Friday, July 19, 2024

Chiron Retrograde July 26 - Dec 29


Chiron teaching Achilles how to play the lyre source: Wikipedia 

Chiron retrograde

April 1 Chiron enters shadow 

July 26 Chiron station retrograde 23 Aries 32 

Dec 29 Chiron station direct 19 Aries 00

April 21, 2025 Chiron exits shadow 



Chiron is a planetoid that has an orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It has been in the sign Aries since 2019 and will wrap up this journey in 2027.   The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968 through 1976.   It was then Chiron was discovered.   Astrologers started tracking Chiron’s astrological influence then, and it certainly was not difficult to see it in action given all the unrest that took place in 1968.  Between MLK and RFK assassinations and the unrest at the Democratic convention in Chicago, astrologers knew a lot of forces were at play and Chiron was one of the energies.   Now here we are this summer and it is remarkable that we have Chiron in Aries and another Chicago Democratic convention and again an unsettled feeling with high stakes.     


Chiron connects to where we have self-wounds.  In our personal charts we look at Chiron and the house and learn something about our self-wounding.   There is an insecurity, feeling like we ‘can’t’ quite get it figured out is Chiron.   Chiron in Aries it is about being the ‘first’, issues of independence, starting fires, getting out there and going a new way.   And none of it easy or gentle.    We will see stories that speak to those themes.   It will not be smooth.  It will be bumpy.  But in it there is still something that is healing.    For those people who have planets between 19 and 24 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you may have already felt the stresses of Chiron since April 1 as it zapped your planet(s).   During the retrograde (July 26 and December 29) Chiron will drive over those planets again and then after it stations direct it will go over them a third time in the beginning of 2025 until it clears the shadow on April 21, 2025.   I can raise my hand as one who has a planet in those degrees, and it was rough.  But I did get through it.  I can see my own screw up in the mix and will have to do all I can to not repeat some of the hurdles.  


Here is a good link where you can learn about Chiron in your personal chart.


Astrology for week of July 21 - July 26


July 21, 2024

Full Moon

3:17am PDT  

29 Capricorn 09  


Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually, emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us. There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you?  


Focus on   See Separate Post.  



Special focus 

7/21 : Venus sextile Jupiter.  Opportunities around love and money.  Big ideas meet creativity.   

7/21 : Mercury square Uranus.  Thinking and communication that is disjointed.  Saying something shocking. Rigidity thinking appears problematic.   Disruption. 

7/21 : Sun trine Neptune.   Dynamic energies that are inspired.   Joyful opportunities.  Dreams maybe realized.   

7/21 : Mars trine Pluto.  Actions that are deep and penetrating.  Focused and disciplined actions are a benefit.  

7/22: Sun in Leo 

7/22: Sun opposes Pluto.  (see separate post)




July 24, 2024 

10:52am PDT        



Focus on:   How are you sharing your compassion?  How are you sharing your humanitarianism?  How are you sharing your mysticism?   How are you sharing faith?   



Special focus:

7/25: Mercury enters Virgo  

7/25: Sun sextile Mars.   Strong sense of self and actions that need to be done. Opportunities today that may come in a random way.  

7/26:  Chiron Retrograde 6:58am PDT  (see separate post) 



Capricorn Full Moon -- Number 2! July 21, 2024 3:17am PDT


Capricorn Full Moon

July 21, 2024 at 3:17 AM 

29 Cap 08 

This is our second Capricorn full moon or blue moon (when there are two full moons in one month.)   On June 21, we had a full moon at 1 degree Capricorn and now we have this full moon at 29 degrees.  

Capricorn is where we get our pragmaticism on.  We are about practical results.   We look at structures and systems that make up our life which were built by our own efforts or built by others.    On the Cap full moon, we look around and ask if our systems and processes are working?  Do we need to rebuild our structures because they are not working?    You may ask, what structure can I improve that will make my life easier.  Capricorn lives for results.  Living in partly broken-down systems is not appealing. 

