Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aries New Moon 2011

Due to a very complicated schedule in front of me for the next week. I got on top of Aries New Moon considerably sooner than I normally put it up.

It is by all means a doozey of a new moon. It is highly energetic and I believe it will speak to a lot of people in stronger ways than in previous Treasure Map Moons. I expect big things from you guys! Go for it!

This is a snippet. You will find the whole article

Back to the Treasure Map. During Aries New Moon we take our inspirations for our future and put them on a board. A great way to get an idea what you want is to sit down with a bunch of magazines and start looking at photos and captions, sentences, words, anything that catches your attention and calls to you. There will be some images that really beckon or maybe you go to a store and pick out greeting cards. “Congratulations on your New House!” Or maybe there are some images of fabulous vacation spots. Or maybe you will take photos from a magazine of someone doing yoga poses, or running on a soft dirt road. Things that inspiring a great exercised body. The Treasure Map can also have empowering affirmations. I always love, “I’m happy and grateful that all my needs are effortlessly met and more so.” Whatever images and affirmations that you land upon or call to you—put them on your poster board---This is your Treasure Map for your new Year. Cue the Noisemakers, Happy New year! *one small note—remember you do NOT start your map until after 4/3 10:32amEDT

And what else is going on this Aries cycle?

There is so much going on with this Aries Cycle that the only thing missing is the kitchen sink. But then kitchens and Aries do not go together. Well, except for the flame and the knives.

First of all, the Sun and Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter which expands anything it touches so the fact that he is right next to Sun &Moon puts the emphasis on stretching, growing and expanding. This will surely be felt by all of us more than perhaps other years when we make our Maps. We will be shooting for big, bigger, biggest. I, of course am a Sagittarius so I say, “Bravo to Big”. And adding to this Jupiter energy is Mercury. Although he is too far away from the Sun and Moon he is close enough to Jupiter putting the emphasis on “Big Talk”. Expect a lot of people to shoot off their mouth this 28 day cycle. Lot of rhetoric will make the news not just globally but personally. There will certainly be energetic words that gets us riled up but also a lot of fighting words. Some of it will be strong but a lot of it will be jabs and stabs and then on with the day!

Curiously, at the same time that there is this accent on “BIG” there is an aspect by Saturn putting the emphasis on “Constrict”. So, there we are feeling Aries energy which always wants to break new ground, with impulses that are high and even people who are quite sanguine will be more riled up than usual. But at this exact same time, Saturn is saying, “Whoa! Wait a darn minute! Let’s not swing too far!” “Let’s not push our boundaries too much!” Of course, the restrictive energy although something of a downer may be there for a reason. The truth is that Sun/Jupiter are pretty darn strong and have a tinge more weight to them than Saturn. So, the energetic will prevail but perhaps Saturn’s role is to try reigning it in so that if we are practical about our stretches they will last longer. As one astrologer reminded me, “Saturn delays but it does not deny.” So, our goals to stretch and head towards big are not wrong but if they are simply a “knee jerk” reaction and not measured they will be far less effective than Big and ‘workable’. This tension will bug, (no kidding) and will be frustrating but trust is key. It is there for a reason.

Mars & Uranus: Warriors at heart

This would definitely be a dynamic Aries lunar cycle if our only players were Jupiter; pushing us to be big and Saturn yelling at us; “Wait—find your balance there are relationships over here!” But adding to the cuckoo is Mars and Uranus and with those two together in Aries----well, this is NOT a picnic in the country.

Two days before the New Moon, Mars moves into Aries. The minute he gets there are two objects in his sights—Uranus & Pluto. A few hours after the New moon starts (4/3) Mars makes contact with object number one when he gets on top of Uranus and says, “Hey, if you bring your wild revolutionary ideas, I will bring my warrior shield and weapon.” This will be VERY interesting for us both personally and globally. Most likely we will start to feel the energy shift during the Pisces Balsamic phase when Mars moves into Aries (4/1). While Mars was in Pisces the focus was on being a spiritual warrior, a cosmic warrior, a karma and dharma player, a warrior for humanity and a warrior for things that almost can’t be defined. But in Aries he is more of a, In-Your- FACE warrior, he brings piss, vinegar and bullets.

That energy will of course serve us well when New Moon starts as it will be the extra fuel in our engine. Cosmically, the volatility


  1. Hi Tracy,

    I love, love, love your blog. I've followed along with your treasure map group on as a lurker only for the past 2 years although I'm not a mother, just an aunt. lol. This Aries moon is going to be HUGE for my love life, Sun, Moon, Jupiter will all conjunct my Venus in Aries by only two degrees or less in the 5th house, plus Uranus and Mercury retrograde is there too. Wow. I'm sort of afraid to ask for my soulmate because he might be too much for me to handle or could even be a recent ex (that's my fear talking). yikes. I haven't been thinking too much about it, I know that you say to hold off on thoughts for your treasure map until the day of. Kind of hard with all of this energy running through my 5th house but it's been excellent for my writing. I'll take the trade off, I suppose. :)

  2. Well, I would expect that you will be taking some big trips this year with Jupiter on your Venus. The new Moon on your venus is definitely a new opportunity. I tend to not think it will be your ex, even in spite of the Mercury retrograde. There is just too dang much energy on NEW that I find it hard to believe he'll get in. Fifth house is all about love and drama and theater. Now would be the time to take a great acting class! This is going to be a VERY, VERY creative year for you. If you breathe you should be able to handle all the Big that is coming! hugs