Sunday, March 24, 2013

Libra Full Moon: March 27 5:27am

Libra Full Moon
March 27 5:27am EDT

It is a tough week and in the middle of it we have a stressed Full Moon.    The Sun in Aries is in conjunction with Mars, Uranus and Venus which puts the emphasis on breaking out of restrictions, being bold, brave and fighting for core unique values.   Having an opposition with the Moon in Libra calls attention to any schism between our unique values and those values in our partnerships, relationships and contracts.  
Easy questions are --Why do we love?   How do we love?  What do we need in love?  What about money and properties how do we value them?   What do our partners want?   Seriously, what do we value?  And are we in synch with our partners?    Harder questions are:  Is my life right now connected to my value system?  When I get up and live my life is it speaking to my soul?

At this same time the full moon will be in challenging aspect with Pluto.   Pluto is about power and for some of us any hurdles that are put in front of us this week could be so challenging that we will feel impotent.   But how perfect that at this time of Easter, Pluto is also the planet of resurrection.   What broken part of our lives needs a fresh new start?  Sometimes our back needs to be up against the wall for us to find the right way.  

Additionally, Mars and Pluto are also at odds with each other.   Neither Mars nor Pluto are shy wallflowers. They are fighters and they are drawing their weapons this week.   Mars in Aries wants everything new---now!   Pluto in Capricorn wants respect at all costs— damn it.  

As you can see there is a marked volatility at play with this full moon.   If you have planets from 6-12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you are put on notice, this is not a small week.   If there is any warring parties surrounding you  and bringing you into the fray, there may be costs and benefits.

But perhaps we need a harsh week for us to realize the value in building something from the ground up.   


  1. Good insights, Tracy!
    Interesting that Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron/Mercury activity happening at 7-10 degrees. Compassionate communication?

  2. Yes, perhaps compassionate with a little bit of snarky (gemini).