The Moon has a trine with Mars in Taurus which is perfect for tapping energy.   Mars in Taurus provides sure and steady support.   This three-day full moon window is an opportunity for galvanizing energy that connects to our emotions.   We raise our head from our cozy home and personal life (Sun in Cancer) and ponder where we are in our world.  As much as we want to hang out in our childlike or childish patterns, we are adults, and we have responsibilities.  On the Cap full moon, we think about our goals and ambitions.    We may feel the calling to finally ‘Just Do it’ –on something that has been important, but we have not given it priority up to now.    Capricorn understands priorities, we gotta do stuff and we don’t just let our emotions keep us on the couch because “I don’t feel like doing it.’    Don’t be surprised if you take care of a lot of important business during this three-day phase. 

 At the same time there is also Moon trine Uranus which emphasizes novelty, things that are unique and offers an out of the blue spontaneity or weirdness.   What efforts we take this full moon will go long if we tap something fresh, unique and new.     We will want to lean into breaking new ground and modernization.  But also respect anyone or any system that has worked in the past.   It has value.  It might not be needed now but it should be honored so we can remember the humans as we head deeper into technology (ruled by Uranus).   

There is also an out of sign conjunction of Moon with Pluto in Aquarius and the day after the full moon, the Sun perfects an opposition to Pluto. 

 A planet as potent as Pluto even if it is an out of sign conjunction will inform a moon very similar to what we see in nature.   In marshes and lagoons there is often brackish water which is when fresh water meets sea water.    Both waters have strong sources – perhaps a freshwater stream that flows out of a mountain miles away joins a marsh near the coast where tidal waves lap in from a salted sea.   This brackish water is not as fresh as it was at the mountain, but in the marsh, it also has less saline than the water in the ocean.   The brackish marsh creates a unique environment with specialized plant and animal species that have adapted to these conditions.  The new flow coming from Pluto in Aquarius is swirling around in 2024 as Pluto prepares for its final retrograde into Capricorn where it has been since 2008.   After November Pluto won’t return to Capricorn for 200+ years.   Pluto’s power comes from a deep need to evolve.     This full moon at 29 degrees of Capricorn suggests a letting go but also honors and respects those who work hard and are responsible.   While we appreciate the freshness of group thinking with Aquarius, we must not ditch all we have learned since 2008.   This full moon may showcase something important that will come up between September 1 and November 19 when Pluto returns to 29 degrees of Capricorn.  On July 22 when the Sun perfects its opposition with Pluto in Aquarius it will again emphasize the power, we bring to life force when we evolve.    In the meantime, we are in this brackish period where we are not done with Capricorn not fully engaged with Aquarius.   Many of us may experience curious situations and encounters and many of us may ping pong between the two energies that are conservative or status quo and revolutionary.   What will we see in the news that is strange and different?    How will we honor the unicorn surrounded by the horses.   

My eagle eye friend Ann noted to me that the last time we had two Capricorn full moons was June and July 1994 at the same degrees we are experiencing now.    In 1994 it was the summer of OJ Simpson, Prince Charles documentary where he discusses his long relationship outside of his marriage and curiously after 27 years Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza.     Consider what was going on in your life in the summer of 94.  

One final note, Mercury in Leo is squaring Uranus in Taurus on the same day as the full moon.  Our thoughts are dramatic and perhaps sharp.   Our conversation could be so disjointed and weird that it may cause severe damage.    If red lights are flashing within you, you may want to avoid crazy tone or perhaps it is time for you to have weird thoughts and odd conversations.     Only you know the answer.    There is a chaos in the thinking and conversations. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Democratic - The USA Presidential Race - The Natal Charts

Joe Biden's chart from Astro Charts
Time of birth is rated excellent. 

Joe has Sun in Scorpio  Moon in Taurus and Sagittarius Ascendent 

Kamala Harris chart from Astro Charts  Time of birth rated excellent

Kamala has Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries, Gemini Ascendent 

GOP - The USA Presidential Race - The Natal Charts


Donald Trump's chart from Astro Charts. 
Time of birth is rated excellent source.  

