Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The other side of the eclipse

How was the weekend for you? What did you have to rise above? What did you observe? What did you say? What did you not say? What did you feel in your gut?
whast did you feel about your roots?

I was cooking on all burners over here and it was not easy.

I felt like I was processing so much information that my head was spinning and
I had to find my inner yogi every day and then of course try like heck not to run him over with the car.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lunar Eclipse--Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse -June 26, 7:31am EDT

Are you feeling the eclipse yet? You should be or as my friend Carol said, “Gad the eclipse is hitting us already....can't believe an East Coast earthquake, the uncapping of the BP well and McChrystal all on the same day”. To Carol I said, “ No kidding!”

The pressure has been mounting all week and I anticipate the energy we experience this week and weekend will have long lasting effects. Accent on “long”. Remember we have been discussing the cardinal cross/crisis/climax all year and this weekend’s Lunar eclipse is part of it. The Full Moon is at 5 degrees Cancer (sun) and Capricorn (Moon). A full moon is when the sun is opposite the moon and of course the tensions of Full Moons are legendary. Talk to an E.R. staff about what goes on in their world during a full moon and you’ll hear a lot of drama with or without George Clooney. Now with an eclipse, the full moon goes on steroids because the Lunar Nodes are over shadowed by the Sun. The drive to be responsible, to be mature, to be prudent are out gunned by the emotional, moody and fluctuating desires.

I won’t bog us down too much on the North and South Nodes but ever since August of 2009 when the North Node moved out of Aquarius and into Capricorn we have been striving to be more mature and sober. We went from “Kumbaya, whatever the group wants” to, “wait a minute what is MY responsibility?” In one fell swoop we all knew, deep inside of us it was time to be our own CEO, our own boss our own Father. We basically, all grew up and said, “I’ve got to be an adult.” Curiously, as we process out our own responsibilities we also are asking bigger questions about government. What is government’s role? Can it be managed? And who is working for whom? We will continue to work on this energy until March 2011 when the nodes change signs. But in the mean time the north Node in Capricorn will not be without its challenges and one of them is this Lunar Eclipse.

The Sun in Cancer wants to be fluid, it wants to be emotional it thinks all answers lie it its feelings. I am the first person to tell a friend, “What does your gut tell you?” But there is a difference between gut and feelings and if you don’t know the difference ---now would be the weekend to discern between the two of them. Feelings have both fear and hope in them, the gut is actually “a knowing”. Can you find it?

Additionally, with this lunar eclipse we have the Moon on Pluto. By itself this puts emphasis on power and how we access it or how we run from it. Of course both responses are reliant on character.

As we know the squares taking place this summer are focused on the cardinal points---and with this eclipse, the Sun & Mercury & South Node in Cancer opposes Pluto & Moon and North Node in Capricorn. Then over in Aries we have the conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter squaring Moon & Pluto and ----squaring Sun & Mercury. Uranus and Jupiter are demanding breakthroughs and rebellion and they will do it THEIR way. Because it is in the sign Aries the accent is on rash behavior. Not particularly thought out. Of course, the square aspect is not subtle. It will bring out a concrete hurdle and or crisis. Some of that tension will probably manifest through Mercury which puts emphasis on communication or ‘miscommunication’. Prepare for someone to say something that pisses off others, many will not be able to rise above calling the offender on their poor comment. Who will probably hide behind “Truth” but what we know is truth is really relative and those who are “just telling the truth or stating the ‘obvious’ may not be either. Because like beauty, truth is in the beholder. And since these cardinal energies are perhaps our most primal signs, the truth we all seek is not outside but inside. Meaning, a person can say what is truth or not but in every one of us, ‘our gut knows what is real.”

Expect some people to reach out way beyond their comfort zone as they deal with stuff. There may be real actions based on other reactions. Some of us will access the power of Pluto and take the elevator way, way down and shift things on their core. Great. Others will take the elevator and get depressed. Whatever path you take is fine as long as it is different. Remember, Uranus and Jupiter is demanding a new path.

