Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mercury Retrograde March 30

Mercury turns retrograde today (March 30) at 4:48pm EDT.

And here we go..... At this point we all know how to handle stuff during retrograde.
We don't buy our airline tickets, we don't sign important documents, we watch every business transaction like hawk. We cross t's we dot i's. And most important---we watch our driving! Aries is always racing and this Mercury starts at 25 Aries and continues backwards until 13 Aries. That is three weeks of fast, racing, impulsive energy. Let's take extra time for our driving! If you need to do this and that, and then another that and then race over to so and so's house. Please skip one of the 'those' and 'that' so you don't have to race to get to so and so's house.

I mentioned in my Aries New Moon that I actually kind of thought it was a good idea that Mercury retrograde will slow down our brains. The Aries new Moon is pretty darn fiery and somewhat explosive and maybe we need to be a bit off. Not crazy off but not as sharp as we always are...not that it matters because Mercury in Aries is already sharp.

But as you know, since I will assume you read my last two posts, Aries New Moon is when we make treasure maps and plans for our new year which begins on Sunday. Based on the chart of this new moon I anticipate a lot of you will make big headway's in new areas of your life and will make some big changes. Some of these changes will be so big that you will later say, "How did I even do that?" This is where the benefit of a Mercury retrograde comes in. You did it because you weren't even sure what you were doing. Aries is our primary desires, it is our instincts, that is why it is impulsive. It is not always logical but it is direct and it comes from a desire to survive. That is why Aries is a warrior and having a Mercury retrograde in Aries brings in "the fog of war."

Prepare to do all the stuff you normally do on a mercury retrograde. You take care of those things that have been needing to be done for months. You finally call that person that you have been wanting to call forever. You go down to Kinkos and make copies of the family photos that you have been meaning to send. And ideally, you clean out your desk or your closet or your bookshelves....between now and Sunday to really get ready for Treasure Map. But if you can't then you take the next three weeks to Spring Clean. Remember, if it is broken either get it fixed or get rid of it. If you don't wear it, give it to charity or a recycle somewhere.

And then there is communication. Expect snappy answers to stupid questions EVERY DAY. Sarcasm will be super high. No one has time for long, rambling answers for the next three weeks. Keep it short and simple. And with that, I will wrap up this post. Because you will be annoyed if I continue.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aries New Moon 2011

Due to a very complicated schedule in front of me for the next week. I got on top of Aries New Moon considerably sooner than I normally put it up.

It is by all means a doozey of a new moon. It is highly energetic and I believe it will speak to a lot of people in stronger ways than in previous Treasure Map Moons. I expect big things from you guys! Go for it!

This is a snippet. You will find the whole article

Back to the Treasure Map. During Aries New Moon we take our inspirations for our future and put them on a board. A great way to get an idea what you want is to sit down with a bunch of magazines and start looking at photos and captions, sentences, words, anything that catches your attention and calls to you. There will be some images that really beckon or maybe you go to a store and pick out greeting cards. “Congratulations on your New House!” Or maybe there are some images of fabulous vacation spots. Or maybe you will take photos from a magazine of someone doing yoga poses, or running on a soft dirt road. Things that inspiring a great exercised body. The Treasure Map can also have empowering affirmations. I always love, “I’m happy and grateful that all my needs are effortlessly met and more so.” Whatever images and affirmations that you land upon or call to you—put them on your poster board---This is your Treasure Map for your new Year. Cue the Noisemakers, Happy New year! *one small note—remember you do NOT start your map until after 4/3 10:32amEDT

And what else is going on this Aries cycle?

There is so much going on with this Aries Cycle that the only thing missing is the kitchen sink. But then kitchens and Aries do not go together. Well, except for the flame and the knives.

First of all, the Sun and Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter which expands anything it touches so the fact that he is right next to Sun &Moon puts the emphasis on stretching, growing and expanding. This will surely be felt by all of us more than perhaps other years when we make our Maps. We will be shooting for big, bigger, biggest. I, of course am a Sagittarius so I say, “Bravo to Big”. And adding to this Jupiter energy is Mercury. Although he is too far away from the Sun and Moon he is close enough to Jupiter putting the emphasis on “Big Talk”. Expect a lot of people to shoot off their mouth this 28 day cycle. Lot of rhetoric will make the news not just globally but personally. There will certainly be energetic words that gets us riled up but also a lot of fighting words. Some of it will be strong but a lot of it will be jabs and stabs and then on with the day!

