch.
And for what it is worth, although this aspect is exact today, we started feeling it a couple days ago. I know for me, I threw an event yesterday that was a ton of work and involved a lot of logistics and a lot of volunteers and it came off without a hitch. I actually thought to myself..'How did that happen?" and I am CONFIDENT it was the Mercury Trine Mars.
I hope you can use the focus to take care of anything you need to do. I'm sure some of you are focused on preparing a meal...but if you are not cooking today, seriously take this energy and tackle something that needs your attention. Your brain and your muscles are totally in synch!
later in the day Venus Squares Neptune 7:15pm (EST) and of course we have been building towards this one all week. I will say that this has been also evident in my own life. I don't want to go into details but there is an old saying, "The unstable mind dominates". What that means is you can take a room full of monks, mediating and chanting totally at peace and if you send in crazy foul mouth swearing (often smelly) person--no one will be aware of the peaceful monks, they will only see the crazed person swearing. Well, ask yourself, during this week did those Unstable Minds get a wee bit louder and a bit more of your attention than usual? Blame this aspect. It all has to do with personal love (venus) and humanitarian love (neptune) being at odds. Where do I feel unloved? Why do I feel alone? and a wee bit of , "Is that all there is to life?' vibes. And always, "what's going on with my money?" --which is so Venus.
Of course the fact that this is happening today on Thanksgiving makes me want to give warning...if someone gets drunk at Thanksgiving, make sure they have a safe ride home. Make sure that you don't personalize anything said today. The crazy wire that is in all of us might have a bit more juice in it today.
Try to be reasonable.
And remember, one scoop of stuffing is probably enough.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Venus Square Jupiter

Venus in Scorpio Squares Jupiter in Aquarius ---Monday November 23 5:39am EST

Scorpio is a water sign and Aquarius is air sign, when they are in square to one another we can expect the wind to whip up the water. And when one of the planets is gigantic Jupiter --well expect a hurricane. I'm not talking literally, global warming withstanding, we are still out of Hurricane Season. But what about the emotions inside and outside. Horn honks a plenty, bosses with short fuses, lovers make one faux pas after another. Even friends will bug. And god help you, if you have to do anything for or with a group today. They will be way out of whack and all the good intentions in the world won't be worth the hassle of dealing with THOSE personalities.
I expect some shitty stories in the news. And this is a very wonky day for our portfolios and paychecks. We just even glance at anything and it will cost us a lot of money.

But if you must be out in the world today---Keep your Ipod on all day and talk to no one. That is a way to escape the CrazyTown energy.

Edited to ADD:
Well, today both the stock market and Gold were up today. The Dow quite a bit (over 100) and Gold up 18 dollars. This is NOT good for the US Dollar (Venus). When both commodoties and stocks are up...people are looking for a place to invest for fear the value of the dollar is falling.
Perfectly VenusSquareJupiter...

Friday, November 20, 2009

News from the Moon

As indicated on my new moon article I pointed out that Scorpio, the investing sign, was terribly challenged by two Aquarius planets and Chiron. I said that our money would be in trouble and the stuff coming up now would have long implications. Well, word yesterday (still new moon) from the Housing Battle Ground and it is not pretty.

The latest evidence was a report Thursday that a rising proportion of
fixed-rate home loans made to people with good credit are sinking into
foreclosure. That's a shift from last year, when riskier subprime loans drove
the housing crisis.

The report from the Mortgage Bankers Association also found that 14 percent
of homeowners with a mortgage were either behind on payments or in foreclosure
at the end of September. It was a record-high figure for the ninth straight
The data suggest the housing market and the broader recovery will
remain under pressure from the surge in home-loan
defaults, especially as unemployment keeps rising. Lost jobs are the main reason
homeowners are falling behind on their mortgages.

The effects of this will be long reaching. I know, "No, shit, Sherlock."

Yesterday---Did you feel it?

