Monday, October 31, 2022

Astrology for Week of October 31 -Nov 6


First Quarter Moon 

October 31

11:37pm PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that access groups of allies?  What actions are you taking that connect with friends?  What actions are you taking that rely in new technology?  What are you doing that support finding ‘like-minded’? 



Special Note

11/2:  Venus oppose North Node, conjunct South Node.  Love and values feel karmic.  Who is showing up for you that seems almost like from a past life?   How is love important to all actions today. 



Gibbous Moon

November 4 

11:21am PDT   




Focus on:  How are you refining your faith? How are you refining spirituality?  How are you clarifying trust?  How are you refining your humanitarianism?   How are you refining your intuition? 


Special focus

11/5: Sun opposes North Node 13 Taurus.  Our spirit needs to release stuff so we can build something new from the ground up.  

11/5: Venus opposes Uranus.  Love is weird, different but there is a moment of ‘ah-hah I get you.  I get it.’ even when it seems so odd. 

11/6: Mercury opposes North Node.  Thinking about the need for practicality is important but at the same time, what needs to be jettisoned to get to that point?  

11/6:  Venus square Saturn. Cold love.  Cold money.   Wet blanket on values.  Finding sobriety in values during tough moments.  

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