Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I

First of all I just want to say that it took my husband nine months to pick the paint color for our living room.   It took 48 hours to pick the new pope.    My husband and I will never be invited to a conclave. 

So, yesterday we were still in the Pisces New Moon phase.  And as we all know Pisces is THE spiritual sign.  If you go over my list of questions to ask about Pisces you will see the spiritual theme.   Interestingly, yesterday the Moon was in Aries and Mars had moved into Aries the day before.  That is quite a 'birth' chart for the leader of a couple billion people.    When you add to it Mars is near Uranus well, all that does add up for change.   Of course we are talking about change within one of the most conservative organizations on the planet.  But still in that environment,  Cardinal Bergoglio is groundbreaking in many ways, first pope from the Americas, first Jesuit, first Francis.    Perfect for chart of his election--All that Aries!   And of course I am humored he was born in Buenos Aries.   The Aries is pronounced, isn't it?

We don't know his time of birth but we do know he was born Jorge Bergoglio on December 17, 1936. He is a Sag with Moon in Aquarius.  We don't know the degree for his moon but it is very likely Venus  is in conjunction to his Moon.    He seems to be well liked and apparently his humbleness is legendary. Yes, it is early and we don't know how his tenure will play out but a cardinal who sold the mansion, lives in a small apartment, rides the bus and cooks his own meals.  Opts not to eat Argentina's famous steaks preferring skinless chicken breasts, yelled at priests who would not baptise children of single moms and famously washed the feet of aids patients well....I can see the Sag and the moon in Aquarius in a lot of his choices but we should all remember especially Moon in Aquarius they will not be second guessed.    More will be revealed but right now it seems like the right choice for the times.   Especially with Chiron in Pisces--perfect for a Jesuit.   



  1. Hey, Tracy - It's Buenos Aires, not Buenos Aries!
    In the first foundation of Buenos Aires, Pedro de Mendoza called the city "Holy Mary of the Fair Winds", a name chosen by the chaplain of Mendoza's expedition, a devotee of the Virgin of Buen Ayre. Supposedly sailors prayed to the Virgin to grant them good winds when they sailed.....or something like that....
    OXOX, CarolT

  2. Yes, Carol.. i realized my typo later but having read about the good air I still sort of liked it.