First of all, many apologies that I didn't get this up yesterday. I was out the door so early and didn't get back until much later so I missed posting this aspect but god knows I FELT it.
Yesterday (November 19 3:22 EST) Venus in Scorpio formed a perfect square with Mars in Leo. Tensions with loved ones or friends could have been very pointed perhaps heated. Finances could have easily felt pinched (Scorpio). You may have felt like breaking away and doing something very dramatic (Leo). "Dear family, there is a chicken in the fridge--I've moved to Barcelona-- Mom". If you felt extreme high (doubtful) or extreme low (likely) it may have had to do with this square between Mars and Venus. The tension of the two fighters (who normally love to do the deed) will be evident all 28 days of this lunar cycle however the worst of it could be felt personally yesterday, today and tomorrow...the good news is Venus does move quick so she's backing only get into it with Jupiter next week.
Put on your Kevlar suit and don't personalize anything...even if you think you are being punished by the are not. Shit happens.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scorpio Versus Aquarius--Scorpio NEW MOON face off!

Tomorrow 11/16 at 2:14 pm (EST) is Scorpio New Moon. It is going to be a doozey of a 28 day cycle with a huge emphasis on Community versus Personal resources. For some people it is not going to be easy. But for you, my friends who have been working on this information all year (at least, bit by bit) I expect big efforts on your part to make this cycle work for you. If you are frozen in fear and won't budge come back here and read this post.
As always I post my complete article on Margaret site which you can find HERE. But here is a snippet. Go to the link for the complete article.
Spine tingling Scorpio

I highly recommend picking up the current
Mountain Astrologer so you can read Stephanie Austin’s take on Scorpio New Moon.
I always appreciate her thoughtful analysis of lunar astrological aspects
and this one is no exception. I especially noted the following.
(Oct/Nov issue 147 page 106).

“The Sabian symbol for 25
Scorpio tells us to look beneath the surface of current events: ‘An x-ray
photograph; the capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all
existence.’ Where do you need to shine your light? What needs to be tackled and
transformed? Who’s on your team? Watch for important clues on November 17
when Mars activates the August 5 eclipse point (14 Aquarius/Leo).
Remember: “You only really discover the strength of your spine when your
back is up against the wall (James Geary).

If you didn’t pick up on
it from her quote let me spell it out. This lunar cycle is going to be on the
tough side. Why? Because for most of us--- change is a bitch.

Scorpio is not what you call a “light’ sign but at the same
time it is NOT as sinister and dark as many astrologers have
written. Yes, Scorpio is intense but not because it wants to be
intense but because it knows that the only way for it to survive is to die and
then be reborn----EVERY friggin’ day. Of course they don’t
actually die but some part of them must. Is it an opinion that dies and
changes? Is it a relationship? Is it an idea they have about
someone? Of course this is pretty scary stuff for Scorpio and when they
get scared their reaction is to HOLD on even tighter. “I don’t want to
die! I love my world, my patterns, I love everything I have-- I am hanging
on for dear life.” I don’t want to change! And it is that
holding on which makes them intense. It is also the part of them
that seeks power.

Wherever you have Scorpio in your chart is
where you hold on for dear life and where you try to hold on to
power. Scorpio on the 7th house? You hold on to your
relationships like they are specimens in a jar. In the 10th house you hold
on to your career as if it is the only source of oxygen. Your 2nd
house? God help you if you ever need to sell stocks or property, you would
rather take gas. If you don’t know your chart you can go here to
learn more:

So with that
background doesn’t it make sense to you that Scorpio rules taxes, lawyers, bank
loans, crime, IRAs, investments, sex and resources? It also rules
the sex organs, intestines and plumbing. What goes IN better be fresh and
what goes OUT better be waste. Get it? Are some of you
doing the opposite? This would be the cycle where that will need to change
–big time.

Okay, all of that is good, but what about
the ‘back against the wall” part? Over in Aquarius are
Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune on top of each other. We have been talking
about these three all year. These are the planets (technically Chiron is not a
planet but let’s not get bogged down with that right now) that are ushering in
the Age of Aquarius. They are pushing us to find our tribe, to think about
the group, they are saying to us that we could slog through the world by
ourselves and get nowhere fast or we can find a group of like minded people and
get something really accomplished. Think about the group is what
they say! Okay, I get it. I watch Current TV, I’m green, I
volunteer a lot. I can check off all that Aquarius stuff on my

But here is the rub. This New moon,
the Sun and the Moon are completely at odds (square) with Jupiter, Chiron and
Neptune. The New Moon in Scorpio is shouting “I’m not giving up my ______
(fill in the blank) for the group.”

