Saturday, October 28, 2023

Astrology for the Week of October 28 - Nov 4


October 28, 2023

Partial Taurus Lunar Eclipse 

1:24pm PDT

5 Taurus 09 


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Special focus 

10/28:  Mercury oppose Jupiter.  Thinking that wants to be generous but is perhaps challenged by lack of resources.  Communication about structures that are not solid.  But opportunity can be found.

10/29: Mercury conjunct Mars.  Explosive thinking. 

10/31: Venus trine Uranus.  Creativity comes from out of the blue.  Money, love, values get support in an unusual manner.  




November 1, 2023

2:48am PDT       




Focus on:   What are you sharing that is speaks to connectivity?  How are you sharing advise to neighbors or siblings?  How are you communicating knowledge that helps or bridges concepts or things that seem disparate?



Special focus:

11/2: Sun oppose Jupiter.  Opportunity can come but avoid going too big, too much risk or extravagance.  Less is more.  

11/3: Venus oppose Neptune.  Values feel fuzzy.  Insecurity.  Faith is challenged by facts on the ground. 

11/4: Saturn station direct (00 Pisces 31) (see below)


Saturn Station Direct: November 4, 2023


Saturn station Direct 

November 4, 2023

12:02 am PDT

00 Pisces 31 


Mar 11 2023     3:05pm    Saturn enters shadow 00 Pisces 31 

Jun 17, 2023    7:42am   Saturn station retrograde 07 Pisces 13

Nov 3, 2023     9:47am    Saturn station direct 00 Pisces 31

Jan 17, 2024     7:00am     Saturn leaves shadow 07 Pisces 13 


Earlier this year on March 7, Saturn left Aquarius and entered Pisces where it will be until 2026.    Pisces is the final water sign and connects to dreams, creativity, mysticism, spirituality, vulnerability, and compassion.   Given Saturn is the hardworking planet this could be a two- and half-year period of productive creative growth for Piscean endeavors.  It can also be an important period for humanitarian causes with concrete solutions.   


But how we get to concrete successes, which is what Saturn is always seeking, might start with Saturn’s calling card of frustration, sadness, weakness, and depression.    These emotions can be true of any sign Saturn enters but it is extra pronounced in vulnerable Pisces who can feel overwhelmed even on a good day.   Some of you may have felt these emotions since it entered Pisces in March.   However, what we know is that by the end of the Saturn’s journey in 2026 there will be important results.  Saturn takes hold of something slippery in Pisces and then shapes and modes it into something that can last.  Such was the case in previous treks by Saturn in Pisces. In the 1870s during the early days of what would become the art Impressionist movement or the film industry in the 1930s and certainly the world wide web in the 1990s, all were shaped during Saturn in Pisces.  Saturn brings a practicality to any sign including ephemeral, dreamy, sensitive, slippery Pisces.       


Since June 17 Saturn had its first retrograde in Pisces.    For those people who have been feeling melancholy or pessimistic about something in their life or in the world, the retrograde could have stirred up the darker feelings.   But Saturn retrograde is not prone to collapse into the emotions or lean into ‘what’s the use.’  Instead, Saturn seeks solutions.   How did you find solutions?  Were you sharing your vulnerabilities with others?    Did you seek professional help (very Saturn)?  Did you fold in a therapist?  How about a new doctor?  If your business was wonky did you get a lawyer or financial advisor?   How did you structure self-care and find ways to restore your body, emotions, and psyche?    Between June 17 and November 3 did you use Saturn retrograde to look and find your inner self help team so you could stay on track, strengthen your resolve and in the end support your ability to tap faith?    More will be revealed as it rolls past the shadow and clears the shadow January 17, 2024.    

How are you finding humanitarian nature?  How are you connecting to your inner mystic?  How are you finding authority in faith?   Where are seeking structure and grounding?  What concrete examples of synchronicity are you showing up for you?   


Friday, October 27, 2023

Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse October 28, 1:24pm PDT


Taurus Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse 

October 28, 2023 

1:24pm PDT 

5 Taurus 09 



Facts:  This is the final eclipse of 2023.  This is the final eclipse of the Scorpio – Taurus two-year cycle.   This is a partial lunar eclipse.    We won't be here again until 2040.  


