Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mars. Yep, Mars.


All eyes on Mars 

Important Dates: 

Aug 20 Mars enters Gemini 

Sept 3:  Mars enters shadow (8 Gemini 8)

Sept 27: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 6)

Oct 12: Mars square Neptune (1 out of 3) 23 Gem/Pisces

October 30 Mars stations retrograde (25 Gemini 37)

Nov 19: Mars square Neptune (2 out of 3) 22 Gem/Pisces

Nov 28: Mars trine Saturn (19 Aquarius 43) 

Jan 12: Mars station direct (8 Gemini 8) 

Mar 14: Mars square Neptune (3 out of 3) 25 Gem/Pisces 

Mar 15 Mars exits shadow 

Mar 25: Mars enters Cancer 


Mars in Gemini is one mind melting jedi.   It will in the Scorpio lunar cycle and will be very complicated.   We are currently in the shadow of the Mars retrograde so themes that started after 9/3 will continue until 3/15/23.    


In this lunar 29-day cycle, Mars trines Saturn (9/27). It will do it again at the end of November.   


We should watch what comes up around the trines with Saturn.    Gemini is thinking.  It is also the ability to pivot.  And it is facts on the ground.   Around the dates of the trine, we may get news ruled by Gemini that suggests we pivot a plan.   Circles of friends and groups of people (Aquarius), may inform us that it is time (Saturn) to hit on something important.  It is the Do-it-now energy.       


Then there is Mars square Neptune on October 12 and on November 19 (the final Mars Square Neptune will be on March 14). This is very tricky.  On one hand Mars wants to act on something that is inspirational (Neptune).  It feels compelled to push but neither Neptune or Pisces are long on facts.  Low functioning Gemini can be shallow and get caught up in gossip.   What to do with this square?  Research before acting.  Sort through the data. Reach out to those who know the facts.  If the aspect brings up anxiety, then meditation and prayer may be helpful for the psyche.   Mars in Gemini, an air sign benefits when we slow down and BREATHE.   

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