Sunday, March 24, 2013

Libra Full Moon: March 27 5:27am

Libra Full Moon
March 27 5:27am EDT

It is a tough week and in the middle of it we have a stressed Full Moon.    The Sun in Aries is in conjunction with Mars, Uranus and Venus which puts the emphasis on breaking out of restrictions, being bold, brave and fighting for core unique values.   Having an opposition with the Moon in Libra calls attention to any schism between our unique values and those values in our partnerships, relationships and contracts.  
Easy questions are --Why do we love?   How do we love?  What do we need in love?  What about money and properties how do we value them?   What do our partners want?   Seriously, what do we value?  And are we in synch with our partners?    Harder questions are:  Is my life right now connected to my value system?  When I get up and live my life is it speaking to my soul?

At this same time the full moon will be in challenging aspect with Pluto.   Pluto is about power and for some of us any hurdles that are put in front of us this week could be so challenging that we will feel impotent.   But how perfect that at this time of Easter, Pluto is also the planet of resurrection.   What broken part of our lives needs a fresh new start?  Sometimes our back needs to be up against the wall for us to find the right way.  

Additionally, Mars and Pluto are also at odds with each other.   Neither Mars nor Pluto are shy wallflowers. They are fighters and they are drawing their weapons this week.   Mars in Aries wants everything new---now!   Pluto in Capricorn wants respect at all costs— damn it.  

As you can see there is a marked volatility at play with this full moon.   If you have planets from 6-12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you are put on notice, this is not a small week.   If there is any warring parties surrounding you  and bringing you into the fray, there may be costs and benefits.

But perhaps we need a harsh week for us to realize the value in building something from the ground up.   

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Week Ahead --Are you feeling the tension?

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Full Moon and Happy Mars Square Pluto ???

There is a lot going on this week.

We begin the week with Gibbous Lunar phase.   On Friday, March 22 Mars and Uranus made a conjunction inspiring many combustible situations.  The blustery argumentative elements of Mars is continuing as it progresses through Aries culminating this week on March 26 with a rough square to Pluto.   Mars in Aries in battle with Pluto in Cap is rough enough to make us all crave the sensible nature of Vikings or Huns.   

These are tough tensions in one week and just when we think we can take it no more---we will receive a nice fat volcano of energy in the form of a Libra Full Moon engaged in battle with Uranus/Pluto/Mars and Venus.     
Pluto is always telling us “adapt or die.”   Mars speaks of survival of the fittest.   Aries is fearless in its goal to break free of any restrictions.  Uranus is brilliant but has no interest in being cautious.   And Libra when it is being good can negotiate and find balance in any circumstance.  But when Libra is bad he will seek ‘Peace At Any Cost’ pathetically defending the indefensible where once again the bullies win.    

Does it mean all of us will be doing battle with someone?   Maybe.  Maybe not.   Those of us with planets between 6 and 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will certainly have a powerful week.    And others may just feel the arguing planets internally.   Trouble could brew inside us as we observe others or situations and realize, “No more”.    

At the end of the week Venus and Uranus are in a tangle and given all the other tensions I can only imagine what is happening to stock markets around the world this week.    Something really odd is going on.  It began last week with the situation  Cyprus but I would guess more is going to come that we might not be able to predict.

Easter weekend has its own tension, which I’ll post later in the week.

Gibbous Moon focuses on:  
What are you figuring out that speaks to your courage?  How are you picking out the details in your dreams and visions?  How are you brave about your dreams and vision?  How is your heart feeling alive when you process what it looks like to realize your dreams.

On 3/26 Mars & Jupiter are in harmony bringing out actions that bridge worlds together.   Things that seem ‘foreign’ are appealing and helpful.  Perhaps you are foreign one helping?  