At the same time Saturn is in the last degrees of Virgo so it is not yet there in the Libra the other cardinal sign but it is still in the mix of the square. The Sun is a wide Square to Saturn but Mercury is a much closer square. Again, emotions will feel pressured and our tongues could be sharp especially as we see the negative actions around us. And of course, Saturn is opposing Jupiter and Uranus. Father (Saturn) is angry at what he considers his mouthy son a rebel without a cause (Uranus). What he doesn’t know is that there is a cause; there is a root to the problem and the reason for the behavior. It doesn’t make it right but still there is something there. This weekend ask where can find discipline in my daily life? How is my diet? How are my structures holding up? Where are the holes in my system? Where are the fault zones? Where do I need to find a breakthrough? Where can I expand? Where can I find a place in the greater world? Where can we find family? What is my relationship with big business? Is it working? Is it not? Watch for power plays. Is it your boss? Is it your country? Is it the patriarch in your family or family of choice? What can I learn from it? How am I looking for power? Where are you trying to find it? What are you willing to do for it?

I take pause that the Global 20 are meeting this weekend. Sigh.

Fight the good fight and breathe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bit bumpy

I'm getting to this post late (had hoped to have posted yesterday) but nonetheless, we are in a bit of a bumpy cycle starting today, June 19th. At 9:18am the Sun squares Saturn This is crunchy aspect. Tension, rough stuff comes up, differences of opinion (no kidding with Gemini and Virgo in the mix). Cranky and a bit twisted energy. We get some softening in the evening at 8:21p with a lovely gentle aspect between Sun trine Neptune. This is a nice perk, spirit moves in guiding us in ways that we could need. Inspired by the muses for sure but perhaps just inspired by anything.

On Monday June 20th, the Sun enters Cancer on Summer solstice at 7:29am. The chart for the solstice is tough in that the sun squares Jupiter and squares Uranus (exact at 8:27pm) in Aries and still is squaring Saturn in Virgo (from Saturday). This is part of the cardinal cross energy we are experiencing this summer. Yes, the center of the crosses is in July and August but this patch of aspects during this week including the Solstice are tense. Crisis will be pronounced. Without bogging you too far down in astrotalk, consider the Sun like a scout, he is going off before the others get there taking temperatures, watching for enemy incoming attacks, taking hits for the team before the team gets there---Watch what comes up this week in the world and what comes up in you personally and consider this may be part of energies you will have to work out further in July and August.

On Wednesday, June 23 The Sun squares Jupiter exact at 9:21am. More of that same tension from earlier in the week. Opinions will be loud. Righteousness and fighting words. Family versus breaking free. Tensions and crisis continue as people want to be liberated versus wanting to protect what they have.

On Friday June 25 the Sun will oppose Pluto. This is our second pass of Sun opposed Pluto since Pluto's move into Capricorn in 2008. It is hard to separate this energy for the tension and crises of this whole week. Family versus career. Public versus private. Tribal versus big community. Corporate versus home. Food issues. Crisis perhaps later followed by breakthrough.

Then on Saturday June 26 we have a big fat Lunar eclipse. More on that later in the week.

Friday, June 18, 2010

EMP and Sun bursts

Over at her site, Lynn Hayes has posted an interesting angle on Jupiter & Uranus and how it is tied to more solar flares.

Solar scientists met last week to discuss the higher levels of solar activity that are likely as we move out of the Solar Minimum of the past few years. The head of NASA's Heliophysics Division says "our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms."

Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/astrologicalmusings/2010/06/the-sun-is-waking-up.html#ixzz0rD2Oqc1y

I have mentioned it a few times on this site that the solar maximum (the part of the sun with more spots) will be facing earth in and around 2012. Last month a satellite came crashing to Earth after a flare and wiped out cable in several states. Coincidentally, over at Huffington Post, there is posting about EMP which ties into a show on the NatGeo channel about EMP, Electrocmagnetic Pulse that I watched this week.
"In less than a billionth of a second, the electrical intensity on Earth's surface would become so hot that microchips would fry, power lines would overload and the electric grid would collapse," says National Geographic, describing . "Everything with microelectronics in it would stop: your car, your computer, the subway. There would be no electricity."

Learn more about what would happen if an EMP bomb were ever detonated in the video below, then find out more about solar flares.



While I had it on my husband was at his computer. Slowly as the information unfolded my husband turned from his emails and joined me in watching what would happen if either the sun's solar flares hit us with a huge gamma wave pulse or if Iran/North Korea set off a bomb. My husband and I immediately discussed what would be our plan to get out of the city. Bikes! By the way, cars won't work after an EMP because all the electronics will be useless. It is all about finding a place where you can grow food! Note to self---buy seeds! lordy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A peek at the week

On Flag Day Monday (6/14) Venus moves into hotly dramatic Leo. Values of strength, courage, bravery, valor with a little bravado and a lot of theater will be showcased. See how the energy shifts this day especially since as soon as Venus moves into Leo it gets a slap on the back from crazy Uranus who says, "I've got you covered." Expect someone to get out in front and be brave about something.