Curiously, at the same time that there is this accent on “BIG” there is an aspect by Saturn putting the emphasis on “Constrict”. So, there we are feeling Aries energy which always wants to break new ground, with impulses that are high and even people who are quite sanguine will be more riled up than usual. But at this exact same time, Saturn is saying, “Whoa! Wait a darn minute! Let’s not swing too far!” “Let’s not push our boundaries too much!” Of course, the restrictive energy although something of a downer may be there for a reason. The truth is that Sun/Jupiter are pretty darn strong and have a tinge more weight to them than Saturn. So, the energetic will prevail but perhaps Saturn’s role is to try reigning it in so that if we are practical about our stretches they will last longer. As one astrologer reminded me, “Saturn delays but it does not deny.” So, our goals to stretch and head towards big are not wrong but if they are simply a “knee jerk” reaction and not measured they will be far less effective than Big and ‘workable’. This tension will bug, (no kidding) and will be frustrating but trust is key. It is there for a reason.

Mars & Uranus: Warriors at heart

This would definitely be a dynamic Aries lunar cycle if our only players were Jupiter; pushing us to be big and Saturn yelling at us; “Wait—find your balance there are relationships over here!” But adding to the cuckoo is Mars and Uranus and with those two together in Aries----well, this is NOT a picnic in the country.

Two days before the New Moon, Mars moves into Aries. The minute he gets there are two objects in his sights—Uranus & Pluto. A few hours after the New moon starts (4/3) Mars makes contact with object number one when he gets on top of Uranus and says, “Hey, if you bring your wild revolutionary ideas, I will bring my warrior shield and weapon.” This will be VERY interesting for us both personally and globally. Most likely we will start to feel the energy shift during the Pisces Balsamic phase when Mars moves into Aries (4/1). While Mars was in Pisces the focus was on being a spiritual warrior, a cosmic warrior, a karma and dharma player, a warrior for humanity and a warrior for things that almost can’t be defined. But in Aries he is more of a, In-Your- FACE warrior, he brings piss, vinegar and bullets.

That energy will of course serve us well when New Moon starts as it will be the extra fuel in our engine. Cosmically, the volatility

Clean Sweep Not just the clutter but also the mental

Okay, we are down to the final week before Aries New Moon. I have posted it various times on this blog and on other websites that it is VITAL to clean your house and clean your brain before we get to Aries new Moon on Sunday 4/3.

When I say clear the clutter I mean clear it all out. Go into the corners of your house that haven't been dealt with in years and finally deal with them. Get in your closets and clean those corners. What is going on under your bed? And what about your kitchen? If there is any space in your house that when you look at it you immediately, sigh or feel guilty---then fix it! Take the broken things to be fixed or ditch them. Take the unwanted clothes to goodwill. Get rid of stuff that is not being used. If you have not used it in a year you are never going to use it. Give it to someone who will use it.

And what about your Brain!!!!

How are you clearing out the debris that is in your brain? How many people do you have in your life out of guilt? Or what about people who are in your life because of fear? You think you need to have them because if you don't ____ will happen to you. You store these people like you put canned food in your emergency shelf. HOwever you have long outgrown these people. Well, what are you going to do about it between now and April 3. I'm not saying you should ditch them. Not at all. But what you should do is get out your journal and write down your fears around these relatioships and clear it out of your brain.

"I keep booking dinner with Mary because I am sure she will have a job for me down the road and I am fearful that if I let her go I will be cutting myself out of future work."

Then turn that fear around into a positive affirmation. Like,

"I am happy and grateful that there is plenty of work for me no matter what relationships I have in my life."

Do this with all your fears.

Clear the clutter in your life and the clutter in your brain and you will be amazed by how liberated you feel and what you attract for your Treasure Map on Aries New Moon. This is the final week to clear the cobwebs.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Week Ahead---Hello, Aries!

On 3/20 The Sun enters Aries. This of course is the first day of Spring. Even if it is snowy, cold and everyone is hidden away in their houses, they will still feel the pulse of renewal. Something good is around the corner.

On 3/21 The Sun will be conjunct Uranus. This aspect happens every year but this is the first time in over 80 years that the Sun and Uranus have been together in Aries. What can we expect? I dunno, last time they spent seven years of spring together, Shirley Temple was keeping people out of the emotional dumper, warriors in Europe were building their troops, FDR was rolling out his new deal. Let's see what comes up this week that reminds us of those bumpy days.

on 3/26 we end the week with a nice aspect between Neptune and loving Venus. Accent is on groups, humanitarian issues, resources and values. In short, sometimes the kindness of strangers will do more to move the soul than anything done by a loved one. Often "church" is just an elevated moment between two strangers.

