Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Monday---Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Monday August 17 ---Sun Sextile Mars, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Sun Oppose Neptune, Mars Trine Neptune. That's a lot of action and I'm not even discussing the lunar stuff. Mark this day in your calendar as FULL.

The sun will be activating a lot energy from us as it pokes and prods Mars (good naturedly). Mercury will bring out a quieter energy from us, perhaps we will not feel that talkative or at the very least we will be measured when we speak. Sun will drive Neptune a bit cuckoo or maybe it is the other way around and those people who are nuts will drive the show. But at the same time it could just be a great artistic day. Mars also will be asking our artists and our nutjobs to show up and do something special.. curiously--They will. Even the biggest flakes in the world may show up and do the right thing today.

Great day to show up at church and light a candle. It will get the job done.

Sun Opposition Jupiter-August 14

Sun Opposition Jupiter August 14 1:53pm (EDT)

This happens once a year. The sun which is powerful in its own right is opposite the biggest guy around--Jupiter. I will be interested to see how this plays out given that last sock in the eye to Jupiter just a few weeks ago. Neither the Sun nor Jupiter like to be outshine (can that happen to the sun?) they are the big shots and when they are on the teeter totter opposing each other--be prepared for some fireworks. Someone's ego could be out of sorts and they could demand everyone's attention. How they get that attention is anyone's guess. Of course the minute someone demands that I look at them is usually the minute I get up and fake like someone is calling me from the other room.

"Oh, Sally, let me help you."

Well, let's get a seat down front and see who wins... The Sun or Jupiter. Me? I predict solar flares will be a pain in the ass.

Mars Trine Jupiter--Thurs Aug 13

Thursday August 13, 12:29pm EDT ---Mars makes a great trine with Jupiter.

Normally I would say, "Yippee, let me put 100 down on 27 black"

But with this particular day there is a lot of action in general happening. I don't spend much time on all the lunar aspects of each day considering there are hundreds of great astrologers that give you that information. But I will say that this nice perk from Mars comes on a day when the Moon is all over the place. A sexile with Venus, a trine with Mercury, trine with saturn, square with Sun, square with Jupiter, square with Neptune and sextile with Uranus.... Wow. That is a lot in one day. And to have Mars get into it with Jupiter is like someone walking in with a bottle of Wild Turkey..... "Hey, how can we add some liquor to this party!?"

Mars is probably on the right idea and will push you in some direction but take it slowly. Don't put on the party hat right away. Take your time and you should be able to get yourself exactly where you need to be by the end of the day. Keep your eyes on the prize and you'll be okay.

Mars Square Saturn--August 10

Mars Square Saturn Monday August 10 8:16 pm (EDT)

Mars in Gemini is talking a lot of trash. Have you noticed the fear mongering lately? Trash, trash, trash but today the trash talking is going to hit a wall.

Closed Door Meetings will be popping up everywhere as Saturn in Virgo says, "Shut, the 'eff up." Well, actually, Virgo is a bit too delicate for that language, rather Saturn in Virgo will just shut the door quietly and put up a sign, "gone fishin' ''

If you are feeling argumentative and want to get into it with someone, well, do so at your own peril. This is not the time to push anyone. You could regret it later. Instead, take your self out for a huge workout. Go to the gym, go for a good run. Do something physical. But at the same time---do NOT race your car. Give yourself plenty of time to go anywhere because remember everyone has got a SHORT fuse and would love to go off on you.

Full Moon --Lunar Eclipse - August 5

Full Moon Wednesday August 5, 8:55pm (EDT)

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen (are there any of you here?) it is our final eclipse for the summer. I don't know about you but this sandwich of eclipses July Lunar, July Solar, now August Lunar has been a lot of emotional energy for us mere mortals on Earth.
And now here we are processing out our emotions finally in a some what light and airy, mental way. Given we have had two new moons in Cancer which can be so watery we are getting the benefit of this Lunar Eclipse in Mental Aquarius. Aquarius is always focused on the masses and humanity and the group as a whole. "Am I with like minded people? If I am not, what can I do to add my piece to make this group that I am attached a little bit better?" We will also mull---"As much as I want to be the center of attention and shine (Sun in Leo) perhaps the best choice is to think about the group? But at the same time, maybe under that circumstance I will really shine in a way that is useful."

The Moon's conjunction with Jupiter brings an extra bounce of enthusiasm. Perhaps there will be some braggarts out there who annoy. But maybe bragging isn't so bad, after all. Also, we have Moon making a nice, fat trine with Mars and the Sun Sextiles that should get us off our butts and get going on something. If you need some energy to push you to do something use the energy of this full moon to do it. As Alan Shepard said waiting to shoot off into space for the first time... "Light this candle!"

Mercury Trine Pluto--August 3rd

Mercury and Pluto will form a trine at 10:11am Monday August 3.