On Tuesday Venus will make a trine with Jupiter which will definitely be felt on wall street. Truly an inflationary moment to say the least.

And Mars trines Pluto in the morning of Tuesday which will be felt most of this week. When those two get together and face the world, they mean business which is the right word when talking about Virgo and Capricorn. I think there will be a real move out there by someone perhaps a real leader in business who presents a solution, guidance in some important area. It will get noted by many.

On Thursday June 17 there is a snarky aspect between Venus and Pluto which will push relationships and money a wee bit.

Saturday begins a rocky period with the Sun but we'll talk about that later.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the Spirit of Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

So, here we are with Jupiter and Uranus on top of each other. New beginning, new thoughts, you get the drill. And with a push by Gemini New Moon I wanted to share this email my friend sent me. For those who made it through the end of my New Moon article you may have seen it but I had to post it in smaller print (it was getting so long). But here in easy to read font is the email my friend sent regarding BP. Lots to think about and start doing.

Most of us (everyone I know, at least) are completely
devestated by the environmental destruction in the
gulf of Mexico ( and soon to spread elsewhere).
But while British Petroleum and Transocean are the
culprits, let's be honest, we are all responsible, we are
all at fault. And we know it.

We all use way, way, way too much fossil fuels in the
form of energy, plastics, chemicals and fertilizers, etc.
And while BP and Transocean have committed an
unspeakable crime on too many levels to even count
here -- we can all do something to help, because they

Let's take this awful moment - a truly awful moment -
and finally say - this is the moment, the moment in time,
when we all finally say it is time to truly begin to get
off of fossil fuels.

This won't be easy, and it won't be quick.
But it is time. There is nothing to recommend that we
stay on our path. Sure, fossil fuels have gotten us
around, lighted our lights, heated our homes. Not too
shabby. But we know it has to end.

Please, everyone: let's make something positive out of
this atrocity. Thank you & God Bless.

10 Easy Easy Ways to Save Energy
(This is a start - this is a beginning)

1. If you haven't already, please get off the water
bottle, unless you're in a situation where you have no
choice (if that's too much for you, at least stop buying
water from Europe & the South Pacific, buy local

2. Take a military shower once a week (if you don't
know what that is, it's: water on, water off, lather up,
rinse off). Maybe do it twice a week.

3. Eat vegetarian or even vegan a couple of times a
week. Eat as little red meat as you can.

4. Dim your computer screen - it doesn't need to be on
full bright for you to use it.

5. Dim your screen when you walk away from your
computer - just turn it all the way down.

6. Coast - roll to red lights most of the time, if you're
not running really late - avoid jack-rabbit starts.

7. Skip a meal once or twice a week.

8. Use gift bags instead of wrapping paper - they can
be re-used.

9. If you're a boss, let some of your most trusted,
hardest working employees work from home 1 day
a week. Most of them get just as much work done from
home as they do in the office, because there can be
less distractions.

10. Set up a clothes line in your backyard.
I lied, there are 12:

11. Bombard your politicians, on all levels, that we're
not going to take this anymore - they have to start
making changes. Oil doesn't make sense anymore.

12. Come up with more ideas.
This is the moment we have all been (reluctantly)
waiting for. There is no more time to waste.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gemini New Moon 2010

Happy New Moon. It is a "bitchin'" new moon but not in the way you think.

As always I post the whole article over on Margaret's website which you can find HERE

Here is a snippet---go to link for full article

“A bitchin’ time’

Greatly coloring this cycle is The Sun/Moon in Gemini in harsh aspect to Saturn in Virgo. Saturn by itself has an uncanny ability to see the glass half empty 90 percent of the time. Virgo is the pickiest sign of the zodiac. A square is a tough aspect and finally Gemini for all its smarts and shrewdness can be critical (although it doesn’t see itself that way they just think they are inquisitive.) So, let’s do that math---Saturn: negative; Virgo: picky; Square: tough and Gemini: critical. See a theme? In short, we should prepare ourselves to hear a lot of bitching and complaining this cycle. We’ll hear it from loved ones, employees, co workers, our doctors, our neighbors, the checker at our market, the guy that parks our car, in short pretty much anybody who is breathing. And yes that includes us. We too will be full of bitching.