At this point I am pretty sure everyone knows Donald Trump has Sun in Gemini,  Moon in Sagittarius and Leo Ascendent.     

JD Vance chart from Arcadia Charts 
Time of birth is unknown.   

JD Vance has Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra (exact degree unknown).   Ascendent unknown.   

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Mercury On Our Radar


Mercury is not retrograde but on July 16 we will go into the shadow period.  The retrograde starts on August 4 and it will return back to the degree it was on July 16.    We should prepare for some of the issues that come up between July 15 - Aug 4 will be revisited two more times until the shadow ends on September 11.   

Mercury’s Journey 

July 16 – Mercury enters shadow 8:52pm PDT  

Aug 4 – Mercury station retrograde 9:56pm PDT 4 Virgo 06

August 18:  Mercury conjunct Sun (Cazimi) 6:58pm PDT 26 Leo 35

August 28: Mercury station direct 2:14pm PDT 21 Leo 24

Sept 11: Mercury leaves shadow 4:52pm PDT 


Astrology for July 14 - 20


We are still in the zone of pressure and heat with Mars approaching its conjunction with unstable Uranus and fixed star Algol.    Then on July 18 - July 20 we get some breaks with a few lovely aspects by Sun, Venus and Mars.   Hopefully that will soothe some of our nerves.     

First Quarter Moon 

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that support your relationship(s)?  How are you negotiating your emotions and your relationship (s)?  What actions can you take that are focused on more balance in your life?  



Special Note


7/14 Moon enters Scorpio 7:52am PDT 

7/15 : Sun Square Chiron.  Family, emotions versus independence.  Healing feels hard but is still needed.    

7/15 : Mars conjunct Uranus  (see separate post -hot



Gibbous Moon

July 17, 2024  

2:33pm PDT    




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions.   How are we perfecting our goals? 


Focus on:  What refining can you do that broadens your knowledge?  What refining can be done to expand your world?  What refining can be done to bring in a different POV?  Perhaps a ‘foreign’ perspective or experience? 



Special focus

7/18 : Sun sextile Uranus.  Sensitive, emotional lead to practical breakthroughs. 

7/18 : Mercury trine Chiron.  Creative thinking is inspired by dynamic independence.  Fire resolve proceeds healing.  

7/19 : Venus trine North Node.  Independence in creativity, money, love benefits by some drama and personal flair. 

7/20 : Mars sextile Neptune. Actions that are inspired and tap spirituality and woo-woo.  

7/20 : Mars enter Gemini.   Six weeks of fast-moving actions, lots of communication.  Lots of pivoting.  

Astrology of July 13. Mid Way Through a Rough Patch

This spring, I was having coffee with some astrologers and we were discussing the summer bumpy aspects including the Aquarius full moon.   I did not have the chart in front of me but I asked if anyone knew if it had a conjunction with Pluto.   Someone said, "No it's a later degree, squaring Uranus".    The whole table responded, "Ugh".     I said, "Check the date of Democratic Convention"  - Someone grabbed their phone.   It was the same date.    We all agreed that was a crap day for a political convention.       Later when I got home I looked up the Mars conjunction with Uranus in July and saw it was on the GOP convention.     More ugh.    No surprise that astrologer Rick Levine mused in his monthly astro report for July that there were plenty of decent enough days this summer  to have political conventions but if you could avoid two weekends it would be July 15 and August 19th.   Sigh.   It is clear no one in either party has an astrologer on payroll.    

On my Cancer new moon report (and I am sure every mundane astrologer's reports), I went long on Mars/Uranus/Algol conjunction for July 15.   I mentioned events that happened the last time the two hooked up in 2022: 

"Just before the 2022 conjunction the former Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated, there was a major earthquake in Philippines and al-Qaeda’s leader who took over after Osma bin Laden’s death was killed in an airstrike by CIA.     No one can say Mars and Uranus conjunctions are subtle."

