Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Full Moon

Friday February 18 3:36am

We are in the middle of the Aquarius lunar cycle where the emphasis is on community, groups, and social causes. This cycle compels us to reach out to others and encourages us to break ground and perhaps break rules. And now in this cycle that compels us to be about others we get the big fat full moo n in Leo. And guess what Leo is about? Me!!! “It’s all about me.” “ Listen to MY story”. “ Is this MINE?” Do you see a theme? On this full moon we will be pulled to either reach out by being there for friends and groups or we will get lost contemplating our fabulous, glorious navel. For three days it is a showdown between “We” versus “me”.

However, at the same time that there is tension there is also opportunity for change and creative breakthroughs because as self absorbed as Leo can be it is also highly creative, generous, dramatic and expressive and of course, the has high personal drive.

Also we have Neptune, Mars and Mercury in conjunction in Aquarius (with the Sun) so the tension is pointed towards our opinion of our group of friends and our world. We will ask, “Do I fit in my group and in the world? When we look around are we satisfied by the people we call our friends? How do we feel about our community? Do we feel something dissolving? Do we feel like we need action or a break? How can we use our dynamic creative energy to make meaningful changes? And of course, we may feel disheartened so much that we may just want a break from our circle.

Leo can bring out big ol’ ego issues so don’t be surprised if people feel a bit ‘thin skinned’ and worked up over the slightest injustice. There may be a few emails or phone calls where people feel the need to let others know how ‘disrespectful’ they felt by them. Those are always fun conversations. Sigh. But at the same time Leo is a wildly brave so perhaps others will step up and show bravery in their own life (maybe some personal breakthroughs) or will step up and help others. Oh, how perfectly Aquarius of them!


  1. This all makes so much sense to me. For some reason I have been getting more and more absorbed in playing music the last while and I think it is the leo pull that is doing it. Well, I am off to practice now. LOL

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