And the three of them in
Aquarius are saying back, “Great, hold on to ____ but don’t blame us if
you end up all alone!”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sun Square Pluto November 10

A couple times a year we get this aspect. In this case, The Sun in Scorpio will Square off with Jupiter in Aquarius. It is kind of funny when these two planets get into it with each other because in many ways they are similar. Jupiter's good natured buoyancy goes hand in hand with The Sun's natural tendency for enthusiasm. Jupiter's goal oriented vision supports the Sun's ability to focus. Interestingly, Jupiter is the largest planet in size. But of course The Sun which is not a planet (it is a Star) is mammoth in comparison to Jupiter. So, who do you think might win? Possibly The Sun, right? Maybe. But perhaps it is just gravitational pull that is more on its' side. Either way, we may feel all the pull of Sun in Scorpio today. Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, law and resources like loans and TBills and the Treasury too. Scorpio is about empowerment although it can be confused with power. There is a difference---(do you know it?). And Scorpio is focused on plumbing and all the the pipes in the system that flush out the bad stuff and bring in the good. In the body it rules the intestines. And for all those gals who read Cosmopolitan Magazine you know that Scorpio rules SEX (god, they went on and on about that in Cosmo).
Anyway, Jupiter in Aquarius is about groups of people who are like minded. Community oriented endeavors. "All for One and One for All." It is reaching a big goal that takes care of the group. It is about Friends and associates and perhaps that family of choice. How do we fix the problems in our group and make sure all are taken care of?
Do you see how there could be a conflict. If you are worried about your own empowerment or your own resources you sure as shit don't want to worry about the community. And if you are all worried about the community and not thinking about your own finances or resources ...well, you are going to be in trouble real quick.
The key is to find the balance between both energies. They are both right. How can you make both sides work today and later this week. The aspect is centered today at 1:41 pm (EST). But we should be feeling it for a couple of days. We probably started to vibe in on it on Sunday or Monday.
God knows I have felt it. I would have posted this earlier for you (The community) but I have been busy with Jury Duty (Scorpio) and of course I much rather have been home doing what I want to do and taking care of business but I couldn't get out of it (Square) so I am resigned to be the best Juror I can be. All Rise!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Venus Sextile Pluto---Grab a Thermal!

On November 9 at 12:34am (EST) (November 8 9:34pm PST) Venus will make a sextile to Pluto. The influence will be felt for a couple of days so this is a great time to reinvigorate the bedroom especially since Venus is in Scorpio. It is also a terrific time to work on your money and finances. Call the credit card company and renegotiate, call the IRS and see if you can shave off the bill, move some stocks (does anyone still have those?), perhaps buy gold, do something that helps your career. If you have ever paid attention to a hawk flying in a sky then you notice how they gently lower and raise themselves by finding the thermal winds. The gust of energy in the thermal gives them an extra advantage over the birds below and above them ---those birds not riding the thermals have to flap more to get to the same location. Consider the sextile between Venus and Pluto to be a thermal. If you see a boost of energy in love, finances, beauty and resources or in career, infrastructure and basic responsibilities----well go for it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft. Hood

As I indicated HERE the full moon had a rough aspect with Mars and the unstable element was Uranus.

All of this is true for what happened at Ft. Hood yesterday. Cold, heartless murders on an Army base by one of its own is tragic. The fact that it appears to be at the hands of a doctor is another twist. The fact that he was Muslim about to be deployed to Afghanistan makes it even more complicated. All the strange twists and turns are perfectly Uranus. The violence is perfectly in line with a square with Mars.