And so it was, that yesterday in the run up to the July 15 date we had more 'not subtle'.  As of this writing, candidate Donald Trump was the victim of an attempted assassination.  Trump was wounded and one person sitting in the stands was killed.    We do not know a lot about the gunman, who was killed, except that he was 20, from Pittsburgh and has no criminal record and apparently is registered in the GOP party.   What seems to be the biggest question of all is: How did this happen?   And what is going on with the protocols of the Secret Service?  

When looking at the chart for the event I was struck by the Moon in Libra square Sun in Cancer and thought how these actions strike at the core of the USA which is also a Cancer given its July 4 birthday.  Americans want our candidates to be safe, not just in abstract or just for show (Libra) but we really want them to be protected (Cancer).  And when that fails,  it hurts our country.    Projected against Trump's chart we see the Mars Uranus conjunction in the 10th house, the house of business, structures and systems.    This puts the Secret Service in the hot seat.   How was a young man able to climb a roof with a rifle that has a stage view of a presidential rally?      The truth is the Secret Service has had a very mixed record.  

I would not be surprised if this event means a huge overhaul of the Secret Service.   Remember Pluto is retrograde and heading for its final months in Capricorn where it was when the USA was founded.   We still have pipes in our system that need cleaning.    Also, Jupiter elevated in the 10th house suggests luck protected both Trump and many others who could have been killed. 

This may be 'the' incident associated associated with the July 15th's conjunction however there is still the issue of calls for Joe Biden to leave the ticket which began after his terrible performance at the late June debate.   Will those effots to push for Biden to exit gather more steam or has the oxygen left the room?  Unclear but then we are not done with our bumps in July and we still have the bumps in August and of course that Aquarius full moon on August 19th at a convention in Chicago.   Let's put up a sign that says, "Watch This Space."  

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Rick Levine - SoulFood Coffee House - July 5th -YouTube


I am a big fan of astrologer Rick Levine and have been following him for many years.  He is on several formats including Patreon, Astrology Hub,YouTube and other podcasts such as Chris Brennan's Astrology Podcast.    His most casual (semi unstructured) regular event is his first Friday of the month at SoulFood Coffee in Redmond Washington.  

I recommend this video to hear his take on July's astro forecast.  I appreciated the deep work he did on Mars/Uranus conjunction in the past 100 years. 

Mars-Uranus-Algol - Hottest Astro Event. July 15, 2024


Sky View Lite 

Mars & Uranus & Algol HOTTER Zone


Between Venus and Sun oppose Pluto, and the Mars trine Pluto, we also will have the roughest aspect of the summer.   Mars conjunction Uranus on July 15 at 26 Taurus.  Additionally it be on top of fixed star Algol at 26 Taurus.    

Every two years Mars forms a conjunction with Uranus.   Mars brings its warrior and Uranus leans into its rebel.   Since 2018 Uranus has been in Taurus and its first Mars conjunction was in January 2021 about two weeks after January 6 insurrection.  Rebel meet warrior.    Just before the 2022 conjunction the former Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated, there was a major earthquake in Philippines and al-Qaeda’s leader who took over after Osma bin Laden’s death was killed in an airstrike by CIA.     No one can say Mars and Uranus conjunctions are subtle. 


This round we have the added tension of Agol.   I do not focus on fixed stars in my astrology writings, but I trust those who do work with them.  And while I may not hang with those stars, I do know some of the stories and myths and by all measures Algol is one of the more toxic.  Algol is connected to Medusa and her sinister hair of snakes.  The word ghoul is derivative of Algol.   The star relates to decapitations.  Yeah, like I said a nasty star.  Pluto in Aquarius is also about decapitations since The French Revolution and the Guillotine were featured during the last Pluto in Aquarius.  It is worth noting that there is also a figurative interpretation which is someone brought down from power without being killed and it is not necessarily royal as in the other centuries.  Politicians, CEO’s or celebrities could get caught in a career ending situation.      