The Sun in Scorpio is in conjunction with Mercury and Mars.  The Moon in Taurus is in conjunction with Jupiter.   This is quite a teeter totter of opposition.   At the same time, the Sun is trine to Saturn.  Eclipses do not happen in a vacuum and this lunar eclipse is connected to the solar eclipse from October 14 which has been creating an environment of tension for the last two weeks.    


While we are aware of the battles in the world, wars are not just between countries with armies.  There is also internal warring, either the battles we do with friends, family, and community or even the battles in our heads.   This warring tension has been the environment for the last two weeks and is baked into the full moon chart.  But there are release valves in the full moon as well.  


The moon in Taurus speaks to building something from the ground up.   Of course, building anything takes a lot of work and with Taurus the motivation to do that hard work comes from tapping values.   What we value gets our attention any time the moon is in Taurus  which is more pronounced on full moons and even more juiced with eclipses.  So, for the last eighteen months we have had eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis getting the whole world to tap values.   Now we are at the last eclipse of those two signs.   Eclipses signal a time of endings and new beginnings and in this case, endings are significant given the opportunity provided by Scorpio who understands things must die for new to begin. 


The Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Mars oppose Moon suggests that if our values are relying on any outdated thinking and rote actions this is the eclipse to let it go.     Mercury in Scorpio is exact and sharp.   Mars cuts anything down with a razor-sharp knife.   This is a full moon where we cut out that which is no longer in our values.   We create more space to double down in a value that has been perhaps ignored.    


Jupiter in conjunction with the moon can be too big.   Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter can feel good, but it can also be too much.   Too much food.  Spending too much money.   Going to extreme.   Taurus can be very stubborn and resistant to change.  Jupiter brings a righteousness.   Jupiter can have too many opinions.  A word of caution on this full moon, we should ask if our stubbornness is serving us or if we are going too big and too loud on something?    Perhaps it is time to lose a battle and win the war that matches a level of authentic need that has been missed for all our bluster.  


This full moon is a three-day cycle of intense feelings a deepening of what we value and what is worth our energy.   If there is any part of our life where we keep going down emotional dead ends, Mars can help us cut the pattern.   And this is the full moon to really move on any place where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.   


Sun Trine Saturn in Pisces can find hope in gentleness, faith, humanitarian pursuits.  The inner landscape of tender and where we have connections with people on another level are supported by Saturn.  For sure ‘less is more’ with this aspect but for people who have been missing a spiritual connection they may find it during this three-day full moon.   Coincidences, random moments of synchronicity are soothing. Intuition speaks to us and guides us with some authority.  


Venus the ruling planet of Taurus is in trine to Jupiter, expanding our ability to love.   This full moon may only be a three-day influence but remember it is an echo to the new moon from two weeks ago which spoke to Libra’s need for balance and learning to negotiate for oneself and strengthen partnerships.  


Venus also is in quincunx to Chiron.   Venus like Taurus speaks to values.  Things we love or find beauty in are valuable to us.   Chiron in Aries is amplifying the wounds of being independent or breaking out in our own path.   On some level our daily actions feel disconnected from paths we know we need to take that can only be done by self.    Daily self-love needs our attention.   


Next year we will be deep into the Aries – Libra eclipse pattern.    This Taurus lunar eclipse is the last gong on the bell for Taurus Lunar eclipse until 2040.   Make the most of this full moon to deepen your real values.  Ask yourself what is important?   If it is not then using the power of Scorpio Sun, Mars, Mercury will help lighten the load and make for a more streamlined landscape where are our hearts can expand.  That’s a perk from Jupiter we’ll take!  

Friday, October 20, 2023

Astrology for October 18 - October 28


Crescent Moon Phase

October 18, 2023

6:48am PDT  



Focus on: What are you learning about being a bridge?  What are you learning about the power of opinions?  What are you learning the power of things that are ‘foreign’? How are you leaning into philosophies?   How are you finding balance by expanding your world and knowledge? 