And of course on 3/26 Mars makes a square with Pluto.  Yuck.  Rough, a huge bully aspect.  Why the anger?  Because some want change now and others want it bit by bit.   Something is wrong and fixing it seems hard.  This is an explosive energy.  Can you stay low and avoid the radar?   Or are you going to get into a steel cage match?

Full Moon Phase
March 27 5:27am EDT
6 Libra 52
Post to Come.

Special focus:
3/28:  Mercury/Saturn:  Good thinking and planning.  Organizing thoughts in a constructive way that has long range results.
3/28: Sun/Venus: Soft and fuzzy, gentle, humanitarian caring
3/28: Venus/Uranus:  Stretching money and resources that support breaking out
3/29: Mercury/Jupiter: Everyone has a big mouth.   Big opinions probably not helpful.
3/29: Mercury/Pluto: Great researching, poking under rocks getting to the bottom of stuff

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, should know better.....

My Gemini friend with a lot of Virgo sent me this still frame he took of the credits from Annie Hall
Woody Allen is known for his fastidiousness but somehow he screwed up the credits.  Perhaps my Gemini friend and Christopher Walken are the only two people to notice. 

Syria: Red line crossed? Mars meet Uranus

In the week where Mars transits Uranus in Aries the rhetoric out of Syria has escalated to a very new level.    Both sides of 2 year war are claiming that chemicals weapons have now been used in the conflict.   We will learn if it is true or not in the coming days but by all accounts if this is true a red line will have been crossed.   What happens when Mars Squares Pluto next week?    We will see.

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The Syrian government and Syrian rebels traded accusations about a lethal attack in the northern province of Aleppo on Tuesday, in which each side in the country’s two-year-old conflict said the other had used chemical weapons.
But neither side presented clear documentation, and two American officials said there was no evidence to suggest that any chemical weapons had been used. A Defense Department official said the claim should be treated with caution, if not outright skepticism.

The first report came from the Syrian state news agency, SANA, which reported that terrorists, its term for armed rebels, had fired a rocket “containing chemical materials” into the Khan al-Assal area of Aleppo Province, killing 16 people and wounding 86. It later raised the death toll to 25.
The news agency displayed photographs of what it said were the victims, but there was no indication in the photographs that they had suffered a chemical attack, like burns or skin discoloration or quarantine measures.
A senior rebel commander and spokesman, Qassem Saadeddine, later accused the government of using chemical weapons in the attack, citing reports of breathing difficulties and bluish skin among victims, but admitted that the reports were secondhand and that he could not provide documentation.
Another rebel commander, Abdul Jabbar al-Okaidi, head of the rebel military council in Aleppo, said in a telephone interview that he had witnessed the attack, describing it as an errant strike on a government-controlled neighborhood by Syrian warplanes flying at high altitude. He said the explosions from the attack emitted what he described as a gas that appeared to cause suffocation, and that some victims had been treated in a rebel field hospital.
The commander ridiculed government assertions that the rebels had chemical weapons. “We don’t even have ammunition for our Kalashnikovs,” he said.
Each side in Syria’s conflict has an incentive to accuse the other of using chemical weapons. President Obama has said that a chemical attack by President Bashar al-Assad’s government would cross a “red line” that could prompt military intervention by the United States.
The Syrian government seeks to portray its opponents as extremists who are a threat to regional stability. Israel has said it would intervene to prevent chemical weapons from falling into the hands of either the rebels or Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group allied with the Syrian government. Use or seizure of chemical weapons by rebel forces would embarrass the United States, particularly now, as President Obama has declared he will not oppose allied efforts to provide them with military aid.
Rebel factions have accused the government of using chemical weapons many times, with no confirmed cases. The term “chemical weapons” has sometimes appeared to be used loosely to include not just deadly nerve agents like sarin gas but also tear gas and other nonlethal irritants used for crowd control.
The Foreign Ministry of Russia, Mr. Assad’s most powerful international backer, indicated that it was taking the government’s claim seriously, calling the supposed use of chemical weapons by the opposition an “extremely dangerous development” and a new reason to refocus energy on finding a political solution to the conflict.
A Syrian official told state television that the Aleppo attack would be reported to human rights organizations and to countries that support the rebels.
A Reuters photographer was quoted in a report by the news agency as saying that he had visited victims in Aleppo hospitals and that they had breathing problems.
“I saw mostly women and children,” said the photographer, who Reuters said it could not identify out of concern for his safety. “They said that people were suffocating in the streets and the air smelled strongly of chlorine.”
Rebels have long tried, without success, to overrun a weapons plant near Safira, in Aleppo Province, where chemical weapons are believed to be stored. The Syrian government said in December that rebels had plundered supplies of chlorine gas, but the government’s stores are believed by American officials to consist of other types of chemical weapons.
An Obama administration official said the White House had “no information suggesting opposition groups have chemical weapons capability.”