Of course, hindsight is twenty twenty even for an astrologer. I would have never guessed something like this. And I am glad. It is too sad for my brain to comprehend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Note On Saturn's move into Libra

Last week I received an email from Ted from AstroAdvisor. I asked him if I could post and he said Yes. I like what he has to say especially on the fear negativity of Virgo. ---Tracy

Dear Clients and Friends,

The planet Saturn has just changed signs, leaving Virgo and entering the sign of Libra on Thursday, October 29th. Saturn will make a brief transit in Libra until April 7th, 2010 before retrograding back into Virgo one final time. Saturn re-enters Libra once again on July 21st, 2010 until October 5th, 2012.

Saturn symbolically represents our life lessons, ambitions, security and status, and karma. We reap what we sow with Saturn. It gives us what we deserve and have worked hard for. Saturn is also associated with ones character. What kind of obstacles have we had to overcome or sacrifices to make to attain our goals? What do we have to do now to make our dreams and aspirations become real and tangible?

While Saturn has been transiting Virgo, there is a tendency to express the negative emotions of fear, doubt, or worry. More effort is probably required to keep a peaceful and positive frame of mind. With what is going on in the present economic climate, it has been a challenge for many of us. There can also be a pre-occupation with making things perfect and becoming too critical of everything or others around us. Now that Saturn is in Libra, it is time to lighten up! Time to attain more balance in all areas of life.

Saturn is considered "exalted" in the sign of Libra. What this means is the nature of the planet is best complimented while transiting the sign. It also means it can express its planetary nature the strongest in this sign. Welcome the great balancer and lord of karma, Saturn, in the sign of balance and harmony, Libra. It is time to change our ways! Karma or the repercussions of our actions can come back much more quickly now that Saturn transits Libra. It wants to make things fair and equal.

The "wrong doers" in the world may be paid a visit by the grim reaper during this period, lol. Maybe just in time for Halloween, lol! Many would hope for such a thing. For example, where is the "fairness" in bailing out wall street and big banks at the expense of American tax payers while millions lose their jobs or homes? If things are equal, then the same amount of "bail out" money should be given to the people who lost their homes or jobs. Where is the "fairness" in this? These are very interesting times and we haven't seen nothing yet! Wait until Saturn in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn over the next few years. More about that another time.

The other important theme of Saturn in Libra is "relationships." Partnerships and relationships usually take on a more serious tone now. Any issues that you may have not wanted to confront will probably have to be dealt with now. Ultimately, the goal of Saturn's transit in Libra is to make relationships more solid, strong, and complete. Other people or significant others can take on a more important role in our lives too. The urge for commitment or forming longer term relationships and partnerships takes on more importance. Life can be hard enough at times...we don't need to go at it alone. Now I think I am starting to sound like some commercial I heard! lol. That's all for now.

Wishing everyone peace, harmony, and balance in all areas of life!



T.S. PhillipsAstro Advisory Services, Inc.

I wanted to remind you guys that if you have not gone to Ted's website

Neptune turns Direct

On Wednesday November4 at 1:10pm EDT Neptune will turn direct.
Neptune spend half the year in retrograde (which I believe it likes) so turning direct in and of itself is not a big deal. But with the direct motion there is a bit of clarity that can come to a puzzling situation. The action is taking place at 24 degrees of Aquarius so if you know your chart you can look at what house contains that degree plus if you have any planets making an aspect --be prepared for some change. When Neptune touches anything it is like a cloud of fog envelopes the subject or worse sometimes a zap from Neptune makes everything turn to void. Poof, it's gone. So, it is possible (depending on your chart) there may have been something that was so out of your grasp and hard to make sense of since May 28. Now, after it turns direct you may find an answer. However, like Avalon appearing out of the mists, you will see the rough points of the rocky coast, the tumultuous shore break which can all be daunting but also coming into view is the beckoning castle offering a warm shelter. Perhaps as they say in twelve step you will bottom out on some issue. That would be the tough shore break on the rocky coast. But also you may have redemption and hope --that is the castle. Whatever starts to come into view it is vital to find your center and find Spirit. You are not alone. I promise. For more on it go here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full Moon November 2

