Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clean Sweep Not just the clutter but also the mental

Okay, we are down to the final week before Aries New Moon. I have posted it various times on this blog and on other websites that it is VITAL to clean your house and clean your brain before we get to Aries new Moon on Sunday 4/3.

When I say clear the clutter I mean clear it all out. Go into the corners of your house that haven't been dealt with in years and finally deal with them. Get in your closets and clean those corners. What is going on under your bed? And what about your kitchen? If there is any space in your house that when you look at it you immediately, sigh or feel guilty---then fix it! Take the broken things to be fixed or ditch them. Take the unwanted clothes to goodwill. Get rid of stuff that is not being used. If you have not used it in a year you are never going to use it. Give it to someone who will use it.

And what about your Brain!!!!

How are you clearing out the debris that is in your brain? How many people do you have in your life out of guilt? Or what about people who are in your life because of fear? You think you need to have them because if you don't ____ will happen to you. You store these people like you put canned food in your emergency shelf. HOwever you have long outgrown these people. Well, what are you going to do about it between now and April 3. I'm not saying you should ditch them. Not at all. But what you should do is get out your journal and write down your fears around these relatioships and clear it out of your brain.

"I keep booking dinner with Mary because I am sure she will have a job for me down the road and I am fearful that if I let her go I will be cutting myself out of future work."

Then turn that fear around into a positive affirmation. Like,

"I am happy and grateful that there is plenty of work for me no matter what relationships I have in my life."

Do this with all your fears.

Clear the clutter in your life and the clutter in your brain and you will be amazed by how liberated you feel and what you attract for your Treasure Map on Aries New Moon. This is the final week to clear the cobwebs.

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