Monday, October 31, 2022

Astrology for Week of October 31 -Nov 6


First Quarter Moon 

October 31

11:37pm PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that access groups of allies?  What actions are you taking that connect with friends?  What actions are you taking that rely in new technology?  What are you doing that support finding ‘like-minded’? 



Special Note

11/2:  Venus oppose North Node, conjunct South Node.  Love and values feel karmic.  Who is showing up for you that seems almost like from a past life?   How is love important to all actions today. 



Gibbous Moon

November 4 

11:21am PDT   




Focus on:  How are you refining your faith? How are you refining spirituality?  How are you clarifying trust?  How are you refining your humanitarianism?   How are you refining your intuition? 


Special focus

11/5: Sun opposes North Node 13 Taurus.  Our spirit needs to release stuff so we can build something new from the ground up.  

11/5: Venus opposes Uranus.  Love is weird, different but there is a moment of ‘ah-hah I get you.  I get it.’ even when it seems so odd. 

11/6: Mercury opposes North Node.  Thinking about the need for practicality is important but at the same time, what needs to be jettisoned to get to that point?  

11/6:  Venus square Saturn. Cold love.  Cold money.   Wet blanket on values.  Finding sobriety in values during tough moments.  

Friday, October 28, 2022

Mars retrograde October 30


Mars ( 

All eyes on Mars 

Important Dates: 

Aug 20 Mars enters Gemini 

Sept 3:  Mars enters shadow (8 Gemini 8)

Sept 27: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 6)

Oct 11: Mars square Neptune (1 out of 3) 23 Gem/Pisces

October 30 Mars stations retrograde (25 Gemini 37)

Nov 19: Mars square Neptune (2 out of 3) 22 Gem/Pisces

Nov 28: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 43) 

Jan 12: Mars station direct (8 Gemini 8) 

Mar 14: Mars square Neptune (3 out of 3) 25 Gem/Pisces 

Mar 15 Mars exits shadow 

Mar 25: Mars enters Cancer 


As we discussed, all our eyes are on Mars.   Mars turns retrograde on October 30 (6:25am PDT) and heads back to where it was on September 3.   It will travel from 26 degrees of Gemini all the way back to 8 degrees of Gemini.  We will be challenged by a Cat 4 Information Hurricane.  Data flying in and out at a velocity that can be overwhelming.   

As for the accuracy of the information, that could be fuzzy.  Neptune is in the mix softening the facts.  There are three Mars squares Neptune on October 11, November 19, and March 14.    Our world may feel like it is painted by Impressionist artists.   We have the impression of facts, but they are not exactly crisp.    

There is some relief with Saturn who was in trine with Mars on September 27 and will do it again November 28.   Saturn sharpens some of the info around those dates.    There comes a rushing with Mars in Gemini, so we need to do our best to resist rushing and sloppiness.    As difficult as it can be, we should all build in extra time to get to any destination.   Return phone calls if you have enough time to take the call.   Rushing someone off the phone will be noted.   Being late for something will be noted.    Gossiping about something will be noted.     Yeah, Mars retrograde in Gemini is a piece of work.    But Gemini is the greatest pivoter on God’s green earth so we will be able to pivot and learn the value of making a quick change.   We will up our pivoting skills.  Using this Scorpio 29-day cycle to remind us of what is important and leaving the rest will be a good entrĂ©e to the five month journey of Mars in Gemini.   Those people who have planets between 8-26 degrees of Virgo, Sag, Pisces, and Gemini will find the mental turmoil and chaos of Mars retrograde troubling.  Dig deep, be willing to pivot and breathe your way through until the shadow ends on March 15.   Raising my hand btw!  I have 2 planets in that zone.  Sigh.  

Jupiter returns to Pisces - October 27 - Dec 20


Jupiter with North America superimposed near the 'eye' of Jupiter, a superstorm that has been spinning for at least 300 years.   Vox. 