Anyway you cut it, this Mars Uranus conjunction with Algol is tough.  And the fact it is happening in the middle of Moon in Taurus square Pluto and after Venus oppose Pluto and just before Sun oppose Pluto…well it is a lot of red lights blinking.    Let me remind you I am not speaking about personal charts.   This tumult is mundane, meaning of the world.  The event(s) can be significant.    


These aspects during the Cancer lunar month remind us to ride our feelings and emotions like guided river raft trip.  We could go up and down, over the rocks, in swift waters but it all depends on how we lean and how we hold on and how we ride our emotions and feelings. 

Vivi's Los Angeles Astro Salon Meet Up - July 28



Astrologer Vivi Henriette has been putting together meet ups for local LA astrologers for the last year.  I went to a couple of these meet ups and really enjoyed letting my hair down and getting in the astro weeds with other astrologers.  

Now these meet ups are official and welcome to all who want to talk astro.   The first official Los Angeles Astro Salon will be Tuesday, July 23 at 7pm PDT at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz. 

Read about Event   Ticket Price: This event is Free with RSVP on Eventbrite, limited to thirty-five persons max in the Lecture Room. We suggest a donation of $5 - $10 to help PRS maintain its historic space.

Put it on your calendar!   Hope to see you. 


Saturday, July 6, 2024

Astrology for the Week of July 6 - July 13


We are fresh from yesterday’s new moon (7/5).   As always with new moons, take these first three days to start projects or new endeavors and  given it’s cancer new moon consider projects that satisfy or can utilize your emotions.   


This focus:    What are my emotions and feelings telling me about my needs?  Where do I need nurturing?  How am I providing comfort and nurturing for others?  Where is my family?   Where is my history?  How do my needs fit in all of it?   How can I find forgiveness and gentleness in the next 29 days?  


Special note:

7/5 : Venus square Chiron :  Values around family challenged by healing that comes from more independence 

7/8: Venus sextile Uranus.  Joy, creativity, unusual opportunities. Dynamic out of the blue action brings new support. 

7/8: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  Thinking and communicating has optimism.  Broadening our thinking is positive and opportunistic. 

7/8: Mercury trine north node:  Thinking and communication that is independent and fierce provides opportunities. 



Crescent Moon Phase

July 9, 12:53pm PDT



Focus on: What are you learning about your ability to serve?  What are you learning about dotting I’s and crossing T’s?  What are you learning that speaks to daily routines?   What are you learning about taking care of details?  What are you learning about being more efficient? 



Special Focus

7/10: Sun trine Saturn:  Structuring emotions supports compassion, creativity and spirituality.  Great energy help family and emotional matters. 

7/11: Venus trine Neptune.  Joy, creativity, gentleness and humanitarian meets cozy personal needs.  

7/11 Venus enters Leo 

7/12: Venus oppose Pluto.   (see separate post) 


The Pluto Hot Zone - July 2024


I know I am a broken record and I apologize for repeating this topic.  But every month we benefit by looking at any planetary aspect with Pluto.  Pluto has just begun its twenty-year journey in Aquarius, and we can get an idea of our new territory by watching any contacts from the Moon and other planets with Pluto.    I call this…


Pluto Hot Zone 


7/6   Moon enter Leo 8:55pm PDT

7/12 Venus oppose Pluto (1 degree 07’)

7/14 Moon enters Scorpio 7:52am PDT 

7/21 Moon enters Aquarius 4:42am PDT

7/21 Mars trine Pluto (00 degree 54’)

7/21 Sun enter Leo 

7/22 Sun oppose Pluto (00 degree 54) 

7/27 Moon enters Taurus 10:22am PDT 


The moon moves very fast and gets through a sign in 2.5 days.  When the Moon moves into the fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus) it will get into a tussle with Pluto and then later a tense aspect with Uranus.  Around all those Moon dates watch the news for big stories that speak to cracks and fissures and disruptions.   Tech could be an issue since it Pluto is in Aquarius.  There could be issues between community against rigid behaviors that may have outgrown practicality.   I remember hearing years ago the adage, “Death is easy, birth is a bitch” These Pluto-Uranus aspects strike that chord of disruption, death and rebirth.