Special Focus

10/19:  Mercury conjunct Sun.  Balance, negotiations, seeking diplomacy in personal and world events highlighted. 

10/20:  Mercury square Pluto.  Thoughts of anger and depression, even rage.   Lots to process.  Watch your words. 


First Quarter Moon 

September 21, 2023

8:29 pm PDT 



Focus on:  How are you taking actions that tap your executive abilities?  How does being the leader give you balance?  How does being the boss fill out something that has been missing?  What are you learning about status?  The good and the bad about it?  What actions can you tap on the executive level? 



Special Note


10/21:  Sun square Pluto.   Relationships are stressed.  What is leaderships versus what are partnerships?   Negotiating can be difficult.  Peace at any cost feels off in personal and world matters. 

10/21:  Venus trine Jupiter.  Love feels expansive.  Values feel uplifted.  Expansion of values.  Opportunities.  

10/21:  Mercury enters Scorpio.  New cycle of thinking begins, it is intense, black and white thinking, strategic, lasered.  

10/22:  Mercury trine Saturn.  Conservative thinking, restrained thoughts and communication is highlighted and can bring movement as well.     

10/24: Sun trine Saturn.  Restrain that promotes well-being and strong relationships and faith.  



Gibbous Moon

October 25, 2023  

5:20 am PDT  



Focus on:  How are you refining your faith? How are you refining your spirituality?   What are figuring out about your intuition?   How does all of this need attention if it has been neglected?  


Special focus

10/28: Mars opposite Jupiter.  What actions can you take that release stuff that no longer is valuable or serves a meaningful purpose?  Opportunities come when we cut out things that don’t work.   Actions based on death with rebirth are highlighted.  

Friday, October 13, 2023

Annular Solar Eclipse. Libra New Moon. October 14, 10:55am PDT


Annular Eclipse 

Libra New Moon 


October 14, 2023

10:55am PDT

21 Libra 08   


The Aries Libra eclipse cycles tap self and others.  Aries energy asks us to focus on independence and self-agency.    It is a time of finding the oomph to get up and do for our self or carve a new path or a new frontier.   At the same time, the Libra eclipse, reminds us to look at our partner and ask.  “Hey, I’m doing this, are you in?”   Of course, the partner may be doing the same thing and asking if we are in.   


In previous reports we have discussed how solar eclipses are tied to the lunar nodes which repeat in nineteen-year cycles.   The last time the north node was in Aries was from April 2004 -May 2006.  During that period: 


Facebook launches, NASA lands rover on Mars, a lot of terrorist sieges including the Madrid and London bombings and the Beslan school terrorist siege which killed 333 students & staff.  We had several very large earthquakes including the Mega thrust earthquake and catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami.  Also, Hurricane Katrina hit the USA.   There was the death of Pope Paul and the launch of YouTube and Twitter.   Iran generated grams of enriched uranium & Saddam Hussein, a ruthless tyrant goes into a trial which leads to his death.  


Obviously, in that period we see examples of the warring nature of Aries but also there is evidence of new adventures (very Aries) manifesting with tech entrepreneurs.  There were medical breakthroughs including the first ever face transplant.   It is important to note that today’s eclipse is very close to the same degree of the eclipse in October 2004 which included a pronounced Israeli Palestinian conflict in the Gaza Strip.   Sigh.  

Go here for the rest of my article on LIBRA NEW MOON ECLIPSE 

Monday, October 2, 2023

Astrology for The Week of October 5 - 13.



October 2, 2023

11:59am PDT       



Focus on:   What are you sharing that is grounding?  How are you finding or sharing the practical approach? How is knowledge that builds something from the ground up important?   




Special focus:

10/3: Mercury trine Pluto.  Creative thinking brings a metamorphosis.  

10/4: Mars oppose North Node.   Actions around self versus taking care of relationships.  Finding the balance is a challenge.   

10/4: Mercury enter Libra 



Last Quarter Moon Phase

October 6, 2023 

6:47am PDT    



Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How are you gathering your emotions to do a big action?  How does this action speak to what you launched in new moon?  How is  your family important to finding details?   How is family important to being of service?  