Full Moon-Virgo 2011

Virgo Full Moon March 29 , 2011 2:10pm EDT

This weekend astrologically is punctuated by the Full Moon in Virgo. I apologize for not getting this up on Friday but I was pedal to the metal over here with crazy deadlines. Did any of you get to see last night’s supermoon? Los Angeles had a lot of cloud cover so I missed it but friends sent photos of it from their home towns and it looked glorious.

The Moon in Virgo on its own is highly nervous and although it strides for organization and order it can be wrapped up so tight that it can cause its own chaos. Lists are great, but when lists are put on lists and you spend more time going over what you need to do on your list instead of actually doing it, well, that can generate a level of chaos.

Accenting the chaos is the Moon Opposing Uranus at Zero Aries. The desire to breakfree is palpable especially with the Sun so close to Uranus but the mind is a mental quagmire. “If I do this then that will mean that.” “If That happens then I can do this.” Virgo has a lot more fear than it owns so watch and see how your nervous energy presents itself this weekend.

Although, at this posting (Sunday a.m.) the moon is no longer in Pisces that does not mean the full moon is over. Remember, each phase of the moon is about three days long so we are still in the middle of the Full Moon phase and the tension is strong. How many of you woke up extra early today? There’s that Virgo influence calling again.

Perhaps the most significant planetary aspect in the full moon chart and actually in the earlier report on the New Moon (month long lunar phase) was the influence of Mars. As we discussed back at the beginning of March, Mars is the warrior planet. He is always gunning for a fight or gunning for action. No surprise here that the UN sanctioned a NO FLY Zone on Libya on Thursday and by Full Moon strikes were launched against Pro Gadhafi forces on Saturday. Smells like a full moon with strong Mars and Uranus to me! It is hard to gage these things even if you are a military expert, but from an astrologers perspective, whatever Mars brings now in Pisces is considerably more muted then what he will bring on May 11th. At that point Mars will be in Aries and in conjunction with Uranus. These two planets together in Aries are HIGHLY competitive, volatile and lack any kind of patience. Each day as we head toward May, Uranus and Mars will grow more intense. Under those circumstances we need to expect the unexpected and realize everyone will be a hair triggered. Given that is our climate, god only knows what krazy Gadhafi will do. Although, my instinct is he’ll be out by then and we’ll have another hot mess somewhere else demanding our attention.

In the meantime, don’t let your mind go into overwhelm, take every thing on your ToDO list and do it in bits. Bit by bit, you will get there . And don’t worry what you don’t take care of, I’m sure Mercury retrograde (3/30) will help get to the right things on your list. Even if they aren’t on your list now, Mercury will help you find them.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Capricorn---Old is New(s)

Ever since Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, I have stated that the focus will move away from Youth to Elders. While Pluto spent sixteen years in Peter Pan Sagittarius, "I won't grow old---even if it kills me" was the the mantra for individuals and industry. Plastic Surgeons made a car load of cash keeping everyone tight. Even TV series like "Nip&Tuck", "Sex&TheCity", "Survivor" made it clear--Youth rules. But now with Pluto in Capricorn the emphasis is moving towards seniors both their vulnerability and their value. This week especially "Being Old" has been highlighted by the Japanese disasters. I am sure all of us have heard that the reports that the population in Japan is an older demo. There are less children being born as the population ages. Additionally, in the epicenter area of Northern Japan is much older since many of the youth move to Tokyo further south. There has been a plethora of stories of elderly trying to outrun the Tsunami waves. Sadly, many were not successful but then the stories of the old man riding on a roof of a house ten miles out to sea. An old couple found on a log and then today, there was a report of an 82 year old woman outrunning the tsunami on her bicycle.

Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2023 so we have many more years to get our 'old' on. And I believe by the end of this cycle we will NOT be focused on collagen and face lifts as much as endurance and strength. And together we say, "Thank God!"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ed Tamblin

I was poking around to see what other astrologers were saying about the various charts associated with the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and now Nuclear Plants.
Apparently, there has been another explosion. I believe 3 out of 4 are potentially melting. And my question: Where are they melting? Why is water leaking out? What is going to happen if anything is released into the ocean? I know the Pacific Ocean is big but is it big enough for five meltdowns?????

This is so big I almost can't wrap my head around it.