Once a year Venus opposes Pluto.   In 2023 Venus in Leo opposed Pluto in its first dip into Aquarius.   This took place at the beginning of June.   At that time two movies were beginning their promotional tour.   Leo rules films and movie stars.  Leo is big, Leo is bold, Drama is Leo.   Okay, sounds good.  But still, what did it mean for Venus in Leo to oppose Pluto in Aquarius for the first time since its last ‘first time’ on June 12, 1778?   

About a week after that aspect in the 18th century, the French went to war with the British (Bourbon War) which helped America win the Revolutionary War.  That’s some drama.    But what about 2023?  After the aspect, Venus turned retrograde, and the movies Barbie and Oppenheimer were released.    Barbenheimer was so huge of an event that it dominated the whole summer.   The only spectacle that could have possibly overshadowed it would have been if a UFO landing on the Eiffel Tower.   It appears Venus in Leo oppose Pluto in Aquarius was made for our modern era of tiktok, IG and everything in between.     It is unclear what this round will bring us on July 12 but prepare for social media to be on fire mid-July.  


On July 22, we will also get an annular Sun opposition Pluto.   Stress testing ego (Leo) and community (Aquarius) interests once again.   Heroes being plucked from the masses seems possible.  Finding self in the middle of the emotions in big groups will be challenging.    Cults will be challenged but so will persons steeped in self-centeredness.   


These aspects by any measure are a lot of sturm und drang.   Luckily, offering some ballast to the drama is a beautiful trine between Mars and Pluto on July 21.  Mars in Gemini knows how to pivot, move fast, assimilate new data and inspire quick actions that support Pluto’s need for evolution.   This will be helpful to offset the tough aspects.     

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Cancer New Moon July 5, 2024


July 5, 2024  3:57pm PDT 

Cancer New Moon 

14 Cancer 23 

As I put together the chart for the Cancer New Moon and the astrology aspects for the next 29 days I am not going to lie, I gulped.   I knew the outer aspects for 2024 and began writing about them in late 2023 but it is not until we are closer to the new moon that I put the inner planets aspects into the chart and start to breathe the lunar month.     This month our emotions and feelings will be front and center.   We use them to guide us.   When the world hits turbulence like it will given the aspects in front of us (remember my gulp) we will need our feelings and emotions.   

You will find my full report HERE.  

You ride your raft, I will ride my raft and we'll see each other in Leo.  




Saturday, June 29, 2024

Astrology of July 1 - July 5.



We continue the Last Quarter moon on July 1.  This is the phase where we look back at the new moon of June 6-9 and consider any actions we need to do now that support what we started back then.   We also take a moment and reflect on how much we have had to pivot in the last three weeks?  How did our day start one way and ended up in a completely different manner by the end of the day?   How did we adapt?   Was it hard?  Was it easy?  Did we do it right away?  Or did it take us a beat?    All of that adaptability shows our skills on survival.   Now on this last quarter moon we consider if there are other adaptations we need to do?   


It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.



Focus on:

Where is there a place for you to share your independence?   Where do you need self-agency?   What actions can you take that have a fiery resolve?   How does all of this bring fresh information that impacts your communication? 


This week we have two contacts with Pluto.   


June 30: Moon square Pluto 

July 3: Mercury oppose Pluto  


As we discussed at the new moon, there are Hot Zones each month when there all planetary contacts with Pluto.  This inform us of the new terrain we are in with Pluto’s journey in Aquarius.  It is not meek or mild.  It could rattle deep inside us on a personal level (especially for folks with planets at 0-2 Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) and we will see it in the news as well.      





