Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen

I am positive if you search the web you will find a jillion astrologers weighing in on Charlie Sheen. I guess I might as well add my own notes since I have time with the cancellation of an event today due to weather(could be the first time I have heard snow reports for the Hollywood Hills!)

Charlie is a Virgo with Moon in Sagittarius and Gemini Ascendant. All three are mutable signs and a way to remember mutable is that it they are moveable. The mutable signs are constantly moving, they don't settle down easily. It takes awhile to tame their energies, if they can even be tamed.

With Gemini, the brain is constantly ticking off thoughts, a mile a minute. The brain can't settle and the thoughts and ideas come so fast and quick that sorting through them is difficult or as my friend describes, "it's like I have monkey brain". Virgo is also mental but on a more practical level, they like to be 'doing'. Do, do, doing and Virgo can easily become obsessive compulsive. Know any? Then you know what I am talking about. And of course, Sagittarius is THE traveling sign. It is constantly on the move. With Sagittarius, when they are pushed and are not up for the work--they run. Add all these energies and you get one giant feral cat.

I have seen people with two of the three mutables pronounced in their chart and they are pretty wound up. When you activate three of the four mutable it is a force to be reckon. Of course the signs themselves are not troubled it is the aspects that push the tension. And with Charlie, his Sun in Virgo has Pluto on top of it. Although, he was a few years older than Sheen, Michael Jackson also had Pluto on his Sun in Virgo. Jackson's OCD and weird habits totally speak to the intensity of Pluto on Virgo Sun. And like Sheen they both have an intense need and drive for work. A functioning alcoholic is how people like Sheen are described as he was evidently able to show up at his job no matter how hard a bender he went on the week prior. This speaks to Pluto.

However, twisting everything up even further is Uranus in Virgo on top of Charlie's Sun and Pluto. And both of these are oppose his Saturn in Pisces. Ding, ding, ding--that bell you hear ringing is the fact that Pisces is the fourth mutable sign and Charlie has got Saturn in it oppose Uranus. Let's take a moment and talk about this aspect. We have spoken a great deal about Saturn oppose Uranus since we just wrapped up our own pass it.

Between 2008-2010, Uranus was in Pisces and Saturn was in Virgo. But when we talk about what has been going on lately we have had to discuss the last time these two were in opposition which was in the mid 60's. Civil unrest, disorder, rumblings, breaking away from the staid, that was the environment that Charlie and all his peers were born into in the mid 1960s. And that unrest is inside Sheen and everyone born in that two year window. If you need more of a visual consider inside Sheen is a Tea Party movement. Of course, not everyone born in the 1960's is prone to hookers, porn stars and a mountain of cocaine. But then not everyone has that kind of astro tension that Charlie has in his chart. Of course, even people who were born on the exact same day as Charlie could still use the energy in a completely different manner than Charlie. A lot of them are in the press, are active bloggers, helped further technology and certainly a lot of them are in health and medicine.

An additional personal discomfort to Charlie's chart is Saturn in Pisces opposing his Sun in Virgo. Saturn is structure and insecurity. It is weakness but out of the weakness can come strength. And of course, Saturn is Dad. At the same time his Moon, the planet of Mom trines Mercury which brings good luck and fortunate opportunities especially around communication. But also the Moon is opposed Jupiter which exaggerates emotions and situations. And as cliche as "too much too soon" is, it fits perfectly his Moon in Sag Oppose Jupiter in Gemini. The drive for more can be insatiable. And his Venus trine Jupiter which brings great opportunity around money and believe it or not love. God knows he has no problem earning millions easily and getting women to marry him. But again, the feral cat when given too much room gets lost.

Also Sheen's Mars in Scorpio trine Venus square Neptune makes him a perfect companion to Porn Stars. And his Moon in indulgent Sag in his 8th house, means MORE porn stars is better.

Of course, all of these aspects with Pluto and the 8th house energies are begging for something more. They are begging for depth and transformation. Unfortunately, the Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are standing their ground. Charlie continues to ping pong back and forth in the land of shallow.