Adding to that, Mars who finally (after many months) moved out of Leo and into Virgo a few days ago is in square to Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) in Gemini. So, here we are again, more critical energy between Virgo Square Gemini. But, in this case, Mars is the warrior and Mercury is the Mind and they are at odds with each other. This puts a spin on our 28 days cycle of bitching and complaining--- we will be a mouthy bunch with a lot short fuses! “Incoming! Duck!” My suggestion is everyone put on their Kevlar suit because the words coming out of everyone’s mouth will be very sharp. And some of the actions will be harsh---think flying daggers.

Also there is one distinction that should be made--- under this energy people will complain and bitch but it’s not simply whining. Virgo and Gemini need stimulation that is why they like to poke and stoke. Whining for the sake of whining is not enough. Mars which makes all its moves based on its gut and will be compelled in one direction while Mercury will be compelled in another direction. Both planets fighting to micromanage all our thinking and all of our actions. The tension will be palpable and people will release it is through a lot of snappy comments and perhaps ill conceived reactions. Even people who never say anything mean will be calling others all kinds of things. You should expect to hear “What the eff?!!” throughout the cycle. God knows assaults could be high.

I also would expect the rhetoric in the media to be super high. Everyone with an opinion will be asked to give it. It could get gross. And given we are in an election year in the United States, these aspects this lunar cycle could bring out the ugliness in campaigns. But take note if what you hear is real news, manipulated and manufactured (very Gemini) or simply gossip.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rest of the Week

Okay, so as posted below, we know we are juggling balls with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction from now and for awhile. And for the rest of this week there is a lot of emphasis on Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of communication and zipping around quickly from here to there, it is the planet associated with our brain and it moves into its home sign Gemini on Thursday June 10th (1:41am EDT) , so expect things to rev up even more. Lots of texts, emails, phone calls. Your antenna goes up to receive the information and your own radio will broadcast. There are people who have stuff to tell and you have stuff to receive and tell yourself! Mercury will make a favorable aspect to Uranus and Jupiter on Thursday so it will be odd stuff for sure and perhaps ground breaking and certainly innovative. Then on Friday the 11th (9:27am EDT) it makes a harsh aspect with Mars. That is a tough one and tongues and temperments will be short. Wear your flame proof suit on that morning. Then on Saturday we will have the New Moon in Gemini for a fresh beginning. Great, we'll need it.

Lions & Tigers & Bears--oh my!

So, here we sit in the middle of the week---Jupiter moved into Aries on Sunday, Mars moved into Virgo on Monday and yesterday Jupiter got on top of Uranus in Aries. Are you feeling the 3 ring circus? It is out there for us to see and it is inside our own lives. Yesterday, was an election day in my state and several others and although it was not one of those SuperTuesdays where by the end of the night everyone knows the game has changed, it certainly was cuckoo. Some incumbents stayed, others out, tea partiers took a couple positions much to the pleasure of the democratic opposition---frankly the only thing missing was a guy in a top hat and dozen clowns crammed in a car. You can read more HERE.

Now, how is your own personal life? How are you feeling Jupiter and Uranus? Yesterday, I was juggling so much I felt like an octopus with 8 balls in the air. It was cuckoo. I'm sure you felt it somewhere. Remember, Uranus and Jupiter at Zero Aries is somewhere in your chart. Take a look at that spot in your chart and I'm sure you'll see your 3 ring circus. Check the house. Check to see if you have other planets and Zero degrees and see if they make an aspect with Jupiter/Uranus. But the thing to remember is that under that Circus Energy is something more, Aries is the sign of new beginnings. It is where you are are heading. It is the part of you that looks off in the distance and says, "I'm going there!" and then you put one foot in front of the other and you go. Are you surprised that warriors are rooted in Aries? They get the job done.

But back to the circus, so, as you juggle those balls you ask yourself what are you feeling? There should be a calling coming up. I want to do more of _____ in my life. I don't want to do _____. I am ready for _______. Those statements will surface as we process Jupiter in Aries. And they will be up for us as Jupiter&Uranus remain in conjunction in Aries (this summer). So watch what comes up. There is a life in the circus for you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Uncle Ray---up to the minute

I was busy all day today. We're in the last few weeks of school and as a parent who volunteers a great deal in my son's public school---let me tell you these last two weeks are not for the faint of heart. But I digress, anyway, I was away from news for a lot of today and had no idea the stock market dropped over 300 points and the Euro reached a four year low. Of course, I am just stunned and shocked---NOT.