Well, how about a nice fat earthbound Full Moon in Taurus? I don't know about you but I am craving something grounded, even if it is a bit tense, I just sometimes want something so rooted that it traps me. And this is what we'll get with The Full Moon energy on Monday. The Sun in Scorpio is demanded regeneration. "Die and Reborn, you poor mortal slob."
But at the same time the Moon in Taurus is holding on for dear life (Taurus is NOT a sign that likes change).
This is just that pain in the ass Full Moon that tells us we need to shed in order to grow but we hate it (The next one is six months from now.) However there is a little something extra with this Full Moon which is a big ol' square with Mars in Leo. There will be a line of Divas around the block demanding that we serve them.
I think there will be an energy suck getting all the attention. I am kind of surprised that Kooky Family with the balloon boy (who actually should be called Attic Boy) didn't activate their hoax during this full moon given the Mars Square Moon, Square Sun. But actually if they did we would be way more Pissed off than we were last month. It is a bitchy aspect.
If you are going to get into it with anyone be prepared to pay for it for awhile. Things that take place now we be remembered for a long time.
There is also a shitty aspect between Uranus, Mars and Mercury that is troubling. Mercury likes to talk, talk, talk... Mars wants action that is all EGO driven and then the one who is going to go berserk is Uranus. This is not good since Uranus is already crazy. Watch the kooks in your life. They will suck you into some experience and you may find yourself doing all the work (Mars Leo) and your brain goes crazy trying to figure out how you played it so wrong. "How did this end up on my docket?????" Don't sweat it too much. Just blame the karma Gods. Sometimes you gotta burn stuff off. This is that week.
Burn baby Burn

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time Change

If you are in the United States ---please remember tonight before you go to bed, Turn your Clocks back one hour.
As always I can't wait. I get up early and I hate waking up before Dawn. I know it will be dark ealier now but somehow that is easier to deal with than a pitch black 6am.

Happy Halloween

I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween. There is an aspect between The Moon and Jupiter called a sextile. A sextile is a "get the good times rollin' " aspect and it takes place at 10:46pm EDT. My guess is that the Child Free Parties on the East Coast will have a lot of booze and a lot of food--can't help it when Moon and Jupiter get a groove on. For those of us on the West Coast--expect a lot of Chocolate for our Trick or Treaters. That aspect will FILL their bags.

One small note: My son this year will be collecting for UNICEF. If you do not know what it is
UNICEF is an International Orginization which helps children around the world. From clean water, to blankets, to school supplies UNICEF does what it can to help. For nearly fifty years trick or treaters have been collecting change on Halloween for UNICEF. It is a great opportunity for children to learn that they can help children from around their world. Community is bigger than their neighborhood!
If a child comes up to you tonight with a UNICEF box--please use the Jupiter and Moon aspect and give generously. Thank you!
oh, and Boo!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need your Help!

I have a sad update. I was just called by my friend. Jonathan died last night. Sigh.
Evidently it was complications from the chemo. Thank you to all of you who helped by voting for him and Dawn so that they could win a wedding. It was not meant to be. Alas.
But it means a lot to me that we all tried.
Thank you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Health Care Reform--Mountain

Over at MountainAstrologer website is an article by astrologer Robert Blaschke who discusses some of the stuff we have been talking about over here. He brings up some good points...please take a read.

“During this part of the year when both Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde,
one sees much misinformation being spread about proposed health insurance
reforms by small-minded and self-serving politicians. After Jupiter and Neptune
station direct on October 12 and November 4, respectively, the health care
reform legislation will evolve into its final framework and be passed by both
Houses of Congress and signed into law by the President before December

December 21st is the date of the third and final alignment of Jupiter
and Neptune this year. With Jupiter in stationary conjunction with President
Obama’s natal Ascendant from September 8th until November 16th, he is on the
right side of this legislative fight to reform the health insurance companies.
One should not be surprised if the “public option” of federal health insurance
plans designed to compete with the private sector insurance plans makes its way
into the final legislation signed into law in December

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A rather big build upon relationships

We begin this week with a little of the gentleness of Sunday (see previous post).