On many ways it seems like it would have beenn better if Charlie he had not gone into his father (Saturn)'s line of work. If he had worked through his insecurities and found his way in his own different (Uranus) world. Or even if he did go into the entertainment business it would have been so much better for him if it had been behind the scenes. Perhaps writing or producing. I would also guess (strongly) that there is an undiagnosed ADDHD in the mix.

What is going to happen to him astrologically? Well, Uranus is wrapping up torturing his moon so I believe he will start to feel some relief next week when Uranus moves into Aries further distancing from the square to his Moon in Sag. Although it is going to take another year or so to get away from the square with Jupiter. Pluto in Capricorn will not be trining his sun for several more years but if he is not out of trouble by then, I hope Pluto will help get him there by that time. But, before we get there Neptune will be moving into Pisces dissolving a lot. It might actually get worse before it gets better but under that Neptune energy is a deep need for spiritual connection. I hope he is able to find it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How about that Jupiter and Pluto?

As you know a couple days ago I wrote about the upcoming Jupiter Pluto square and in passing I said:

Wherever Jupiter goes it expands. Pluto is deep and looks for a real solid connection. Pluto is our foundations and Jupiter wants to move us. Both energies are strong but clearly can cause conflicts. Ask those people who live near a fault zone how movement and foundations go together and they will say, 7.1 on the Richter is a bitch.

And no surprise--New Zealand had a strong earthquake yesterday. I did go back and look at the original quake in the fall September 4, 2010 because experts indicate this was an aftershock. The original quake was of course was just after the 2nd square between Pluto and Jupiter. So, here we are again on the 3rd round.

Along with this sad news we heard that the pirates killed the four Americans captured last week. These pirate troubles have been exasperated during these last couple of years of Uranus's harsh aspects in in Pisces. It is my hope that Uranus's move into Aries next month will change some of these stories. Knowing Aries as I do expect a lot more military action off the Barbary Coast.

And on the Libya front. Yesterday there was more violence and hostile rhetoric from mad dog Gadhafi. I predict out by the Jupiter Square Pluto on Friday.
Don't let the door hit your ass, Moammar

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clock Radios and Solar Flares

A couple days ago I saw a news blurb about solar flares.

The largest solar flare in several years has disrupted some communications, though it was not in the right position to create auroral displays visible from lower latitudes.

The flare, which erupted on Feb. 15, sent what is called a coronal mass ejection, or CME, towards the Earth. A CME is billions of tons of charged particles, mostly protons.

View Full ImageNASA
On Feb. 13, sunspot 1158 unleashed the strongest solar flare of the year so far. This image captured by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The flare was the first in a series that led to another on Feb. 15, which released a stream of charged particles towards the Earth, causing communications interference in China.

When the charged particles come close to the Earth, they are forced to move along the magnetic field lines, creating the auroral displays and radio interference. In a worst case, they can damage electrical systems-----

Read more:

What I find interesting about this report is that NASA says it occurred on the 15th and the part of Earth that was facing the Sun was China who bore most of the brunt.

All of this is odd to me because my husband's clock radio (seen above) is connected to the world clock and not set by him. A satellite speaks to that little box next to his pillow. On either Sunday or Monday we both looked at the clock and it was off by an hour. I said to my husband, "solar flares." And we do not live in China.
The same thing happened last fall and I believe we lost our time and again a day or so later we learned of solar flares. We're all connected by the giant spiderweb that is in space. Makes me want to dust off my native American lore about spiders.

Twitter Update

Clearly, Uranus is speaking to me during this Aquarius cycle as I felt compelled to figure out have to get a Twitter account. I did it!

Anyway, TracyAstroSalon is now on Twitter.

Jupiter Square Pluto

On Friday Feb 25 3:40pm Jupiter will square Pluto. This is the final square between Jupiter and Pluto which started last summer. In late July and early August we had the first hits by Jupiter, now six months later we have had time to process some of those tensions. Perhaps we made changes last summer and now we are dealing with those changes on a more profound level. Or maybe we knew we needed to make changes then but never got around to doing it and now we know we MUST do the changes. Wherever Jupiter goes it expands. Pluto is deep and looks for a real solid connection. Pluto is our foundations and Jupiter wants to move us. Both energies are strong but clearly can cause conflicts. Ask those people who live near a fault zone how movement and foundations go together and they will say, 7.1 on the Richter is a bitch.

