Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mercury Retrograde March 30

Mercury turns retrograde today (March 30) at 4:48pm EDT.

And here we go..... At this point we all know how to handle stuff during retrograde.
We don't buy our airline tickets, we don't sign important documents, we watch every business transaction like hawk. We cross t's we dot i's. And most important---we watch our driving! Aries is always racing and this Mercury starts at 25 Aries and continues backwards until 13 Aries. That is three weeks of fast, racing, impulsive energy. Let's take extra time for our driving! If you need to do this and that, and then another that and then race over to so and so's house. Please skip one of the 'those' and 'that' so you don't have to race to get to so and so's house.

I mentioned in my Aries New Moon that I actually kind of thought it was a good idea that Mercury retrograde will slow down our brains. The Aries new Moon is pretty darn fiery and somewhat explosive and maybe we need to be a bit off. Not crazy off but not as sharp as we always are...not that it matters because Mercury in Aries is already sharp.

But as you know, since I will assume you read my last two posts, Aries New Moon is when we make treasure maps and plans for our new year which begins on Sunday. Based on the chart of this new moon I anticipate a lot of you will make big headway's in new areas of your life and will make some big changes. Some of these changes will be so big that you will later say, "How did I even do that?" This is where the benefit of a Mercury retrograde comes in. You did it because you weren't even sure what you were doing. Aries is our primary desires, it is our instincts, that is why it is impulsive. It is not always logical but it is direct and it comes from a desire to survive. That is why Aries is a warrior and having a Mercury retrograde in Aries brings in "the fog of war."

Prepare to do all the stuff you normally do on a mercury retrograde. You take care of those things that have been needing to be done for months. You finally call that person that you have been wanting to call forever. You go down to Kinkos and make copies of the family photos that you have been meaning to send. And ideally, you clean out your desk or your closet or your bookshelves....between now and Sunday to really get ready for Treasure Map. But if you can't then you take the next three weeks to Spring Clean. Remember, if it is broken either get it fixed or get rid of it. If you don't wear it, give it to charity or a recycle somewhere.

And then there is communication. Expect snappy answers to stupid questions EVERY DAY. Sarcasm will be super high. No one has time for long, rambling answers for the next three weeks. Keep it short and simple. And with that, I will wrap up this post. Because you will be annoyed if I continue.


  1. Perhaps because I have Aries Rising....I so felt the need for this retrograde. About two hours before Mercury stationed I found myself slow down. Tons of stuff to do and I just said, "NO". I could feel everything go in slooooo mooooo. I must say I felt 'relief' when it happened. I gotta say that is the first time i felt it that puctuated.

  2. You said: -=-But if you can't then you take the next three weeks to Spring Clean.-=-
    And if I understand you correctly, that sounds like a great gift from Mercury for this big new moon; I certainly have many more things to do than I can finish by Sunday! I am writing a book, and wanted to send off a proposal this week, because the book was on my current map. Instead, I will use this Mercury retrograde to more finely tune it, and then mail it off once Mercury turns direct. I think I should then send it on the next new moon, is that timing right? Anyway, Thanks, again, for your help!

  3. Yes. Take the new moon and the mercury retrograde to fine tune stuff in your book, take care of other project. Do make a map of course, and make sure your book is SOLD on your map. Then send it on Taurus New moon.

  4. I listened to Intuitive Jamie's TV broadcast today and came here looking for more. I'm going to enjoy following.