Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Neptune turns Direct

On Wednesday November4 at 1:10pm EDT Neptune will turn direct.
Neptune spend half the year in retrograde (which I believe it likes) so turning direct in and of itself is not a big deal. But with the direct motion there is a bit of clarity that can come to a puzzling situation. The action is taking place at 24 degrees of Aquarius so if you know your chart you can look at what house contains that degree plus if you have any planets making an aspect --be prepared for some change. When Neptune touches anything it is like a cloud of fog envelopes the subject or worse sometimes a zap from Neptune makes everything turn to void. Poof, it's gone. So, it is possible (depending on your chart) there may have been something that was so out of your grasp and hard to make sense of since May 28. Now, after it turns direct you may find an answer. However, like Avalon appearing out of the mists, you will see the rough points of the rocky coast, the tumultuous shore break which can all be daunting but also coming into view is the beckoning castle offering a warm shelter. Perhaps as they say in twelve step you will bottom out on some issue. That would be the tough shore break on the rocky coast. But also you may have redemption and hope --that is the castle. Whatever starts to come into view it is vital to find your center and find Spirit. You are not alone. I promise. For more on it go here.

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