Monday, October 17, 2022

Saturn Station Direct: Oct 22


Saturn important dates 

2/26          Saturn enters shadow  

6/4:           Saturn station retrograde 25 Aquarius 25 

10/22       Saturn station direct 18 Aquarius 35 

1/26/23    Saturn exits shadow 

3/7/ 23      Saturn enters Pisces 



Saturn entered Aquarius in March of 2020.  That should be a date firm in your memory since it was when the world went into lockdown.   Every astrologer knew that was Saturn hitting the nail on the head. Saturn contracts and restricts, and Aquarius is how we connect with others through our circles and community.    Saturn can be hard and a lonely journey, Aquarius is also the sign of technology.    Isolation and loneliness enveloped the world and Zoom and cyber connections became vital.     


In June, Saturn stationed retrograde for the final time in Aquarius.  We are now moving about the country and the world with more freedom which is helpful but probably more saliant to Aquarius is that we are figuring out; who are our ‘peeps’?   Which circles and groups inspire us to be our better selves?    How are we bringing our knowledge to serve others?   What have we learned about ourselves since March of 2020?   What would our circles of friends or groups say about us?   How do we bring our best game and champion others best game?   Now that Saturn is stationing direct, we begin the final days of Saturn in Aquarius which will end March 7, 2023, when Saturn enters Pisces.   The next time Saturn is in Aquarius will be 2051, so let’s try to get as much insight as we can on using Saturn in our life to its fullest success with our friends and community.   


One additional note, after October 22 when Saturn stations direct it will be pulling away from the square (although not exact) with Uranus.  Some of the echoes of tension from 2021 where status quo was pitted against revolution, especially noted by January 6 attack on the capitol in the United States, will start to soften as Saturn moves on its merry way to Pisces where it will start to get on Neptune’s ass.   We’ll save that discussion for next year.      

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