Friday, February 11, 2011


By now, we've all watched the news and seen the rear end of Mubarak as he scampered out of Cairo. Of course the crowds will continue to cheer, and people will cry and hug each other and stand amazed that 30 years disappeared in 18 days. But, I gotta say, even in that extraordinary environment, I am left wondering...."hmm, what's next?" It is not that I am negative about a corrupt president getting the boot. It is just more what will replace this regime? Especially when Uranus moves into Aries.
Aries is a fighter, he is a warrior, he isn't alive unless he is kicking ass somewhere. Right now Jupiter is in Aries doing all he can to liberate. Great. But what happens when Uranus gets there? Uranus is not as benevolent as Jupiter. He is a huge liberator but it does not come easily. He is an unusual planet, he likes things weird and he always takes the road that no one has on their Triptik. Now, what is he going to do when he gets to Aries? The last time he was here was the 1930s. If you remember your history Uranus brought a lot of unrest but a whole heck of undesirables took charge, including Mussolini, Stalin and you-know-who in Berlin.

Uranus will go into Aries on March 11 where it will stay for seven years. But I am confident we will get a taste of Uranus' plans almost immediately that week. It will be strange and remember everything is on the table.

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