On July 2 the moon moves into balsamic phase and we release all that we have processed in the last month.   This includes are stubbornness.    Also, on July 2 Neptune begins its annual retrograde.   There is a lot of planetary aspects in the balsamic phase which will be stimulating and perhaps helps us in the process of ‘releasing’.   


Finally on July 5, the Cancer New Moon launches moving us into our ‘feeling’ month.   That report will be coming up in the next couple of days.  




Balsamic Moon Phase


July 2, 2024 

1:48 am PDT 


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on:  How are you releasing stubbornness?  How are you releasing rigidity? How is it healing to let go of inflexibility?   



Special focus:


7/2: Neptune station retrograde 29 Pisces 56 (see separate post) 

7/2: Mercury trine Neptune.  Thinking of love and beauty and joy  

7/2: Mercury enter Leo

7/2: Sun square North Node.  Emotions and family versus independence.  How can we find the new path?  

7/2: Venus trine Saturn. Practical support to all we love and value. 

7/3: Mercury oppose Pluto (see Hot Zone)  

7/5: Mars sextile Saturn.  Concrete actions that tap our faith and spirituality.  



Cancer New Moon July 5, 3:57 pm 14 Cancer 23 

Neptune Station Retrograde: July 2, 3:40am PDT



March11: Neptune enter shadow 

July 2:       Neptune station retrograde 29 Pisces 56

Dec 7:        Neptune station direct 27 Pisces 08 

March 28: Neptune exit shadow 


Neptune begins his annual retrograde at the end of the Gemini lunar month.    It is interesting that in one of the most logical signs, Gemini, Neptune, the gassy, vague, muted, fuzzy planet turns retrograde in Pisces, the vague and softest sign.   By the time of this retrograde we already have teacher nun Saturn retrograde in Pisces and now we get Neptune going backwards.    Sure, this is all clear as mud.   

Neptune and Saturn retrograde are getting the last drops out Pisces before they go into Aries next year.   Neptune is going to have to shed its cloak of ‘vague’, when it transits into hot ass and bright Aries.    Like a human spelunking in a deep wet cave and then exiting into a hot desert that is what is going to happen next year when Neptune moves into Aries.     Our psyches will be drawn to something hot and stark and independent next year but now at this retrograde Neptune retreats to the cave.  Between now and December 7 during Neptune retrograde we will be doing one more round of tapping our inner landscape.  Where do we find our intuition, our creativity and our humanitarian?   How do we access those kind, gentle energies?   It could serve us later when we are in stark bright experiences and need to remember the power of tapping our quiet.  

Monday, June 24, 2024

Astrology for Week Monday June 24 - 30


We start off the week, continuing the Capricorn full moon which began on June 21.    Our emotions may be cold but powerful as we tackle everything that comes up with a pragmatic response.   We continue to process our place in the world and how to use our emotions to take care of business.   


On the 25th we move to Disseminating.   




June 25, 2024 

2:53 pm PDT        



Focus on:   How are you sharing your gratitude to friends?   How do they impact your communication?   How do they keep your facts fresh and accurate?   How is technology keeping your facts on the ground accurate? 



Special focus:

6/26: Venus square N Node.  Personal actions in conflict with love.  Finding love that connects with emotions and family versus personal agency.  

6/26: Mercury trine Saturn.  Solid thinking and communication build a bridge from intuition to reality.  



Last Quarter Moon Phase

June 28, 2024 

2:53pm  PDT    



Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


Focus on:

Where is there a place for you to share your independence?   Where do you need self-agency?   What actions can you take that have a fiery resolve?   How does all of this bring fresh information that impacts your communication? 



Special focus 

6/28: Venus sextile Mars.   Love and actions are in synch.  New opportunities may present themselves.  

6/29: Saturn station retrograde 19 Pisces 26 (see separate post) 

6/29: Mercury sextile Uranus.  Great ideas that come out of the blue.  Breakthroughs in thinking.   

 6/30: Moon square Pluto.  Tension is high.  Friends are in the mix.