Friday, November 20, 2009

Yesterday---Did you feel it?

First of all, many apologies that I didn't get this up yesterday. I was out the door so early and didn't get back until much later so I missed posting this aspect but god knows I FELT it.
Yesterday (November 19 3:22 EST) Venus in Scorpio formed a perfect square with Mars in Leo. Tensions with loved ones or friends could have been very pointed perhaps heated. Finances could have easily felt pinched (Scorpio). You may have felt like breaking away and doing something very dramatic (Leo). "Dear family, there is a chicken in the fridge--I've moved to Barcelona-- Mom". If you felt extreme high (doubtful) or extreme low (likely) it may have had to do with this square between Mars and Venus. The tension of the two fighters (who normally love to do the deed) will be evident all 28 days of this lunar cycle however the worst of it could be felt personally yesterday, today and tomorrow...the good news is Venus does move quick so she's backing only get into it with Jupiter next week.
Put on your Kevlar suit and don't personalize anything...even if you think you are being punished by the are not. Shit happens.

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