Anyway, as I poked around I came across astrolgoer Ed Tamblin's predictions for 2011 and although he was focused on the New Moons of January and February he brought up the Nuclear Problem and a tie in to Chernobyl. Mars of course like the January, February New Moons was very much a part of Pisces New Moon. Read Ed's piece and see if it gives you chills.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Neptune in Pisces A VERY new beginning

So, today my beautiful Pisces friend, Carol and I were discussing the events in Japan and it led us to next month's huge move by Neptune. On April 4th Neptune will go to his home sign, Pisces. It has been 160 years since the last time Neptune was in Pisces, one thing I always remembered from my youth when I was studying Astrology that I thought it was absolutely perfect that photography was created when Neptune was in Pisces. Perfect, because photography is associated with both Pisces and Neptune. Remember that imagery, a world beyond a world that is what we get with Pisces and to a certain extent Neptune. There is so much we can expect when the move takes place some of it will be inspiring. Some of it unworldly.

Carol turned me on to a great write up by Adrian Ross Duncan from last fall. I encourage you to give it a read. Here is a snippet:

This process will take place in stages, with initial awareness and concern as Neptune dips its toe in the Piscean ocean on April 4, 2011, retreating to Aquarius again from August 5, 2011 to February 3, 2012, after which time there will be 13 straight years with Neptune in Pisces. Early in this period there will be good governance reflected by Saturn in Libra, which can be characterized as the time of President Obama.

It is when Saturn moves into Scorpio, in reception with Pluto in Capricorn and trining Neptune, that things get interesting. This combination is a strong counterpoint to the survivalist dictates of the Uranus/Pluto square, and shows a serious mobilization of state compassion. Generally this will coincide with left-leaning governments worldwide, though there could just as well be right-wing quasi-dictatorships. It is worth remembering that the year Neptune entered Pisces for the first time - 1847 - the Communist Manifesto was published with the memorable words “Workers of the world, unite!”

GO HERE for more of his very interesting piece.

A thought on the building square Uranus/Pluto

As you may remember last spring and summer Uranus moved out of Pisces and got all the way to Zero Aries. During that period when it was only a few minutes in (that is Minutes of an arc, not minutes as in time), it let Pluto in Capricorn know right away, that it meant business. As you can recall this was the spring and summer of BP oil spill. The oil gushed all over the Gulf of Mexico and as those images of birds and sea life covered in black goo were seen by the world--daily, didn't we all take pause and think, "how much petroleum do I use?" Not just fueling our car but what about the plastic and the transportation of items that we buy? Kind of hard not to look at that mess and not say, "What is my part?"

Late Summer Uranus retrograded back into Pisces where it stayed until Friday. Several hours after it moved into Aries we have the Nuclear Power Plant crisis in Japan. So, we are back once again on the issue of Energy. Energy issues in the Gulf in the summer and now in Japan. But not really---petroleum is a global issues, nuclear power plants are all across the world.

As I indicated from 2012-2015 there will be seven squares between Uranus and Pluto. The first one will be in June 2012 but as we know it is not limited to that month, the tension starts now, just as it did last summer.

Feeling helpless, feeling impotent, rethinking our choices, not sure what to do, where do we fit in (Square) and how is big business and government (Cap) helping or hurting these issues? What do we need to rethink, or shake up to make needed changes (Uranus) and how will we find new territory, new opportunities and are we willing to put our boots on the ground to do it(Aries)?

And it is not just about an earthquake and tsunami, potential shut down of governments and overhauls of other governments. these are all part of the mix when Aries and Cap go off on each other. And what real effective changes will come out on the other side? I dunno, but something will be there. Where are you feeling your own changes? Is it starting to show up? Are you getting prompts? You shold be if you are listening. Get your listening devices ready, your psyche is probably talking to you.

This is our weather cast. It is not the entire forecast for the next three years but it is a strong front of changes. But you already felt it, right?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More on Sednai Japan- Astrology

The situation in Japan is naturally fluid and the first images were of quake and tsunami damage but as yesterday progressed and Uranus finally moved into Aries the talk and the focus shifted to the crisis building at one of the nuclear power plants and by the end of the day (PST) full on discussion of a "Meltdown" was being bandied about. Additionally, news broke that there was now a second power plant in trouble.

As we discussed earlier, the minute Uranus moved into Aries it began to dig in with Pluto in Capricorn and I said point blank we we know it right away. Pluto rules atomic bombs and in fact a relatively few years after Pluto was discovered, The Manhattan project was launched which of course brought us the first atomic bomb. Of course, atomic energy including Nuclear power is also connected to Pluto.