Jupiter re-enters Pisces 

October 27 

10:09pm PDT 


Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 27 which reminds us of our humanitarian nature.   Jupiter has been in harsh, direct, aggressive Aries since May 10.  Now Jupiter returns to muted, quieter, and mysterious Pisces.   Pisces is tender, creative and accesses vulnerability.  Jupiter is also ginormous; Pisces energies will feel big.  Our tender and vulnerable feelings will be big.  When may at times be overwhelmed with emotions.  Pisces also taps confusion, deception and the crazy, which can also feel big.  Like the Mars retrograde in Gemini (Oct 30 -Jan 12), we will need to move carefully with any information we receive as there can be unstable narrator in the mix.    The return of Jupiter to Pisces revisits some themes from last Dec (20th) through May 10.   If you feel any loss, get quiet, meditate, find your heart, and tap kindness.    Breathe.  


On November 23 Jupiter stations direct and then returns to get-your-fight-on Aries on Dec 20.   Where we will once again get energized to get stuff done.   In the meantime let’s find the messages the universe is sending us, our inner mystic is in the house and it is big. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Scorpio Solar Eclipse. October 25. 3:48am PDT


Oct 25 solar partial eclipse 

The final Solar Eclipse of 2022  is October 25 at 3:48am PDT.   It is in the sign Scorpio which as we all know, not the lightest sign in the zodiac.  Ah, no,    This eclipse and 29 day lunar cycle will ask a lot of us and has been antipated by the astrological community all year,    Let's all buckle up and make the most of it by leaning into the gifts of Scorpio.   Laser focus, intensity and the ability to release and walk away.     Then on November 8 we will get the final lunar eclipse of 2022.  Lots going on this cycle.  
You will find my article HERE

Remember the power of love.  


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Astrology for October 18 - 24


Last Quarter Moon Phase

October 17, 2022

10:15am PDT   





Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

How are you acting on your emotions?  How are your feelings guiding important actions?   How do your feelings speak to something going on that needs balance?  How do your feelings speak to something that needs the act of negotiating?   How does all of this impact your relationships? 


Special focus 

10/18: Sun trine Mars.   Great time to do actions that connect with partnerships and relationships. 

10/19: Sun square Pluto.  Twice a year we get this aspect.   Blocks and crisis in relationships and partnerships are tested.  What needs to be jettisoned in order for new experience?  

10/19: Mercury oppose Chiron.  Thoughts about independence and going it alone versus remaining in the easy path of least resistance. 

10/19: Venus square Pluto.  Love and values feel tested.   Is there enough?  Where is love and money being wasted?   What needs to be jettisoned so a fresh experience can be tapped? 




Balsamic Moon Phase


October 21, 2022 

11:06am  PDT  


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on:  How are you releasing criticism?  How are you releasing your critical nature?  How are you releasing the micro focus?  How are you releasing anxiety?  How does all this impact your relationships?  




Special focus:

A lot going on 10/22

10/22: Venus conjunction Sun.  Joy and fun, love is easy to access.  Money gets a boost.   Values are supported.    It is a special conjunction as it is a Cazimi.  Read up here:

10/22: Mercury trine Saturn.  Thoughts and communication are boosted by practicality.  Goals for community get a boost of love and Money.  Some solid information.  

10/22: Saturn station direct 9:07pm 18 Aquarius 35 (see separate post) 

10/22:  Mercury quincunx Uranus.   Out of the blue communication that is shocking or shakes up.  

10/23: Venus enters Scorpio.  Focus on sex, death, rebirth, shared finances, legal matters, values that need a rebirth for the next few weeks. 

10/23: Sun enters Scorpio 3:35am PST 




New Moon Eclipse October 25, 2022  3 Scorpio 48 



Mars. Yep, Mars.