Globally we have been talking about this tension since last November. Once Jupiter turned direct in Pisces and then entered Aries late January we began building towards this aspect. The unrest in the Mideast. And now the unrest in the Midwest. Those guys in Bahrain and those guys in Wisconsin are all on the Richter scale. Added to the scenario is the White House budget which has just been delivered in the last two days and everyone is expecting a showdown in Congress. Of course, all politics is local. Where is your battle zone within in your life? I'm not talking about you going out on the streets because that is probably not really necessary. But I'm talking about the battle zone you are dealing with personally. Have their been slips on the fault lately? That is okay. Go back and rethink and retool and consider this time as a new opportunity for meaningful change. Remember, Opportunity IS a Jupiter word.

What's going on this week?

Good Morning and welcome to this week which should be hmmm, what is a good word for it? Let's say-- a forceful week.

Today, Sunday 2/20 Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Mars conjunct Neptune all taking place between 5 and 11:30pm EST. Mercury which lives to communicate is both fired and ready to shoot off its mouth but is inspired by something out of this world. Is is spirit? Or are we fired up by something that is inherently sad. Mars too is looking for a fight but is also getting gassed by Neptune. Our brains and brawn are geared up but the battle at its crux could simply be the areas of our life where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Remember every end is just a beginning.

Tuesday 2/22 Mars enters Pisces which sends our animus underground or high above. We want actions and we want to attack issues but the battle plans are coming from deep down in our soul or they are coming from a higher power. For many people who have a rich history of seeing what they want and then going for it, this is a quirky three week period where our actions are based on things fuzzy and vague. However, as much as it feels unclear, we must trust that it is coming from something greater than our little selves.

Friday 2/25 The Sun conjuncts Mercury (3:48a) Mercury sextile Pluto (12:06p) Sun sextile Pluto (7:17pm) and drum roll Jupiter Square Pluto 3:40pm. (We will talk about Jupiter/Pluto in its own post) We should expect rhetoric to be high this week. You can't have a Mercury/Mars aspect on Sunday and a Sun/Mercury and Mercury/Pluto aspect at the end of the week and not expect a lot of intense conversation. With Mercury/Pluto the conversation is not just talk--it is fuel. What will be powered by this aspect in your life? Look to see where early degrees of Capricorn and Pisces are in your chart. And if you don't know your chart then you simply have to look at what you are talking about. That will speak volumes about where you want to make changes. What will you do with this fuel?
Besides inspiring yourself, is there someone else catching the wave?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Full Moon

Friday February 18 3:36am

We are in the middle of the Aquarius lunar cycle where the emphasis is on community, groups, and social causes. This cycle compels us to reach out to others and encourages us to break ground and perhaps break rules. And now in this cycle that compels us to be about others we get the big fat full moo n in Leo. And guess what Leo is about? Me!!! “It’s all about me.” “ Listen to MY story”. “ Is this MINE?” Do you see a theme? On this full moon we will be pulled to either reach out by being there for friends and groups or we will get lost contemplating our fabulous, glorious navel. For three days it is a showdown between “We” versus “me”.

However, at the same time that there is tension there is also opportunity for change and creative breakthroughs because as self absorbed as Leo can be it is also highly creative, generous, dramatic and expressive and of course, the has high personal drive.

Also we have Neptune, Mars and Mercury in conjunction in Aquarius (with the Sun) so the tension is pointed towards our opinion of our group of friends and our world. We will ask, “Do I fit in my group and in the world? When we look around are we satisfied by the people we call our friends? How do we feel about our community? Do we feel something dissolving? Do we feel like we need action or a break? How can we use our dynamic creative energy to make meaningful changes? And of course, we may feel disheartened so much that we may just want a break from our circle.

Leo can bring out big ol’ ego issues so don’t be surprised if people feel a bit ‘thin skinned’ and worked up over the slightest injustice. There may be a few emails or phone calls where people feel the need to let others know how ‘disrespectful’ they felt by them. Those are always fun conversations. Sigh. But at the same time Leo is a wildly brave so perhaps others will step up and show bravery in their own life (maybe some personal breakthroughs) or will step up and help others. Oh, how perfectly Aquarius of them!

