Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sun Square Pluto November 10

A couple times a year we get this aspect. In this case, The Sun in Scorpio will Square off with Jupiter in Aquarius. It is kind of funny when these two planets get into it with each other because in many ways they are similar. Jupiter's good natured buoyancy goes hand in hand with The Sun's natural tendency for enthusiasm. Jupiter's goal oriented vision supports the Sun's ability to focus. Interestingly, Jupiter is the largest planet in size. But of course The Sun which is not a planet (it is a Star) is mammoth in comparison to Jupiter. So, who do you think might win? Possibly The Sun, right? Maybe. But perhaps it is just gravitational pull that is more on its' side. Either way, we may feel all the pull of Sun in Scorpio today. Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, law and resources like loans and TBills and the Treasury too. Scorpio is about empowerment although it can be confused with power. There is a difference---(do you know it?). And Scorpio is focused on plumbing and all the the pipes in the system that flush out the bad stuff and bring in the good. In the body it rules the intestines. And for all those gals who read Cosmopolitan Magazine you know that Scorpio rules SEX (god, they went on and on about that in Cosmo).
Anyway, Jupiter in Aquarius is about groups of people who are like minded. Community oriented endeavors. "All for One and One for All." It is reaching a big goal that takes care of the group. It is about Friends and associates and perhaps that family of choice. How do we fix the problems in our group and make sure all are taken care of?
Do you see how there could be a conflict. If you are worried about your own empowerment or your own resources you sure as shit don't want to worry about the community. And if you are all worried about the community and not thinking about your own finances or resources ...well, you are going to be in trouble real quick.
The key is to find the balance between both energies. They are both right. How can you make both sides work today and later this week. The aspect is centered today at 1:41 pm (EST). But we should be feeling it for a couple of days. We probably started to vibe in on it on Sunday or Monday.
God knows I have felt it. I would have posted this earlier for you (The community) but I have been busy with Jury Duty (Scorpio) and of course I much rather have been home doing what I want to do and taking care of business but I couldn't get out of it (Square) so I am resigned to be the best Juror I can be. All Rise!

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