Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jupiter Square Pluto

On Friday Feb 25 3:40pm Jupiter will square Pluto. This is the final square between Jupiter and Pluto which started last summer. In late July and early August we had the first hits by Jupiter, now six months later we have had time to process some of those tensions. Perhaps we made changes last summer and now we are dealing with those changes on a more profound level. Or maybe we knew we needed to make changes then but never got around to doing it and now we know we MUST do the changes. Wherever Jupiter goes it expands. Pluto is deep and looks for a real solid connection. Pluto is our foundations and Jupiter wants to move us. Both energies are strong but clearly can cause conflicts. Ask those people who live near a fault zone how movement and foundations go together and they will say, 7.1 on the Richter is a bitch.

Globally we have been talking about this tension since last November. Once Jupiter turned direct in Pisces and then entered Aries late January we began building towards this aspect. The unrest in the Mideast. And now the unrest in the Midwest. Those guys in Bahrain and those guys in Wisconsin are all on the Richter scale. Added to the scenario is the White House budget which has just been delivered in the last two days and everyone is expecting a showdown in Congress. Of course, all politics is local. Where is your battle zone within in your life? I'm not talking about you going out on the streets because that is probably not really necessary. But I'm talking about the battle zone you are dealing with personally. Have their been slips on the fault lately? That is okay. Go back and rethink and retool and consider this time as a new opportunity for meaningful change. Remember, Opportunity IS a Jupiter word.

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