All eyes on Mars 

Important Dates: 

Aug 20 Mars enters Gemini 

Sept 3:  Mars enters shadow (8 Gemini 8)

Sept 27: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 6)

Oct 12: Mars square Neptune (1 out of 3) 23 Gem/Pisces

October 30 Mars stations retrograde (25 Gemini 37)

Nov 19: Mars square Neptune (2 out of 3) 22 Gem/Pisces

Nov 28: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 43) 

Jan 12: Mars station direct (8 Gemini 8) 

Mar 14: Mars square Neptune (3 out of 3) 25 Gem/Pisces 

Mar 15 Mars exits shadow 

Mar 25: Mars enters Cancer 


Mars in Gemini is one mind melting jedi.   It will in the Scorpio lunar cycle and will be very complicated.   We are currently in the shadow of the Mars retrograde so themes that started after 9/3 will continue until 3/15/23.    


In this lunar 29-day cycle, Mars trines Saturn (9/27). It will do it again at the end of November.   


We should watch what comes up around the trines with Saturn.    Gemini is thinking.  It is also the ability to pivot.  And it is facts on the ground.   Around the dates of the trine, we may get news ruled by Gemini that suggests we pivot a plan.   Circles of friends and groups of people (Aquarius), may inform us that it is time (Saturn) to hit on something important.  It is the Do-it-now energy.       


Then there is Mars square Neptune on October 12 and on November 19 (the final Mars Square Neptune will be on March 14). This is very tricky.  On one hand Mars wants to act on something that is inspirational (Neptune).  It feels compelled to push but neither Neptune or Pisces are long on facts.  Low functioning Gemini can be shallow and get caught up in gossip.   What to do with this square?  Research before acting.  Sort through the data. Reach out to those who know the facts.  If the aspect brings up anxiety, then meditation and prayer may be helpful for the psyche.   Mars in Gemini, an air sign benefits when we slow down and BREATHE.   

Monday, October 17, 2022

Saturn Station Direct: Oct 22


Saturn important dates 

2/26          Saturn enters shadow  

6/4:           Saturn station retrograde 25 Aquarius 25 

10/22       Saturn station direct 18 Aquarius 35 

1/26/23    Saturn exits shadow 

3/7/ 23      Saturn enters Pisces 



Saturn entered Aquarius in March of 2020.  That should be a date firm in your memory since it was when the world went into lockdown.   Every astrologer knew that was Saturn hitting the nail on the head. Saturn contracts and restricts, and Aquarius is how we connect with others through our circles and community.    Saturn can be hard and a lonely journey, Aquarius is also the sign of technology.    Isolation and loneliness enveloped the world and Zoom and cyber connections became vital.     


In June, Saturn stationed retrograde for the final time in Aquarius.  We are now moving about the country and the world with more freedom which is helpful but probably more saliant to Aquarius is that we are figuring out; who are our ‘peeps’?   Which circles and groups inspire us to be our better selves?    How are we bringing our knowledge to serve others?   What have we learned about ourselves since March of 2020?   What would our circles of friends or groups say about us?   How do we bring our best game and champion others best game?   Now that Saturn is stationing direct, we begin the final days of Saturn in Aquarius which will end March 7, 2023, when Saturn enters Pisces.   The next time Saturn is in Aquarius will be 2051, so let’s try to get as much insight as we can on using Saturn in our life to its fullest success with our friends and community.   


One additional note, after October 22 when Saturn stations direct it will be pulling away from the square (although not exact) with Uranus.  Some of the echoes of tension from 2021 where status quo was pitted against revolution, especially noted by January 6 attack on the capitol in the United States, will start to soften as Saturn moves on its merry way to Pisces where it will start to get on Neptune’s ass.   We’ll save that discussion for next year.      

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Aries Full Moon: October 9


Full Moon in Aries with Jupiter in night city light. 

