Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Venus & Pluto

Tonight at 8:52pm (EST) Venus conjuncts Pluto. This aspect happens once a year (unless Venus is in retrograde) and is certainly felt all day long and a smidgen tomorrow. Kind of like someone going on a bender....there is always an aftereffect.
Venus is love and values and therefore money gets in the mix. Pluto is intense. Pluto, rules the underworld and loves to 'own' but at the same time his very nature is pulsating to transform. When he is misbehaving he will control everything when he is evolved he understands HE is the only thing HE can control and therefore he will transform himself. Venus is loaded with charm and her glamour naturally attracts suitors. When she is bad she is superficial and lazy. What do we do when these two get together? I dunno, ask the Police Detective what he does when he falls in love with the prostitute?

This is all taking place in the sign Capricorn which is the sign of responsibility, hard work, discipline and building something from the ground up. This puts the accent on the concrete.

Look in your chart and see where you find 5 and 6 degrees of Capricorn. Whatever house is getting this aspect is probably getting a lot of attention. If you have been working hard on this area, you may feel rewarded today. If you have been phoning it in, well, prepare to visit Hades, Pluto's domain. If you have been too hard and not enough play, Venus will push you around a bit, since she knows the value of play.

See what comes up today.

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