Monday, March 18, 2013

For you.....

I found this fascinating and appealing.  And I already live in a fairly small space.
I have a moon in cancer I will never live in a large place.

On those things so Aries

The Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday and we already have Mars in Aries about ready to get on top of Uranus in Aries and then sling some shiite at Pluto in Capricorn...and well, I happened to hear Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues the other day which made me think of Marvin who was an Aries and died way too young and really are any of surprised his father shot him? Well, anyway, this song just felt perfect for the aspects this week.   At least to this astrologer with Aries rising. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Week Ahead

We begin the week with crescent moon and although we do not have a lot of outer planets aspects we are dealing with a Mars drumbeat all week.    Moon shifts into 1/4 phase on the 19th where we do a bit more action on the seeds we planted on new moon.    On the 20th the sun moves into Aries and spring begins to take over the northern hemisphere while fall settles into southern Hemisphere and   my friends in Argentina can finally reach for their sweaters after a long hot summer.   Then on March 22 Mars conjuncts Uranus.  This is an intense aspect that brings out hot heads and rash actions.  Speed will be a problem and jerks wielding sharp items will be rash and reckless.     Everyone should take a breath--if they can because after this aspect Mars is heading for Pluto the following week.    Hang on. 

Crescent Moon Phase

Focus on: What information are you receiving that speaks to practicality? What are you learning that helps you be loyal, diligent and to things bit by bit to get stuff done?  What information are you leaning that speaks to your money, investments and properties?   And what are you learning right now through your money, hard work and being practical that speaks to your dreams and visions?  

First Quarter Moon
March 19 1:26pm EDT   

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your dreams. Literally are you speaking them?  How are you connecting with others that are living the dreams you want or can support your dreams?  How quick are you to move to the left or move to the right in order to realize your dreams?  Who is walking in your life?

Special focus

3/20 Sun moves into Aries.  Go the gym or do something physical with you Aries friends for their birthday. 
3/20 First day of Spring
3/22:  Mars/Uranus  Energy that breaks through, argumentative, yes but accent on breaking out

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I

First of all I just want to say that it took my husband nine months to pick the paint color for our living room.   It took 48 hours to pick the new pope.    My husband and I will never be invited to a conclave. 

So, yesterday we were still in the Pisces New Moon phase.  And as we all know Pisces is THE spiritual sign.  If you go over my list of questions to ask about Pisces you will see the spiritual theme.   Interestingly, yesterday the Moon was in Aries and Mars had moved into Aries the day before.  That is quite a 'birth' chart for the leader of a couple billion people.    When you add to it Mars is near Uranus well, all that does add up for change.   Of course we are talking about change within one of the most conservative organizations on the planet.  But still in that environment,  Cardinal Bergoglio is groundbreaking in many ways, first pope from the Americas, first Jesuit, first Francis.    Perfect for chart of his election--All that Aries!   And of course I am humored he was born in Buenos Aries.   The Aries is pronounced, isn't it?

