Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aquarius New Moon 2011--The New Quilting BEE!

On Wednesday Feb 2 at 9:30pm (EST) will begin the New Moon in Aquarius. And not a minute too soon if you ask me. We will need to put on our flameproof suits as we navigate the next 28 days. The key is NOT to take stuff personal. There are real gifts for us to receive and for us to give but only if we keep our emotions in check. You can do it, I know it.

I have posted the whole article MARGARET WENDT's SIGHT but here is a snippet:

“En Garde, Vanguard”

Once a year there is a new moon cycle in Aquarius which puts emphasis on the unusual, the vanguard and the innovative. It is the most ‘unique’ of all signs bordering on ‘weird.’ When I sit here in the 21st century I know that I reap the benefits of Aquarius energy every day. Computers, cyberspace, Facebook and Twitter these are all the territories of Aquarius. Before the Internet, Aquarius’ earlier claim to fame was television and before that radio. New technology that serves the masses is all Aquarius. In the earlier centuries the invention of electric light bulb, steam engines and medical breakthroughs spoke to the Aquarius influence. It is not that Madame Curie was an Aquarian (she was a Scorpio) but the “breakthrough” and the innovation is Aquarius. And for the record, Thomas Edison was an Aquarian along with his electricity and his light bulb.

Not only is Aquarius about new technology but it is also is about humanity. Specifically the causes of humanity. Many revolution, many coup d’├ętat has its causes in Aquarius. It is not just the overthrow but more about how it serves the people. In the 1770’s The American Revolution began when Pluto was in Capricorn, “taxation without representation” a perfect Capricorn issue however in the final years of the war and the beginning years of the new republic Pluto was in Aquarius. Everything from our three branches of government to our constitution to the basic set up of our country---that was all Aquarius. In short, a group of people have an enlightened thought, they do the work to get it up on its feet, they process it and they make sure it serves everyone--this is Aquarius.

It does not mean that all Aquarius energy is about rebellions. A group of 19th century women meet every month in one woman’s house. Each woman brings scraps of clothing that are cut and hand sewn and together they build a quilt. This quilt will then be given to one of the women to warm her family. A Free Republic, a Marxist rally and a Quilting Bee all have Aquarius in their roots.

Of course, Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac which means the emphasis is on the mental plane. With the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra, our mental concerns are directly around us. We talk to our family, neighbors, we read newspapers and magazines and we seek balance through our partnerships. But now in Aquarius, mental concerns are loftier. We spread out and lift ourselves higher as we consider the bigger group. The gathering of people for a joint cause is paramount to Aquarius. Remember, Aquarius is the WaterBearer. She has a jug of water that she offers humanity. No matter what her day is about she still needs to offer water. Water is pretty important to society. There have been more wars over water than oil, I promise you. But back to the point, with those lofty ideals of serving greater causes can bring coldness. “Sorry, Mom I can’t make your 60th birthday, I’m building a Habitat for Humanity House.”

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