Like I have previously discussed, I don't usually bog you guys down with moon aspects since there are so many websites that discuss daily lunar connections. But I will say that on Tuesday, October 27 at 2:40am the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (big thoughts and generous spirit) and later (3:10pm) Moon conjuncts Neptune (big compassion and spiritual matters). All in all Tuesday will have a bigness to it which is then followed by

Wednesday October 28

Mercury Moves into Scorpio (6:08am EDT)

Venus Trine Jupiter (10:02 pm EDT)

Mercury Sextile Pluto (11:53pm EDT)

Our mental abilities sharpen and deepen (Mercury in Scorp). We move into a period of time where our conversations are more penetrating. We will spend the next couple of weeks getting on top of some of our financial issues and sex issues. Any tax issues can be addressed. We are way more precise in our handling of issues than we were in the last month or so. We are in the Libra Lunar cycle so these discussions and thoughts will definitely help our relationships.

We also tap our abundance (Venus/Jupiter) and expand our resources and access loving situations easier. Even if it is not the person we want the love we still find the love somewhere. A good affirmation for this aspect would be: "I am happy and grateful that I find good every day". Try writing that down for the week and see what it does for you.

And then Mercury Pluto brings those penetrating thoughts to your place in society. How are you in the world? What do you bring to the party which is greater than family? If you don't feel you bring anything, then use this aspect to heal the part that feels you having nothing to give the world. You are incorrect by the way. See if someone points it out to you today or this week. And remember you are bigger than your place in the family.
On Thursday October 29 in the morning 3:56am (EDT) The sun will square Mars. This is a fighting aspect. If you wake up with a bee in your bonnet to get into it with someone... I may ask you to please, consider.... Taking a breath and tabling it. Why? Because I think you might be too enflamed to make your point. Sometimes when people see the anger they don't hear or see the point. What is more important for you ...that this person see your anger or see your point. If it is about the anger (and yes, sometimes that is important) than yes, good soldier--go to battle. If it really is about the point then wait a few days before sharing your thoughts.
Also on Thursday October 29 1:09am (EDT)-----Drum Roll. Saturn moves into Libra.

If you did not read my Libra New Moon back on October 18 HERE--- let me reiterate this point about Saturn.

“You hoo, anyone home? It’s Saturn?”

Probably more this lunar cycle than any other Libra cycle we are going to really ‘get’ it that our relationships need some work. And I’m not only talking about husbands and wives. Yes, they count but it is relating in general that needs
work. Do you listen to people or do you not hear them because you
have already moved on to what you are going to say next? Is that relating
or is that an audience? How do you share? How are you
superficial (the low side of Libra)? How do you work in
relationship? Do you do all the work hoping to please your partner?
How is that working for you? (Tell the truth). Do you show up and
give it your all or are you a ‘tit for tat’ person? Why am I asking these
questions? Because on October 29, Saturn is going to move into Libra. For
the last two years Saturn has been in Virgo and I have been asking you to clean
up your diet and get your schedule and your calendars together-- basically I
have pushed you to get your Virgo together. Now, Saturn is leaving
Virgo and moving into Libra where it will be overhauling relationships,
partnerships and relating in general. The last time Saturn was in
Libra was 1980-1982. Do you remember how you did relationships then?
I hope it has improved. If you are too young to have experienced
that one, you have between now and 2012 to work it out. In April
Saturn will retrograde back to Virgo so we can get one last pass at
cleaning our schedules, diet and health. But for right now we need to
bring out the broom and fix our partnerships and relationship
habits. Now, I have said this a jillion times and I’ll say it a
jillion more, I do not believe in accidents. Saturn’s move into Libra
could have happened at any time in the year. It could have happened on the
Taurus lunar cycle or the Aquarius Lunar cycle or the Sagittarius Lunar
cycle. But it is not happening then. Instead it is happening on the
Libra New Moon. To me this is beautiful. We are beginning the clean up
period of relationships in THE relationship lunar cycle. It is as if Spirit
wanted to help us shift our attention by highlighting it. Let’s face it,
if you are supposed to get a new hairdo-- wouldn’t the best time to think about
it be while you are at a Hair stylists convention? Bad ones, great ones, new
colors, new styles, extensions, hair gel, it will all be out there for you to
see as you assess your own hairdo. This is what is going to happen
when Saturn moves into Libra. We will be ten days into the Libra
lunar cycle when it hits. The convention of relationships will be in full
force when the harshest critic (Saturn) arrives. But remember, you
do not need to have everything fixed in twenty eight days. We have two
years. Saturn just wants to get your attention that is why he arrived now.
And for those of you who are not in relationship, you should be able to use
Saturn to your advantage and get serious about what you need to do to get one
going. Ask friends for set ups. Don’t be shy. That perfect
stranger sitting next to you at a party may be the next Mr Right or Ms
Right. Begin the work. Did I mention “work” is a Saturn word?

