Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Week Ahead---Hello, Aries!

On 3/20 The Sun enters Aries. This of course is the first day of Spring. Even if it is snowy, cold and everyone is hidden away in their houses, they will still feel the pulse of renewal. Something good is around the corner.

On 3/21 The Sun will be conjunct Uranus. This aspect happens every year but this is the first time in over 80 years that the Sun and Uranus have been together in Aries. What can we expect? I dunno, last time they spent seven years of spring together, Shirley Temple was keeping people out of the emotional dumper, warriors in Europe were building their troops, FDR was rolling out his new deal. Let's see what comes up this week that reminds us of those bumpy days.

on 3/26 we end the week with a nice aspect between Neptune and loving Venus. Accent is on groups, humanitarian issues, resources and values. In short, sometimes the kindness of strangers will do more to move the soul than anything done by a loved one. Often "church" is just an elevated moment between two strangers.

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