When Pluto spends time in a sign he will find the weakest spot and expose it for all to see. Pluto was in Scorpio, Aids went Pandemic. Pluto in Sagittarius, gave us Columbine and 9/11. Were our lives ever the same after these incidents? Did we ever know of 'safe' sex before the 1984? Ask a kid in high school who walks through metal detectors every day about Columbine effects. And there is a myriad of ways our lives have changed since 9/11. Remember, Pluto rules "masses". It is not a small group of people invoved when Pluto is activated, it is whole societies or large populations if not the whole world.

Of course, Pluto in Capricorn, so far has been about the recession (which will be labeled The Great Recession soon, I am sure). But we are still in the beginning stages of Pluto in Cap and as a reminder, Capricorn's domain includes, infrastructure, government and big business. Capricorn is also an earth sign and since its time in Capricorn (2008) the earthquakes have been some of the strongest of the century. Chili, Haiti, New Zealand and now Japan. And of course, Pluto rules volcanoes and what happened in Iceland last year with the volcano spewing ash virtually closing Europe's air space--is a perfect example how even though we are in the 21st century we can go back to 19th century in a split second. Ask everyone in the wake of the quakes and they scramble for water and food.

So, now we have Uranus out there in Aries looking for new ground, new ways, new boundaries, pushing the proverbial envelope. What is new? Where can I go? What is a new way to do things? Warring for the right to grow. These are the energies of Uranus. Old is not revered with Uranus in Aries. And actually, Pluto in Capricorn is redefining 'old'. Now these two are doing battle creating new areas for change. It will not be easy. We will be shaken at our core but we need to breath through the changes because we will make it through. We will come out of it with some changes but we will come out of it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Astrology of Sednai, Japan Earthquake

Sendai Earthquake
March 11 2:46pm

Okay, I am sure those of you who read my Pisces New Moon, might have felt as gobsmacked as I did when I woke up this morning and heard about the Sendai Earthquake. "Holy S*@!T " I said to my husband, "The Pisces New Moon chart (earlier post) is so in effect." We know Uranus and Pluto are both connected to earthquakes--Uranus is the shake and Pluto is the fault" is how I like to describe it. And because I live in 'earthquake country' I am bit more on this topic.

Also as indicated a few days ago Uranus was conjunct Mercury who was conjunct sun and moon---and Uranus was still in Pisces. A few hours later today it moved into Aries but at the time of the quake it was still in Pisces. Let's remember back when Uranus first went into Pisces in 2003/2004 we started off with a bang with The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami and now here we are on the last day of Uranus in Pisces and we get both another huge quake and tsunami. Katrina and other hurricanes also fit in perfectly and frankly, the flooding everywhere has usually been punctuated by aspects to Uranus.

In my article I reminded everyone that Pisces rules the oceans and in fact I even brought up the Mariana Trench. This trench is the split in the floor of the ocean between the subduction of two tectonic plates ---right next to Japan. The quake could have happened anywhere of course but I am kind of scratching my own head over my mention of the Mariana trench.

Anyway, today's event chart has a big fat square with Neptune that can bring its own unworldly element and Mercury conjunct Jupiter square Pluto-- the world will be seeing footage for days as more of it is revealed. Personally, the wave of water on the airport tarmac I found eerie.

Of course we will be writing more about Uranus as he moves into Aries but the people in Japan will not long forget his final hours in Pisces.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pisces New Moon--Dive or wash up on shore, it is your choice!

March 4, 3:36pm Pisces New Moon.

As always I am screeching in with the New Moon report. (Please lord next lifetime not so many things on my to list.) And it is going to be a very interesting 28 days. Things will feel out of our control and changes are a plenty. But if we are sensible and tune into our own relationship with spirit we will see that there is a divine plan in all of it. And if we don't actually see the plan we are going to have to trust that it is there. Ah, there is a Pisces, word, "Trust."

You will find the whole report on Margaret Wendt's website. But here is snippet.

“Permission to dive, Sir”

When I was younger and fancied myself a beach chick, (we are talking many, many, many years ago), I spent a lot of time in Southern California beaches. And when the waves were big my friends and I would love to go out and swim. What we learned early is that if there is a big wave about to pound down the only answer is to dive and swim under it and by the time you come back up for air the wave has passed over and is on its way to the shore. If you did not dive and decided to ‘ride’ it on the surface—well that was always disaster. Smashed around, water in your nose and mouth, bathing suits all over the place, and eventually you end up in pieces on the shore. The key with Pisces and its big waves is to dive—that is, go for faith and trust. By doing that we can ride the storms and waves with less damage. Know that we will come out of whatever mess on the other side. Prepare to dive this 28 day cycle.