Aries Full Moon

October 9, 1:54pm PDT 


The full moon in Aries is when we tap our independence.    We dig deep into our reservoir and find the energy to do propel our needs, our desires, our goals.    We find our inner warrior to tackle something very personal.      While we are focused on our personal goals, we also have an eye on the Sun in Libra which asks, “Is this fair?”    We use the lens of equity and balance for our personal efforts.       


Resentments can pop up on an Aries full moon, “Why is it always me that has to do ____?”   Sure.   Perhaps the answers are: “Maybe it is only important to you.”   “Maybe you take on too much.”   “Maybe you need a break.”     Instead of digging in on resentments maybe it is time to re-evaluate your actions and energies and see where you are out of balance (Libra Sun).  


This full moon chart Venus is in conjunction with Sun and opposite the Moon emphasizes how we love and how we are loved.    At its core, Venus speaks to values and is associated with love, money, beauty and creativity.    Sometimes we get lost in the money or the beauty of Venus and miss the bigger point of values.    Every human wants to be valued and when there is a disconnect, it can cause problems.    The Moon is in conjunction with Chiron in Aries.   The lesson of Chiron in Aries is independence, learning to trust self, finding our inner beat, and grow our confidence.    This full moon will provide a healing through a challenge where the answer is listening to our gut.    If anyone is trying to gaslight us suggesting that we are not enough in some manner, we will push back.   Even if we do not say anything we may find ourselves releasing the person’s power to influence us.    


Saturn in Aquarius trine Sun/ sextile Moon is supporting our efforts to find self and build upon our goals.   Saturn provides structure and discipline.   If we have some hurdles, Saturn could provide friends and members of the community to help us get the job done.   This is a great time to join a twelve-step group or find a community that has similar personal issues and goals.      While Moon in Aries always reminds us of the power of self, this full moon is very pronounced in its message of, “You don’t have to be alone when you find self.”   


This is a very vibrant full moon.   A lot can be accomplished, and a lot can be healed.  

Friday, October 7, 2022

We are entering the messy period of 2022


A troubled boat but the man has his hand on the emergency rudder ( 

We are entering a messy period.   I am speaking globally (Mundane) it is not personal, each chart is different so when big events happen it will impact each person in a different manner.   But if you have a little insight, this may help you keep your hand on the rudder of your boat as we move up and down through the waves that are pitching around us.  


Here are the astrology notes to put on your radar.  


Oct 8 Pluto station direct at 26 Capricorn 07 

Oct 22  Saturn station direct at 18 Aquarius 35

Oct 25  Solar Eclipse (Partial) 2 Scorpio 00

Oct 27  Jupiter returns to Pisces. 

Oct 30  Mars station retrograde at 25 Gemini 37 

Nov 8  Lunar eclipse 16 Taurus 01 


If I was to weigh these astrology events in terms of profound energies, I would give Pluto turning direct the most weight.     Pluto is a generational planet.   Because of its orbit it is in some signs longer than others.   In the case of Capricorn, it is a 16-year window.  In Aquarius it will be a 20-year period and in Pisces it will be 22 years.    Currently it is at the end of Capricorn.    Pluto entered Capricorn near the beginning of 2008, then it retrograded back to Sag then a few days after it did its final station direct in Sept (heading for Capricorn), Lehman Brothers collapsed taking the whole USA financial system with it.  This started the Great Recession.    Capricorn of course rules big business and big government, big money and structures that keep our society together.     Even if a person knows NOTHING about astrology, that person could say with confidence what astrologers know--- that our systems have been stressed test in almost every manner since the minute Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.   


When Pluto stations direct on Oct 8, it is beginning the great wrap up of Capricorn with its sights on Aquarius.   The brackish mixture of Capricorn and Aquarius is daunting.    We would be well served and prepared to understand that Pluto may stress test more structures and management through but not limited to, cyber activities.   Grid failures or hacks are on the table.  Cyber banking, electric black outs and social media could be troublesome.    Pluto is NOT subtle.     Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, which is our official first foray, it will return to Capricorn a few months later and then in January 2024 Pluto is in Aquarius where it will stay until 2044.    While 2024 feels like it is three light years from now, Pluto really will begin starting to talk to us after October 8.    


