Monday, November 30, 2009


Gemini Full Moon
December 2 2:29am EST
December 1 11:29pm PST

As full moons go this one is not too hideous. How about that for a glowing recommendation?

I say that because the Moon is not being beaten up by any other planets. It is just sitting out there on the teeter totter opposite Sun in Sagittarius. Little ol’ Sun in Sag has a nice trine to Mars and a (wide) conjunction with Venus so that is all groovy and fine making the Sun optimistic and willing to put its energy where its mouth is. Great. Of course, the moon over there on the teeter totter will be picking at the Sun in a somewhat constructive way (sort of) ‘don’t forget about that.’ “Don’t forget about this.” Think of a sibling coming around and clucking at you. That is what makes up this full moon. You have an idea about something and someone says, “yeah, but”. Not to negate your idea but more to remind you of something that later will be useful. Trust me, as a Sag I promise you I have had a lot of Gemini’s in my life (mother) and they pick and pick but they do offer us something valuable. If not now, perhaps later.

Of course, Gemini is the grand communicator so we are all feeling a bit more chatty than usual. Gemini rules magazines and fun short stories; it is also neighbors and siblings. This moon favors short trips so if anyone has been dragging their feet about going somewhere and taking care of some business this is the week to go. It will be quick, fun and productive.

Also a great moon to send a note to a friend or reach out in general. Remember the Sun over there with Mars and Venus is helping us look off into the horizon and set our sights on a target. Perhaps a nice conversation with a friend who feels like a sibling will be very helpful getting you to focus on your goal. Of course, some of us will first need to get a goal? If not, now would be the week to consider acquiring one. And certainly in time for the Sag New Moon in a couple weeks. Use this full moon to help get you ready.

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