Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scorpio Versus Aquarius--Scorpio NEW MOON face off!

Tomorrow 11/16 at 2:14 pm (EST) is Scorpio New Moon. It is going to be a doozey of a 28 day cycle with a huge emphasis on Community versus Personal resources. For some people it is not going to be easy. But for you, my friends who have been working on this information all year (at least, bit by bit) I expect big efforts on your part to make this cycle work for you. If you are frozen in fear and won't budge come back here and read this post.
As always I post my complete article on Margaret site which you can find HERE. But here is a snippet. Go to the link for the complete article.
Spine tingling Scorpio

I highly recommend picking up the current
Mountain Astrologer so you can read Stephanie Austin’s take on Scorpio New Moon.
I always appreciate her thoughtful analysis of lunar astrological aspects
and this one is no exception. I especially noted the following.
(Oct/Nov issue 147 page 106).

“The Sabian symbol for 25
Scorpio tells us to look beneath the surface of current events: ‘An x-ray
photograph; the capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all
existence.’ Where do you need to shine your light? What needs to be tackled and
transformed? Who’s on your team? Watch for important clues on November 17
when Mars activates the August 5 eclipse point (14 Aquarius/Leo).
Remember: “You only really discover the strength of your spine when your
back is up against the wall (James Geary).

If you didn’t pick up on
it from her quote let me spell it out. This lunar cycle is going to be on the
tough side. Why? Because for most of us--- change is a bitch.

Scorpio is not what you call a “light’ sign but at the same
time it is NOT as sinister and dark as many astrologers have
written. Yes, Scorpio is intense but not because it wants to be
intense but because it knows that the only way for it to survive is to die and
then be reborn----EVERY friggin’ day. Of course they don’t
actually die but some part of them must. Is it an opinion that dies and
changes? Is it a relationship? Is it an idea they have about
someone? Of course this is pretty scary stuff for Scorpio and when they
get scared their reaction is to HOLD on even tighter. “I don’t want to
die! I love my world, my patterns, I love everything I have-- I am hanging
on for dear life.” I don’t want to change! And it is that
holding on which makes them intense. It is also the part of them
that seeks power.

Wherever you have Scorpio in your chart is
where you hold on for dear life and where you try to hold on to
power. Scorpio on the 7th house? You hold on to your
relationships like they are specimens in a jar. In the 10th house you hold
on to your career as if it is the only source of oxygen. Your 2nd
house? God help you if you ever need to sell stocks or property, you would
rather take gas. If you don’t know your chart you can go here to
learn more:

So with that
background doesn’t it make sense to you that Scorpio rules taxes, lawyers, bank
loans, crime, IRAs, investments, sex and resources? It also rules
the sex organs, intestines and plumbing. What goes IN better be fresh and
what goes OUT better be waste. Get it? Are some of you
doing the opposite? This would be the cycle where that will need to change
–big time.

Okay, all of that is good, but what about
the ‘back against the wall” part? Over in Aquarius are
Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune on top of each other. We have been talking
about these three all year. These are the planets (technically Chiron is not a
planet but let’s not get bogged down with that right now) that are ushering in
the Age of Aquarius. They are pushing us to find our tribe, to think about
the group, they are saying to us that we could slog through the world by
ourselves and get nowhere fast or we can find a group of like minded people and
get something really accomplished. Think about the group is what
they say! Okay, I get it. I watch Current TV, I’m green, I
volunteer a lot. I can check off all that Aquarius stuff on my

But here is the rub. This New moon,
the Sun and the Moon are completely at odds (square) with Jupiter, Chiron and
Neptune. The New Moon in Scorpio is shouting “I’m not giving up my ______
(fill in the blank) for the group.”

And the three of them in
Aquarius are saying back, “Great, hold on to ____ but don’t blame us if
you end up all alone!”


  1. Wow. WOW! I can't believe how right on this was, Tracy. Tomorrow (the 17th) my husband and I are going for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy evaluation. I have come to terms with filing but my husband is still very hesitant and it is killing him to give up the things he may have to for the long-term greater good. I am making him read this.

  2. Don't forget to go to the website and read the whole article. This is just part of it.
    But yes, I would agree that it is the perfect moon to chapter 7.
    Remind your DH..about the plumbing...the toxic goes out and the fresh goes in!