The week ahead

On Thursday 2/17 the Sun will conjunct Neptune. It is a dreamy, mystical day. We could feel big connects to spirit. Very in tuned. Also a day where there might be some big fat lies but we sort of don't care because our gut will be telling us "that is a lie" so therefore we know the truth.

On Friday 2/18 we have a big Leo full moon. (see other post)
also the Sun moves into Pisces. We will feel a pull to get quiet and reflective. Pisces is gentle and seeks to do only one thing---go with the flow. The next four weeks will have us finding our flow. Additionally on Friday we have a cranky aspect between Venus and Saturn. Our finances could get slapped. Our love feels shat upon or we just feel lonely. Get lost in a movie or turn on some music or perhaps maybe a little prayer will help.

Friday, February 11, 2011


By now, we've all watched the news and seen the rear end of Mubarak as he scampered out of Cairo. Of course the crowds will continue to cheer, and people will cry and hug each other and stand amazed that 30 years disappeared in 18 days. But, I gotta say, even in that extraordinary environment, I am left wondering...."hmm, what's next?" It is not that I am negative about a corrupt president getting the boot. It is just more what will replace this regime? Especially when Uranus moves into Aries.
Aries is a fighter, he is a warrior, he isn't alive unless he is kicking ass somewhere. Right now Jupiter is in Aries doing all he can to liberate. Great. But what happens when Uranus gets there? Uranus is not as benevolent as Jupiter. He is a huge liberator but it does not come easily. He is an unusual planet, he likes things weird and he always takes the road that no one has on their Triptik. Now, what is he going to do when he gets to Aries? The last time he was here was the 1930s. If you remember your history Uranus brought a lot of unrest but a whole heck of undesirables took charge, including Mussolini, Stalin and you-know-who in Berlin.

Uranus will go into Aries on March 11 where it will stay for seven years. But I am confident we will get a taste of Uranus' plans almost immediately that week. It will be strange and remember everything is on the table.

So how are you feeling?

...about your Treasure Map?

Last spring on Aries New Moon, we all made our Treasure Maps. Next month we will start to prepare for our new 2011 Treasure Map. But right now we are still processing our current map. Where is your map? Did you hide it away? Please take it out. Hang it somewhere you can see it. Take a look and note what has been accomplished. Take a look at what has yet to appear. Reconnect to your map.
Why now? Because we are in Aquarius lunar cycle which is the air element and therefore mental. And with Aquarius the antenna is up super high. Think of a radar dish. Let's all re-connect to our map and see what we can bring out of the stratosphere that supports our map to more fruitions.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Radio: Aquarius New Moon

Sorry I'm a bit tardy putting this up. But on Sunday the last few hours of New Moon just before crescent, I did a quick interview with Margaret all about Aquarius New Moon. You will find it here.

Venus & Pluto

Tonight at 8:52pm (EST) Venus conjuncts Pluto. This aspect happens once a year (unless Venus is in retrograde) and is certainly felt all day long and a smidgen tomorrow. Kind of like someone going on a bender....there is always an aftereffect.
Venus is love and values and therefore money gets in the mix. Pluto is intense. Pluto, rules the underworld and loves to 'own' but at the same time his very nature is pulsating to transform. When he is misbehaving he will control everything when he is evolved he understands HE is the only thing HE can control and therefore he will transform himself. Venus is loaded with charm and her glamour naturally attracts suitors. When she is bad she is superficial and lazy. What do we do when these two get together? I dunno, ask the Police Detective what he does when he falls in love with the prostitute?

This is all taking place in the sign Capricorn which is the sign of responsibility, hard work, discipline and building something from the ground up. This puts the accent on the concrete.

Look in your chart and see where you find 5 and 6 degrees of Capricorn. Whatever house is getting this aspect is probably getting a lot of attention. If you have been working hard on this area, you may feel rewarded today. If you have been phoning it in, well, prepare to visit Hades, Pluto's domain. If you have been too hard and not enough play, Venus will push you around a bit, since she knows the value of play.

See what comes up today.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO over Jerusalem.