Saturn stationing direct on October 22 is important.  Once Saturn retrograde ends, it is heading for Pisces where it lands on March 7, 2023.    Are you starting to see a theme?   Pluto and Saturn change direction in October, with their sights on a new sign in March.  Both Planets will be seen and felt in October and the next six months as they work out the last degrees of their respective signs.   Aquarius is an air sign, but it is not airy-fairy, it is quite strident in its thinking.  Even the quirkiest, weirdest Aquarius will have a rigid thought baked into their actions.      When Saturn arrived in Aquarius in March 2020 it brought worldwide isolation (through Covid Pandemic).    Aquarius is how we connect with groups of people.   We find our friends and our like-minded groups.  It speaks to charities and societal endeavors.   It is where we connect on ideas.   We see Saturn in Aquarius when New Yorkers pounded pots from their windows to show appreciation to the first responders of covid to orchestras on Zoom playing Beethoven, to those who rallied at the Capitol on January 6, although in that case Saturn was squaring Uranus.   Saturn is disciplined, conservative and appreciates hardship and struggle.  In these final months the question is If we bond with others through uplifting actions or if we let negativity rule our thoughts and actions?   


If all we were looking at was Pluto and Saturn in this window of time that would be big.   But now let’s add the eclipses.    


On October 25 we have the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio and on November 8 is the companion Taurus Total lunar eclipse.     The solar eclipse is the Scorpio New Moon and puts pressure on our values, both what we value and how we are valued.   Envy and jealousy are associated with Scorpio but so is power and evolution.   Out of the ashes, the Phoenix rises.   From the depths of the psyche, Scorpio can harness its energy to rebound better.   Scorpio understands broad plans and strategies when tackling anything and how on-the-ground logistics may need to be adapted to reach goals.   The tension of the solar eclipse may bring out insecurities especially given a wide square with Pluto.  There is an all or nothing component to the eclipse.   We will feel the energy shift on the solar eclipse, and we may get galvanized about something that is important to us.   Perhaps it was something in the background, buzzing around in our psyche and now, we are on-it-dog-gone-it.  Then on November 8, at the total lunar eclipse we consider if our logistics are in sync with our goals that launched on October 25.  We may evolve again, shifting tactics.   However, on lunar eclipse we have Uranus in the mix.   Uranus is the planet of quick change and things that are ‘out of the blue.’  It can change everything with one fell swoop.  This could impact our logistics and our evolution.  It is important to note that this lunar eclipse is on Tuesday November 8th which is the date of the Mid-Term elections in the USA.    Expect the unexpected.   


On October 30, Mars stations retrograde in Gemini.    In many ways this is like a Mercury retrograde given it is in the sign Gemini which rules thinking and communication.    Mars is our actions, and it is the warrior planet.    Mars going backwards in Gemini makes finding the clarity in a lot of noise challenging.   Things will be moving fast.   The very worst possibility during Mars retrograde in Gemini is people amplifying gossip which inspires warriors that are basing their actions on misinformation.   During this time, agents of communication can get the facts wrong.   The retrograde ends January 12.   As you can imagine having Mars retrograde in Gemini while Pluto begins wrapping up of Capricorn and Saturn begins wrapping Aquarius and two eclipses are punctuating emotions—well, it does not take too much imagination to see how Mars may not be helpful.    For all of us we need to stay close to the ground, confirm information repeatedly.   Do not pander in gossip.   During this time, you can of course work on your own communication skills.   What do you keep to yourself?  What is better to wait on before sharing?   What does need to be shared right this minute?   We learn how to pivot during Mars retrograde in Gemini.   Either by mistake or by necessity.   You can step up your inquisitive nature but taking caution not to hit some trip wire that sends you into a frenzy.    If you pull back from media, you will still need to figure out the most sober way to stay informed.   God speed to all of us on this Mars retrograde.  



Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 25 which reminds us of our humanitarian nature.    Jupiter stations direct November 23 and then returns to Aries Dec 20.    While Pisces is tender, creative and accesses vulnerability, it is also speaks to confusion and deception.  Like Mars in Gemini we need to move carefully with any information we receive.    The return of Jupiter to Pisces revisits some themes from March & April.    If you feel any loss, get quiet, meditate, find your heart and tap kindness.    Breathe.  



Let’s all stumble through October and November together.   Find our best selves and keep our hand on the rudder on our boats. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

Astrology This Week Oct 2 - Oct 8



First Quarter Moon 

October 2, 2022

5:14pm PDT  




Focus on:  What actions are you taking that access your executive abilities?   How are you relying on your inner CEO?   How are you acting on or accessing leadership?   How are you looking at or accessing large systems or bureaucracy?  How does all of this impact your relationships? 



Special Note

No outer planet aspects  



Gibbous Moon

October 6,  2022 

2:36am  PDT   




Focus on:  How are you refining your friendships?  How are you are refining your community?   How are your refining your relationship with those you share common goals and interests?   How are you refining your place within groups?  How does all of this impact your relationships?  


Special focus

10/6: Mercury trine Pluto.   Another round (9/27) where we revise and have evolution with our thinking and communication.   

10/8: Pluto station direct 2:56pm PDT (see separate post) 

Pluto station direct and heading for Aquarius. Fasten Seat Belts.


Pluto Station Direct 

October 8, 2022

26 Capricorn 07 

2:56pm PDT 


Pluto important dates 

1/6:  Pluto enters shadow 

4/29:  Pluto station retrograde 28 Cap 36 

10/8:  Pluto station direct 26 Cap 07

1/29:  Pluto exits shadow 


3/23/23 Pluto enters Aquarius 

5/1/23 - next Pluto retrograde 


Pluto is wrapping up a six month retrograde that started on April 29.  Like all Pluto retrogrades it only went back a couple degrees.  For people who have planets between 25-29 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra you have no doubt felt Pluto.  When Pluto rocks a personal planet, it can bring a crisis.  It can be hard to not go to the depths of despair or feel like flotsam and jetsam at the whim of a capricious universe.   For those peeps it can be a feeling, “Oh, no, now I am dealing with this?”   Pluto takes us down to our core.  Perhaps we suffered a real loss, and we are now rebuilding our life.  Or maybe we were trying to control too many things or people and we collapsed in exhaustion.   Once Pluto has completed its time with a planet, we often jettison issues that have less meaning and instead use our energy and focus on matters that are important to us.    


Globally, Pluto continue to put pressure on big government, big business, and big resources.   We are in the final degrees of Pluto in Capricorn so there is a lot of work Pluto must accomplish before it leaves the sign in 2024.   Remember we have been dealing with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008.   When Pluto changes signs it gets our attention.  In the case of 2008 it was the stock market crash and Great Recession.  When it goes into Aquarius –that will be a different animal.  The last time Pluto was in Aquarius the USA was working on a constitution and France was having a revolution.   It is interesting that the next Treasure Map new moon in 2023 will have two Aries new moons.  One at zero degrees Aries and the other at 29 degrees of Aries.    The first Aries new moon will have Pluto at the last seconds of Capricorn. Then the next new moon 29 days later will have Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius.   I have not had a chance to really absorb it, but I do feel like energy is speeding up these final degrees of Pluto in Capricorn.   Now that the retrograde is wrapping on October 8 we will no doubt see themes from last winter and early spring repeat but perhaps look quite different.  


Obviously for those of us living in America, the retrograde of Pluto will bring more information and themes as we process the USA’s Pluto return this year and next year.    This is a remarkable time to be an American and living through USA’s Pluto return.