Saturday, October 28, 2023

Astrology for the Week of October 28 - Nov 4


October 28, 2023

Partial Taurus Lunar Eclipse 

1:24pm PDT

5 Taurus 09 


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Special focus 

10/28:  Mercury oppose Jupiter.  Thinking that wants to be generous but is perhaps challenged by lack of resources.  Communication about structures that are not solid.  But opportunity can be found.

10/29: Mercury conjunct Mars.  Explosive thinking. 

10/31: Venus trine Uranus.  Creativity comes from out of the blue.  Money, love, values get support in an unusual manner.  




November 1, 2023

2:48am PDT       




Focus on:   What are you sharing that is speaks to connectivity?  How are you sharing advise to neighbors or siblings?  How are you communicating knowledge that helps or bridges concepts or things that seem disparate?



Special focus:

11/2: Sun oppose Jupiter.  Opportunity can come but avoid going too big, too much risk or extravagance.  Less is more.  

11/3: Venus oppose Neptune.  Values feel fuzzy.  Insecurity.  Faith is challenged by facts on the ground. 

11/4: Saturn station direct (00 Pisces 31) (see below)


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