Mars, Mercury and Uranus are in the soup

The New Moon in Pisces has the Sun and the Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury. This is no small aspect especially for Pisces. Mars is the warrior planet ready to put up his dukes and fight. Mercury is the smartest planet in the room. His brain is always on and he is communicating a lot. We should expect a lunar month filled with a lot of action and perhaps a ton of fighting words. Both planets are trying to release a lot of energy. People are trying to let off steam but at the same time they are cleaning up stuff from the whole year. Perhaps people are getting stuff off their chest. Or perhaps they see where they need to head and they have got to end stuff now to get where they need to “get.”

Remember, this is the final month before we do our Treasure Maps. For those who have not done one before, Treasure Maps are collages that we make on Aries new moon that sets the goals which we want to accomplish in the new year (yes, for us New Year’s begin in April). But before we get to that New Moon in April we need to finish up last year’s goals. This does not mean we have to rush it and make stuff happen. (That is not the way it works with Treasure Maps). But what we do need to do is clear out the garbage and tie up loose ends. How perfect that we have Mars and Mercury here to help us. Mercury will have a thought that will probably come from some unworldly Pisces place and next thing you know we will call up Mars to do the work. It could be a lot of work or it could be small work but whatever it is, it will be done forcefully and swiftly. We will all feel the immediacy of situations. Or as I like to say, we’ll be “on-it-doggon-it”.

Additionally, Mercury is conjunct Uranus. This brings additional weird thoughts and odd situations up for all of us to process. Weird communications will be in the air. Strange encounters, perhaps an unworldly moment or two will pop up. What do you do with the weird energy? See if it helps you as you clear out the junk of the last year. See if there is something that points to where you need to head. Perhaps the weird encounter will give you a new twist on your faith. And maybe this new depth to faith will be the energy you have needed for a long time to let go. Because at the end of the day the key to Pisces is an overused phrase but very apropos: “Let go and let god.”

Chaos is in charge!

So, we are in a mystical soup all 28 days but in the middle of this climate Uranus the planet of big changes is rising out of the water and into fire. On March 11 Uranus will enter Aries .....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nodes are blowing again...

On March 3, the north and south nodes will move out of Capricorn and Cancer and into Sagittarius and Gemini. This will bring in a whole new energy and one that I would normally welcome but before it gets, welcoming it is going to get 'interesting'. And I put that in quotes because it is more like the Chinese proverb, "may you live in interesting times" kind of interesting.

Everything going on in the Mideast speaks of Uranus getting ready to break out of Pisces and into Aries. Can't spell Unrest without the U in Uranus. But strangely as North Node moved into the Zero Capricorn and started to head for Sag (yes, the nodes go backwards) it too is supporting the need for changes. Great, fiery changes. I remember the last time the North Node was in Sag was in between 1992 and 1994 and that brought in Big Bill from Little Rock. What is the next two years going to bring us? Heck it already feels like a three ring circus soon it will be three ring Cirque Du Soleil. Which is of course circus squared.

With the nodes the desire is to push us towards the North. It is harder but it is what we need to do. When 9/11 took place the north node was in Cancer which put the emphasis on home and family and away from business and career. And as I have said a jillion times here, almost everyone who died on 9/11, died at work. Didn't we all hug our loved ones a little harder on that day? When hurricane Katrina blew in the north node was in Aries. Weren't we all desperate for Aries leadership?

For the last eighteen months we have been processing North Node in Capricorn where we are desperate for responsibility and god knows, tightening the belt which is total Capricorn.

I will be curious to see what it means financially for North Node to go into party animal, lamp shade wearing, spend thrift "Honey, it is steak tonight!" Sag.
But besides the money flowing, (and more to the point) Sag, is truth telling living the truth and being in the truth. Which for many people is easier said than done.
The challenge is to avoid doing the opposite (Gemini) which is intellectualizing and rationalizing everything. It will all make sense in your (little) mind but in your gut you know how you are spinning it. Telling the truth is a pain but NOT telling the truth will hurt a hell of a lot more. And this includes finding the Truth in Religion. Aren't their universal truths in all of them?

Look back at your life to 92-94 and see where you were breaking free, getting out and stretching, perhaps you even moved to a new location. How were you being real and true? And how were you misbehaving? How were the little white lies? And above all---were you caught up in Cheap Talk?!!!