Friday, June 11, 2010

Gemini New Moon 2010

Happy New Moon. It is a "bitchin'" new moon but not in the way you think.

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“A bitchin’ time’

Greatly coloring this cycle is The Sun/Moon in Gemini in harsh aspect to Saturn in Virgo. Saturn by itself has an uncanny ability to see the glass half empty 90 percent of the time. Virgo is the pickiest sign of the zodiac. A square is a tough aspect and finally Gemini for all its smarts and shrewdness can be critical (although it doesn’t see itself that way they just think they are inquisitive.) So, let’s do that math---Saturn: negative; Virgo: picky; Square: tough and Gemini: critical. See a theme? In short, we should prepare ourselves to hear a lot of bitching and complaining this cycle. We’ll hear it from loved ones, employees, co workers, our doctors, our neighbors, the checker at our market, the guy that parks our car, in short pretty much anybody who is breathing. And yes that includes us. We too will be full of bitching.

Adding to that, Mars who finally (after many months) moved out of Leo and into Virgo a few days ago is in square to Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) in Gemini. So, here we are again, more critical energy between Virgo Square Gemini. But, in this case, Mars is the warrior and Mercury is the Mind and they are at odds with each other. This puts a spin on our 28 days cycle of bitching and complaining--- we will be a mouthy bunch with a lot short fuses! “Incoming! Duck!” My suggestion is everyone put on their Kevlar suit because the words coming out of everyone’s mouth will be very sharp. And some of the actions will be harsh---think flying daggers.

Also there is one distinction that should be made--- under this energy people will complain and bitch but it’s not simply whining. Virgo and Gemini need stimulation that is why they like to poke and stoke. Whining for the sake of whining is not enough. Mars which makes all its moves based on its gut and will be compelled in one direction while Mercury will be compelled in another direction. Both planets fighting to micromanage all our thinking and all of our actions. The tension will be palpable and people will release it is through a lot of snappy comments and perhaps ill conceived reactions. Even people who never say anything mean will be calling others all kinds of things. You should expect to hear “What the eff?!!” throughout the cycle. God knows assaults could be high.

I also would expect the rhetoric in the media to be super high. Everyone with an opinion will be asked to give it. It could get gross. And given we are in an election year in the United States, these aspects this lunar cycle could bring out the ugliness in campaigns. But take note if what you hear is real news, manipulated and manufactured (very Gemini) or simply gossip.


  1. Great article. I am a gemini moon and virgo sun, so I saw myself in there; very interesting because I often feel like my signs don't really describe me, but I guess it's all in their combinations.

  2. As a gemini sun, I found your description to be right on, especially with regard to the need to not only communicate, but to be understood. Your ability to describe these archetypes and bring them down to earth--to reveal their human aspects is a fine talent.

  3. Ah, thank you. I have been surrounded by Gemini energy my whole life so I'm pretty versed in that mercurial mind of you pronounced geminis. Plus my own gemini on the 3rd helps me.

    this is going to be an interesting cycle. no shit.