Special focus 

10/8: Mars square Pluto.  Misguided wars or warriors can be troublesome in global and personal worlds.  

10/8: Venus enter Virgo

10/9: Venus oppose Saturn.  Love, money values feel strained and cold.    Black hearts abound.  



Balsamic Moon Phase


October 10, 2023 

9:16am PDT 



Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on:  How are you releasing nervousness?  How are you releasing anxiety?  How are you releasing narrow vision?   



Special focus:

10/10: Pluto station direct 27 Capricorn 54 (see separate post) 

10/11: Mars enter Scorpio 

10/13: Mars trine Saturn sober solid actions that speak to humanity.   


October 14, 10:55am PDT  (21 Libra 08)  Annular Solar Eclipse



Pluto Stations Direct: October 10, 2023


Pluto Station Direct 

27 Capricorn 53

October 10, 2023

10:08am PDT 



Jan 8, 2023: Pluto enters shadow (27 Cap 53) 

March 23, 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius 

May 1, 2023, Pluto retrogrades (0 Aquarius 22

June 11, 2023, Pluto returns to Capricorn

October 10, 2023, Pluto stations direct (27 Capricorn 53) 

January 20, 2024, Pluto returns to Aquarius 

Feb 1 Pluto leaves Shadow (0 Aquarius 22) 



Jan 9, 2024, Pluto enters shadow (29 Cap 38) 

May 2, 2024, Pluto stations retrograde (2 Aquarius 06) 

Sept 3, 2024, Pluto re-enters Capricorn 

Oct 11, 2024, Pluto stations direct (29 Cap 38) 

Nov. 19, 2024 Pluto re-enters Aquarius 

Feb 2, 2025, Pluto leaves shadow (2 Aquarius 06) 



Pluto has been retrograde for five months.  It is the slowest planet in our solar system.  It is what we call a generational planet in that it impacts a whole generation of people. The Depression, The Bomb, Baby Boom, Environmental and Liberation movements, The Great Recession, Covid, etc., these all have Pluto in their stories.    On a personal level, if natal or transiting Pluto impacts a personal planet you will feel it.   I mean you will REALLY feel it.   It is transformational.     As for mundane interpretation, meaning world events, we should always expect something big with Pluto.  It is not subtle.   Right now, we are in a crossover era.  In 2023 and 2024 Pluto is straddling between Capricorn and Aquarius. 


In Capricorn, Pluto is tying up the loose ends of big business, big government, and its leaders.  Where there is a disconnect, it will get called out.  Where obligations are not being met, it will be noted.   Those who are shirking responsibility will be seen and called out.    Why?   Because Pluto knows that once it finally leaves Capricorn on November 19, 2024, it won’t return for over two hundred years.   As for Aquarius, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1778 – 1798.   That time included the end of the American Revolution, the founding of the USA and The French Revolution.  We are seeing racial themes that harken back to that time where the authors of the Constitution protected slavery.   As for the French Revolution; there was weird weather, crop failures, cattle disease, and funding wars which created dissent among the neglected French citizens.  By the time of the French Revolution, Pluto was halfway in Aquarius.   Remember Pluto is in Aquarius for twenty years.   During this two-year window of Pluto bouncing between Capricorn and Aquarius, leaders may fall, and others may rise, depending on how they connect to the wants and needs of those they serve.  As we know, Pluto can use crisis to get attention.   It will be curious to see what events in these two years will later be noted as harbingers for the next twenty years.   



People with planets at 27- 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and people with planets at 0-2 degrees Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio are well aware of change and transformation in their lives.   It could be a feeling that something needs to be done or maybe a feeling something is coming.   It could be just a general sense of feeling cooked on one issue.   Whatever worked before is either not working or now has a clock on it.   Pluto is not like Uranus.  This change is not instigated by something out of the blue.  It is a change from within.   It is a powerful evolution.  Think of a volcano, the molten lava comes up the cone and out the sides changing the landscape.  That is Pluto.