Sun sextile Pluto & Mercury Trine Neptune

On October 24 5:57am (EDT) Sun will Sextile Pluto. This happens twice a year (next one in Feb). For the last fifteen or so years we had sextiles between the Sun in Air signs (Libra & Aquarius) sextile Pluto in fiery Sag. For all those years we would get an inspired thought or conversation between partners and friends which then motivated us to dig deeper and find our own empowerment. Even if it was on a very small level it was a powerful exchange between thoughts and actions which would move us closer to our goals. Now until around 2023 all of the sextiles between the Sun and Pluto will take place between water signs (Scorpio & Pisces) and earth sign (Capricorn). We will be motivated by emotions which will have a practical empowerment. Even if we are sad it will bring us to some new realization that can get us to where we need to go. A good affirmation for this aspect is: "My emotions and feelings move me to solutions for my place in the world."

The day is also influenced by

12:55pm (EDT) Mercury Trine Neptune Thoughts and communication are soft and gentle. Forgiveness is in the air. Compassion is paramount. If there needs to be a discussion where grievances must be aired, this is the day to do it!

Between Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Neptune you will see our emotions and tender side can move mountains.

Given these aspects are occurring during the Libra Lunar Cycle, one can figure out that our relationships would benefit by these two aspects. Given they are on the same day is noteworthy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Tuesday October 20 5:49pm (EDT)

Before we get to Mercury---I would like to check in and make sure you have read my complete New Moon report (see link here). I'm not doing this out of ego..'hey look at me'...I really want to see you work the lunar phases. Once you get this groove (and it is simple) you will see how in sync you can get your life. Additionally, this lunar phase has got a lot of important energy. We have a strong Neptune influence, Saturn changes sign and then will get into it with Pluto on October 29 plus we have a relationship with Chiron. There can be important shifts that might feel yucky but under it all is a great healing. Because of my nature I like to get to the Healing as quickly as possible and not hang out in the yuck. I want that for you, too!

So how are you doing so far on this New Moon? Out of curiosity are you feeling the spiritual angle of this moon yet? Are you wondering about your relationship with God? Are you questioning it? Or have you seen something come into view that can only be explained by a Higher Source? What has come up in the last three days? And if it hasn't don't worry the lunar phase is young.

Now about Mercury. Mercury trines Jupiter at 5:49pm but one hour earlier the Moon will have moved into Sagittarius (the ruling sign of Jupiter). Mercury rules our brains and the way we think and those darn words that come out of our mouth. Jupiter is our biggest planet. It is huge. We can get a whole bunch of Earths inside Jove. When Mercury and Jupiter get together even under a favorable aspect we can get a big mouth. So you may want to watch your words. But more importantly watch your brain for some goodies. If you get a great idea about something, go for it! If you get a phone call from someone helpful--go for it! If you get a piece of faith --go for it! Remember, there is a healing taking place this cycle that impacts our relationships so when we get a good aspect like this one---go for it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Libra New Moon 2009--The business of relating

I just posted my New Moon In Libra article over HERE Between the aspects with Chiron/Neptune, the square between Saturn and Pluto, Saturns move into Libra, The beef with Mars and the Nodes---It is going to be a big 28 days. Please read the whole article on the link but here is a snippet.

