Friday, March 11, 2011

Astrology of Sednai, Japan Earthquake

Sendai Earthquake
March 11 2:46pm

Okay, I am sure those of you who read my Pisces New Moon, might have felt as gobsmacked as I did when I woke up this morning and heard about the Sendai Earthquake. "Holy S*@!T " I said to my husband, "The Pisces New Moon chart (earlier post) is so in effect." We know Uranus and Pluto are both connected to earthquakes--Uranus is the shake and Pluto is the fault" is how I like to describe it. And because I live in 'earthquake country' I am bit more on this topic.

Also as indicated a few days ago Uranus was conjunct Mercury who was conjunct sun and moon---and Uranus was still in Pisces. A few hours later today it moved into Aries but at the time of the quake it was still in Pisces. Let's remember back when Uranus first went into Pisces in 2003/2004 we started off with a bang with The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami and now here we are on the last day of Uranus in Pisces and we get both another huge quake and tsunami. Katrina and other hurricanes also fit in perfectly and frankly, the flooding everywhere has usually been punctuated by aspects to Uranus.

In my article I reminded everyone that Pisces rules the oceans and in fact I even brought up the Mariana Trench. This trench is the split in the floor of the ocean between the subduction of two tectonic plates ---right next to Japan. The quake could have happened anywhere of course but I am kind of scratching my own head over my mention of the Mariana trench.

Anyway, today's event chart has a big fat square with Neptune that can bring its own unworldly element and Mercury conjunct Jupiter square Pluto-- the world will be seeing footage for days as more of it is revealed. Personally, the wave of water on the airport tarmac I found eerie.

Of course we will be writing more about Uranus as he moves into Aries but the people in Japan will not long forget his final hours in Pisces.

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