Anyway, I just peeked over at Ray Merriman's site to see how current he was on the subject and I see he is fresh, fresh, fresh.

Go over there to read the whole thing...but I do think some of you will find this piece interesting. Like I said, I don't like to be the only voice for you as we process the cardinal crosses and squares.

The Cardinal Climax. Pluto is already there, in the cardinal sign of Capricorn, and has been since the “Great Economic Crisis” exploded in 2008. It will be there though 2023. Saturn was there, in the cardinal sign of Libra, briefly from late October 2009 through mid-April 2010, squaring Pluto, and coinciding with the debt explosion in Europe. Saturn will return into Libra on July 21, 2010, moving once more towards its waning square to Pluto. It will remain in Libra through October 5, 2012. And now Jupiter and Uranus enter the cardinal sign of Aries. Uranus will be there through August 14, then return briefly to Pisces until March 12, 2011, where it will remain until 2018-2019. Jupiter’s initial visit into Aries is also brief. It will return to Pisces as well on September 8, lingering around (is there a better word to describe the motion of Pisces?) until it re-enters Aries January 22-June 4, 2011.

If you are tired of all the words and all the (broken) promises of plans never carried out, you may be in for a big surprise. Cardinal signs are action periods. Plans may actually be launched. It doesn’t mean they work out, for in Aries, actions are oftentimes more impulsive than correctly and wisely thought out.

But for market people, the picture ahead is likely to become much clearer than it was with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, the sign of abstract and altruistic thought and pursuits. With these planets in Pisces, people wanted to believe in something or someone. They wanted to believe in the existence of a Wizard of Oz, a government or leader who can fix anything. Now, in Aries, they are likely to discover the Wizard of Id, one who thinks they can fix everything faster and better than anyone. But this can only be done if one works within the limits of reality, or what is actually possible. Words matter. But action speaks louder than words.

Still, it is Jupiter and Uranus in Aries now and it is nearly summertime in the northern hemisphere. It is a time to be excited, have fun, travel, and meet many new people. But think a little bit about tomorrow. Hangovers are not much fun when you act solely on impulse.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jumping Jupiter and Uranus too

on June 6 at 2:28 am, Jupiter moves out of Pisces and into Aries where it will stay until September (before it retrogrades back to Pisces). The last time Jupiter was in Aries was between 1999 and 2000 and before that was 1987 & 1988 so you may have a call back to those periods. Energetically, you were probably breaking ground. In what areas of your life were you fiery? How were you a warrior? How were you a survivalist? If we look back on the last Jupiter in Aries period, we recall Elian Gonzales was plucked out the Atlantic ocean, a small boy, the lone survivor of a difficult trip—perfectly Aries. NATO waged war on Yugoslavia which was the first time they attacked a sovereign country and curiously, it was also the first time the Dow Jones crossed 10,000. That is a lot of Arian energy and perhaps one of the saddest chapters in US History also took place--- Columbine. (No surprise since weapons are in the Aries tool box.) We will all need to guard against misguided anger and realize that our patience will be short for the next year. For a business take on Jupiter in Aries take a look at this link:

Now if any of you think Jupiter’s move into Aries will be subtle and it will take all year for it to show itself, well you would be WRONG. We will see what this next year is all about within a few days of Jupiter in Aries because two days later on June 8th Jupiter will be on top of Uranus in Aries. This can only be described as, “Mr. Fire, Meet Mr. Gasoline.” Additionally, the minute Jupiter goes into Aries it will begin its dog fight with Pluto in Capricorn. The first hit is not until late July but the fight will start much earlier with some nasty growls, we should expect something to get our attention, personally and globally. I think it is interesting that these two fiery energies which demand speed and show little patience are occurring during the Taurus lunar cycle which is always saying, “sloooooowwww down”. The rub of course is that they can’t slow down.

Mars Oppose Neptune

On Friday June 4 at 1:52pm EDT Mars will oppose Neptune. This is by all measures a small aspect, but Mars has spent so much time in Leo, churning out issues involving our ego, pride, self esteem (since last fall) that a touch by Neptune can bring some kind of disillusionment. Perhaps an area where we thought we had gained ground will appear to be not so solid. If you wake up depressed, low energy, just kind of out of it, then try to get to the gym (mars) work out the energy that way or get to church or make time for meditation (Neptune). Or maybe even better---go to the movies and get lost in a fantasy. Probably a perfect day to watch "Sex in the City." Those gals were never about reality.