Friday, June 4, 2010

Uncle Ray---up to the minute

I was busy all day today. We're in the last few weeks of school and as a parent who volunteers a great deal in my son's public school---let me tell you these last two weeks are not for the faint of heart. But I digress, anyway, I was away from news for a lot of today and had no idea the stock market dropped over 300 points and the Euro reached a four year low. Of course, I am just stunned and shocked---NOT.

Anyway, I just peeked over at Ray Merriman's site to see how current he was on the subject and I see he is fresh, fresh, fresh.

Go over there to read the whole thing...but I do think some of you will find this piece interesting. Like I said, I don't like to be the only voice for you as we process the cardinal crosses and squares.

The Cardinal Climax. Pluto is already there, in the cardinal sign of Capricorn, and has been since the “Great Economic Crisis” exploded in 2008. It will be there though 2023. Saturn was there, in the cardinal sign of Libra, briefly from late October 2009 through mid-April 2010, squaring Pluto, and coinciding with the debt explosion in Europe. Saturn will return into Libra on July 21, 2010, moving once more towards its waning square to Pluto. It will remain in Libra through October 5, 2012. And now Jupiter and Uranus enter the cardinal sign of Aries. Uranus will be there through August 14, then return briefly to Pisces until March 12, 2011, where it will remain until 2018-2019. Jupiter’s initial visit into Aries is also brief. It will return to Pisces as well on September 8, lingering around (is there a better word to describe the motion of Pisces?) until it re-enters Aries January 22-June 4, 2011.

If you are tired of all the words and all the (broken) promises of plans never carried out, you may be in for a big surprise. Cardinal signs are action periods. Plans may actually be launched. It doesn’t mean they work out, for in Aries, actions are oftentimes more impulsive than correctly and wisely thought out.

But for market people, the picture ahead is likely to become much clearer than it was with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, the sign of abstract and altruistic thought and pursuits. With these planets in Pisces, people wanted to believe in something or someone. They wanted to believe in the existence of a Wizard of Oz, a government or leader who can fix anything. Now, in Aries, they are likely to discover the Wizard of Id, one who thinks they can fix everything faster and better than anyone. But this can only be done if one works within the limits of reality, or what is actually possible. Words matter. But action speaks louder than words.

Still, it is Jupiter and Uranus in Aries now and it is nearly summertime in the northern hemisphere. It is a time to be excited, have fun, travel, and meet many new people. But think a little bit about tomorrow. Hangovers are not much fun when you act solely on impulse.

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