Only because it is Aquarius New Moon I am putting up this story. UFOs fall under Aquarius' jurisdiction and this particular case seems just a bit weird enough to deserve a posting. Of course, whether it is real or fake is getting a lot of action on the www. But then we KNEW that didn't we?

Enjoy the video HERE. Oh, yeah, "video" is Aquarius and so is the www.

More on Egypt

Over at Mountain Astrologer's website, Mary Plumb has a thoughtful write up on the activity going down in Egypt. Once again, a Saturn return, even when it is a chart of an administration can be rough.

Events in Egypt are moving quickly as Cairo is flooded with people in the streets demanding the resignation of President Mubarak. He has been President since October 14, 1981 when he took over leadership of the country after the assassination of Anwar As-Sadat. On that day, Saturn was at 14º Libra, with the Sun at 21º Libra and Pluto at 24º Libra. It is a Saturn return for his administration as his regime appears to be in a downfall and his family has fled the country. It is also a Saturn return for the horoscope of modern Egypt, set for June 18, 1953. (1)

Go to link for full article.

Additionally, David Crook on his StellarInsights Has put up Honsi Mubarak's chart. Mubarak is a Taurus with Moon in Pisces however, David has put up a relocated chart for Mubarak based on the eclipse that occurred 15 days after his bith.

Very interesting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aquarius New Moon 2011--The New Quilting BEE!

On Wednesday Feb 2 at 9:30pm (EST) will begin the New Moon in Aquarius. And not a minute too soon if you ask me. We will need to put on our flameproof suits as we navigate the next 28 days. The key is NOT to take stuff personal. There are real gifts for us to receive and for us to give but only if we keep our emotions in check. You can do it, I know it.

I have posted the whole article MARGARET WENDT's SIGHT but here is a snippet:

“En Garde, Vanguard”

Once a year there is a new moon cycle in Aquarius which puts emphasis on the unusual, the vanguard and the innovative. It is the most ‘unique’ of all signs bordering on ‘weird.’ When I sit here in the 21st century I know that I reap the benefits of Aquarius energy every day. Computers, cyberspace, Facebook and Twitter these are all the territories of Aquarius. Before the Internet, Aquarius’ earlier claim to fame was television and before that radio. New technology that serves the masses is all Aquarius. In the earlier centuries the invention of electric light bulb, steam engines and medical breakthroughs spoke to the Aquarius influence. It is not that Madame Curie was an Aquarian (she was a Scorpio) but the “breakthrough” and the innovation is Aquarius. And for the record, Thomas Edison was an Aquarian along with his electricity and his light bulb.

Not only is Aquarius about new technology but it is also is about humanity. Specifically the causes of humanity. Many revolution, many coup d’état has its causes in Aquarius. It is not just the overthrow but more about how it serves the people. In the 1770’s The American Revolution began when Pluto was in Capricorn, “taxation without representation” a perfect Capricorn issue however in the final years of the war and the beginning years of the new republic Pluto was in Aquarius. Everything from our three branches of government to our constitution to the basic set up of our country---that was all Aquarius. In short, a group of people have an enlightened thought, they do the work to get it up on its feet, they process it and they make sure it serves everyone--this is Aquarius.

It does not mean that all Aquarius energy is about rebellions. A group of 19th century women meet every month in one woman’s house. Each woman brings scraps of clothing that are cut and hand sewn and together they build a quilt. This quilt will then be given to one of the women to warm her family. A Free Republic, a Marxist rally and a Quilting Bee all have Aquarius in their roots.

Of course, Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac which means the emphasis is on the mental plane. With the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra, our mental concerns are directly around us. We talk to our family, neighbors, we read newspapers and magazines and we seek balance through our partnerships. But now in Aquarius, mental concerns are loftier. We spread out and lift ourselves higher as we consider the bigger group. The gathering of people for a joint cause is paramount to Aquarius. Remember, Aquarius is the WaterBearer. She has a jug of water that she offers humanity. No matter what her day is about she still needs to offer water. Water is pretty important to society. There have been more wars over water than oil, I promise you. But back to the point, with those lofty ideals of serving greater causes can bring coldness. “Sorry, Mom I can’t make your 60th birthday, I’m building a Habitat for Humanity House.”

Go to link for full article.