Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More on Egypt

Over at Mountain Astrologer's website, Mary Plumb has a thoughtful write up on the activity going down in Egypt. Once again, a Saturn return, even when it is a chart of an administration can be rough.

Events in Egypt are moving quickly as Cairo is flooded with people in the streets demanding the resignation of President Mubarak. He has been President since October 14, 1981 when he took over leadership of the country after the assassination of Anwar As-Sadat. On that day, Saturn was at 14º Libra, with the Sun at 21º Libra and Pluto at 24º Libra. It is a Saturn return for his administration as his regime appears to be in a downfall and his family has fled the country. It is also a Saturn return for the horoscope of modern Egypt, set for June 18, 1953. (1)

Go to link for full article.

Additionally, David Crook on his StellarInsights Has put up Honsi Mubarak's chart. Mubarak is a Taurus with Moon in Pisces however, David has put up a relocated chart for Mubarak based on the eclipse that occurred 15 days after his bith.

Very interesting.


  1. Are Saturn returns same as Saturn retrogrades? Do they *teach* you things so you can improve for the better in the long run? In the case of Egypt, what is happening is probably meant for the better and will it get better?

  2. The retrograde is more about..'Oh, uh, I think I left my purse in the restaurant" and on the road back to the restaurant you figure something out about you and responsbility and how things structurally work depending on the sign in your life.
    A return, specifically the first return which occurs around 28 years, is more about Maturing, growing up, moving into a new level of responsibility. It is also the perfect time to realize you have "outgrown' something.
    Which of course, fit perfectly what is going on in Egypt. They outgrew Mubarak.

  3. Oh ok, interesting - Thanks. Learning little bit at a time.