Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Week Ahead

We begin the week with crescent moon and although we do not have a lot of outer planets aspects we are dealing with a Mars drumbeat all week.    Moon shifts into 1/4 phase on the 19th where we do a bit more action on the seeds we planted on new moon.    On the 20th the sun moves into Aries and spring begins to take over the northern hemisphere while fall settles into southern Hemisphere and   my friends in Argentina can finally reach for their sweaters after a long hot summer.   Then on March 22 Mars conjuncts Uranus.  This is an intense aspect that brings out hot heads and rash actions.  Speed will be a problem and jerks wielding sharp items will be rash and reckless.     Everyone should take a breath--if they can because after this aspect Mars is heading for Pluto the following week.    Hang on. 

Crescent Moon Phase

Focus on: What information are you receiving that speaks to practicality? What are you learning that helps you be loyal, diligent and to things bit by bit to get stuff done?  What information are you leaning that speaks to your money, investments and properties?   And what are you learning right now through your money, hard work and being practical that speaks to your dreams and visions?  

First Quarter Moon
March 19 1:26pm EDT   

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your dreams. Literally are you speaking them?  How are you connecting with others that are living the dreams you want or can support your dreams?  How quick are you to move to the left or move to the right in order to realize your dreams?  Who is walking in your life?

Special focus

3/20 Sun moves into Aries.  Go the gym or do something physical with you Aries friends for their birthday. 
3/20 First day of Spring
3/22:  Mars/Uranus  Energy that breaks through, argumentative, yes but accent on breaking out

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