Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's going on this week?

Good Morning and welcome to this week which should be hmmm, what is a good word for it? Let's say-- a forceful week.

Today, Sunday 2/20 Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Mars conjunct Neptune all taking place between 5 and 11:30pm EST. Mercury which lives to communicate is both fired and ready to shoot off its mouth but is inspired by something out of this world. Is is spirit? Or are we fired up by something that is inherently sad. Mars too is looking for a fight but is also getting gassed by Neptune. Our brains and brawn are geared up but the battle at its crux could simply be the areas of our life where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Remember every end is just a beginning.

Tuesday 2/22 Mars enters Pisces which sends our animus underground or high above. We want actions and we want to attack issues but the battle plans are coming from deep down in our soul or they are coming from a higher power. For many people who have a rich history of seeing what they want and then going for it, this is a quirky three week period where our actions are based on things fuzzy and vague. However, as much as it feels unclear, we must trust that it is coming from something greater than our little selves.

Friday 2/25 The Sun conjuncts Mercury (3:48a) Mercury sextile Pluto (12:06p) Sun sextile Pluto (7:17pm) and drum roll Jupiter Square Pluto 3:40pm. (We will talk about Jupiter/Pluto in its own post) We should expect rhetoric to be high this week. You can't have a Mercury/Mars aspect on Sunday and a Sun/Mercury and Mercury/Pluto aspect at the end of the week and not expect a lot of intense conversation. With Mercury/Pluto the conversation is not just talk--it is fuel. What will be powered by this aspect in your life? Look to see where early degrees of Capricorn and Pisces are in your chart. And if you don't know your chart then you simply have to look at what you are talking about. That will speak volumes about where you want to make changes. What will you do with this fuel?
Besides inspiring yourself, is there someone else catching the wave?

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