Balancing on the thin edge of a new

During Libra we seek balance. We want to rest
for a minute and let someone else pick up the ball. We want to share our
world and we want others to share their world. It is not a greedy sign,
but it does seek “fairness”. If Libra feels it is giving and giving it
will get resentful. It is not a martyr but it can get trapped sometimes in
a role. And when a Libra feels trapped they will compare themselves to others
over and over again. This is partly motivated by perceived ‘weakness’ but
in truth Libra is hunting for balance. They like to see how others do
things. Go to dinner with a Libra you will find them talking a great deal
about how others “do” relationship. At first glance it might seem like
gossip --but it really isn’t. They share the stories more like a botanist
shares research of a new species of rose. “That couple does this, that guy
does that, that gal does this.” Which really to them is --- “Isn’t that
interesting? I can’t do it that way but they can.” Of
course, the unspoken thought is, “What would it be like if I did do it that

On this lunar cycle you will find yourself
synthesizing a lot of information. You will see others in a different
light. Not a bad light, just a different light. Perhaps a light will
turn on that has not been turned on ever. We will all be researching the
fine art of ‘relating’.

During this twenty eight day cycle we will
find ourselves seeking balance. We will look carefully at our lives and if we
are giving way too much in one area we may find ourselves pulling back. It
is not so much of a retreat as giving others the opportunity to ‘step up” and do
some of the work. Of course, it would behoove us to avoid going into
a place of resentment. Also what if there is an area where we have
been lazy and not pulling our share? Prepare to get BUSTED. Afteral,
it is all fair on Libra lunar cycle.

“You hoo, anyone
home? It’s Saturn?”
Probably more this lunar cycle than any
other Libra cycle we are going to really ‘get’ it that our relationships need
some work. And I’m not only talking about husbands and wives. Yes, they
count but it is relating in general that needs work. Do you listen
to people or do you not hear them because you have already moved on to what you
are going to say next? Is that relating or is that an
audience? How do you share? How are you superficial (the
low side of Libra)? How do you work in relationship? Do you do all
the work hoping to please your partner? How is that working for you?
(Tell the truth). Do you show up and give it your all or are you a ‘tit
for tat’ person? Why am I asking these questions? Because on October 29,
Saturn is going to move into Libra. For the last two years Saturn has been
in Virgo and I have been asking you to clean up your diet and get your schedule
and your calendars together-- basically I have pushed you to get your Virgo
together. Now, Saturn is leaving Virgo and moving into Libra where
it will be overhauling relationships, partnerships and relating in
general. The last time Saturn was in Libra was 1980-1982. Do
you remember how you did relationships then? I hope it has
improved. If you are too young to have experienced that one, you have
between now and 2012 to work it out. In April Saturn will
retrograde back to Virgo so we can get one last pass at cleaning our schedules,
diet and health. But for right now we need to bring out the broom and fix
our partnerships and relationship habits. Now, I have said this a
jillion times and I’ll say it a jillion more, I do not believe in
accidents. Saturn’s move into Libra could have happened at any time in the
year. It could have happened on the Taurus lunar cycle or the Aquarius
Lunar cycle or the Sagittarius Lunar cycle. But it is not happening
then. Instead it is happening on the Libra New Moon. To me this is
beautiful. We are beginning the clean up period of relationships in THE
relationship lunar cycle. It is as if Spirit wanted to help us shift our
attention by highlighting it. Let’s face it, if you are supposed to get a
new hairdo-- wouldn’t the best time to think about it be while you are at a Hair
stylists convention? Bad ones, great ones, new colors, new styles, extensions,
hair gel, it will all be out there for you to see as you assess your own
hairdo. This is what is going to happen when Saturn moves into
Libra. We will be ten days into the Libra lunar cycle when it
hits. The convention of relationships will be in full force when the
harshest critic (Saturn) arrives. But remember, you do not need to
have everything fixed in twenty eight days. We have two years.
Saturn just wants to get your attention that is why he arrived now. And
for those of you who are not in relationship, you should be able to use Saturn
to your advantage and get serious about what you need to do to get one
going. Ask friends for set ups. Don’t be shy. That perfect
stranger sitting next to you at a party may be the next Mr Right or Ms
Right. Begin the work. Did I mention “work” is a Saturn word?