We don't know his time of birth but we do know he was born Jorge Bergoglio on December 17, 1936. He is a Sag with Moon in Aquarius.  We don't know the degree for his moon but it is very likely Venus  is in conjunction to his Moon.    He seems to be well liked and apparently his humbleness is legendary. Yes, it is early and we don't know how his tenure will play out but a cardinal who sold the mansion, lives in a small apartment, rides the bus and cooks his own meals.  Opts not to eat Argentina's famous steaks preferring skinless chicken breasts, yelled at priests who would not baptise children of single moms and famously washed the feet of aids patients well....I can see the Sag and the moon in Aquarius in a lot of his choices but we should all remember especially Moon in Aquarius they will not be second guessed.    More will be revealed but right now it seems like the right choice for the times.   Especially with Chiron in Pisces--perfect for a Jesuit.   


Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Moon in Pisces ---get your flow on!

And it is time for our final new moon of the astrological year.  Pisces!   And I think of the last several years this may be one of the more Pisces New Moons we have had in a very long time.  Six planets in Pisces but seven energies since Chiron is in the mix.  We are really supposed to get this Pisces energy--big time.    

It starts on Monday March 11th 3:51pm EDT  and I have written the full report HERE.

Here is part of the article you can go to link for the full write up.

Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon is the last new moon of the astrological year and this is the cycle where the stuff that can’t be explained likes to hide.   Pisces is a water sign, the last water sign and it resonates with things that are emotional and sensitive but again not easy to explain.    In order to best understand this cycle these are the questions you should consider:

What makes us mystical?

What makes us spiritual?

What makes us psychic?

What makes us addictive?

What makes us artistic?

What makes us humanitarian?

What makes us victims?

What makes us martyrs?

What makes us hide?

What makes us intuitive?

What makes us drink?

What makes us pray?

What makes us dream?

What makes us visionary?

What makes us confused?

What makes us dishonest?

What makes us deny?

What makes us tranquil?

What makes our zen?

What makes us flow?


Quite a list, isn’t it?

Of course the answers to each question is as different as the person answering them.   And some answers may change over time or vary depending on the situation.  Why is someone an alcoholic?   Go to an AA meeting and you’ll hear a different answer from every speaker.  Why is someone a victim?  Ask their family and they’ll give you a ton of thoughts on why their brother/sister/father/mother etc is always a victim.   Then ask the victim and that will be entirely different answer.  Why is someone in denial?  Why is someone full of deceit?   Why do painters paint?  Why do dancers dance?  Why do monks pray?  Why do singers sing?      The answer to all of these Piscean questions is:  “Who knows?”   Or perhaps the answer is “God only knows why” And that is the conundrum --is it a “Who” or is it “God?”  Or does it even matter? 

Let’s look at the symbols for Pisces for more clarity. 

Pisces is the sign of two fish, one swims face forwards and the other swims backwards.  Or at least it looks that way.   The truth is that they are both heading where they want to head even if at times it looks sloppy and messy.   The fish are guided by something deep inside them that can’t always be explained.    Like salmon who have spent years out in the ocean, the fish will find their way back to the very cove, river, stream where they were spawned.  As they swim they know that their inner compass is guiding them and they follow that flow. In truth they are trusting.  This is Pisces at their highest ideal following their truth and flowing.

When Pisces is struggling it feels lost and not trusting its inner compass.  It covers that lack of trust with too much booze, too much religion, too much denial, too much magical thinking, too much misguided love, too much artist pain, too much deliberate blindness and too much “I couldn’t help it”.    When Pisces is a wreck, they are probably the biggest wrecks around.  And sadly what makes the Pisces wreck so painful is that Pisces has a powerful heart that is bigger than loving just family and partners, their heart is connected to the world.   They understand in their hearts the powerfulness of performing acts of kindness. They understand the virtue in counting their blessings and exercising altruism.     They can be great healers, all they have to do is get out of their small  self-doubting ways.

Go to link for rest of piece.