Friday, October 28, 2022

Jupiter returns to Pisces - October 27 - Dec 20


Jupiter with North America superimposed near the 'eye' of Jupiter, a superstorm that has been spinning for at least 300 years.   Vox. 

Jupiter re-enters Pisces 

October 27 

10:09pm PDT 


Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 27 which reminds us of our humanitarian nature.   Jupiter has been in harsh, direct, aggressive Aries since May 10.  Now Jupiter returns to muted, quieter, and mysterious Pisces.   Pisces is tender, creative and accesses vulnerability.  Jupiter is also ginormous; Pisces energies will feel big.  Our tender and vulnerable feelings will be big.  When may at times be overwhelmed with emotions.  Pisces also taps confusion, deception and the crazy, which can also feel big.  Like the Mars retrograde in Gemini (Oct 30 -Jan 12), we will need to move carefully with any information we receive as there can be unstable narrator in the mix.    The return of Jupiter to Pisces revisits some themes from last Dec (20th) through May 10.   If you feel any loss, get quiet, meditate, find your heart, and tap kindness.    Breathe.  


On November 23 Jupiter stations direct and then returns to get-your-fight-on Aries on Dec 20.   Where we will once again get energized to get stuff done.   In the meantime let’s find the messages the universe is sending us, our inner mystic is in the house and it is big. 

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