Expect some clarity. Precision thoughts will help you. If you have been feeling fuzzy or vague about something important, don't be surprised if you get the answer today. Every thing will come into focus. Mercury trines Pluto about two times a year (unless a retrograde gives it another two) so run with this energy. Do you need to get a loan? Do you need to get some paperwork signed? Do you need to hire someone to fix your pipes? Do it today.

And of course, if you need to have an important conversation with someone, no scratch that ... if you have to have a VERY important conversation with someone----consider doing it today. Do you know that old expression, is it better to die from a thousand lashes or 1 cut? Today one cut could be the better choice and it probably won't feel that bad anyway.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jupiter gets Bruised!

I have been so busy lately that sometimes I miss an event that I really should NOT miss. Case in point, "Who slugged Jupiter when I wasn't looking?"
My husband and I were driving and he happened to mention to me, "Hey what about that bruise on Jupiter?" I said, 'What are you talking about?" and he said, "Didn't you hear, an amateur astrologer found a bruise on Jupiter and now astronomers are trying to figure out what hit it."
Talk about an astrological chiropractic adjustment! I sat up straight and said, "I had no idea about this, I am going to see what I can find." So, last night I went to learn more and actually I am glad it took me a week to hear this story. Evidently in the beginning there was conjecture that the thing that hit Jove was as big as Earth. By the time I got to the news they have learned it was probably only a few hundred meters in size (Thank Heavens!)
I, of course, (like I am sure every astrologer) thought about the astrological connection to this big 'shiner' and the conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron and Neptune. Chiron conjunctions bring wounds that need to be healed. It appears Jupiter's massiveness attracts everything and anything floating through his corner of the universe. And Neptune can bring out the victims.
I wonder what this means for Jupiter personalities? Bigger than life, Oxygen suckers, KnowItAlls, Judges---The people who walk into a room and before long everyone is circling around them, will they attract some hits? I don't know I am just mulling this over for the first time this morning.
Curiously, I remember fifteen years ago when Shoemaker-Levy Comet hit Jupiter. It was a thing of beauty. And I recall Buzz Myers my old astrologer spoke at length about the connection to Jupiter. I remember he suggested that Jupiter was getting something to change it or if not change it, something to influence it. Something from out of Jupiter's normal influence of power, a foreign visitor coming to teach him something. He mused about it but of course we could not know for sure about the implicatons.
At that time Pluto was at 25 degrees of Scorpio and we were dealing with all kinds of Scorpio issues (google S&L scandals) but now looking back on it I am wondering about that influence on Jupiter considering Pluto moved into Sag his home sign a couple years later. Had that rock'em sock'em Shoemaker Levy shaken Jupiter up so much it was a message of what was to come?
Colombine and 9/11 showed how a handful of benign looking guys (not unlike shoemaker levy) can do a whole world of hurt. I certainly don't know this for sure but it does make me scratch my head as we see this new wound.
Anyway, since I am late on the party on this one I have gone to see what some other astrologers have said and I think you might want to read Philip Sedgwick's take. It is interesting and thoughtful. Give it a read.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

North Node---The First Move into Capricorn--Game on!

In the evening (EDT) of July 26---- The Mean North Node will move into Capricorn. I know some of you are not too versed in astrology but still enjoy my blog (Thanks for your kind thoughts) so I don't want to bog you down with too much tech talk...but let me just explain that the movement of the nodes is wonky and the mean node takes into account the weird rate the nodes move. If you want to learn more on it go check out Molly's sight who does a nice job explaining it.
Having said that---The Mean Node is crossing into Capricorn on July 26...but the True Node makes the move into Cap on August 21st. In looking down the future I had it in my mind to post my text on Node Cap change on August 21st. However, in thinking about it I have decided to go ahead and post it now, with the Mean Node's transit into Cap. I think it will be interesting to see if we experience some stufff now----my gut is more will come out after the True nodes makes the move but we may still see stuff now that is very Capricorn North Node. ( And Cancer South Node--tsk, tsk). Anyway, here it is:
This is from my New Moon article
Now the important stuff---Ch, ch, ch, changes……

The nodes of the moon are going to change signs. First of all, the nodes are not planets, they are points. They have to do with the sun, the moon and the earth and the paths that they take. The nodes are a bit erratic in that they go backwards and forwards all the time and in no set pattern. They also go through the signs backwards. Instead of Aries, Taurus, Gemini---they go into Gemini, Taurus then Aries. The nodes are split into North Node and South Node. And it is the North Node where we have to stretch. The South Node is where we are lazy and where we have to be careful that we don’t fall victim to our past. The North Node is harder but more much more rewarding. I will share a personal experience just to help clarify the nodes. I have a North Node in Scorpio in the 7th house and the South Node in Taurus in my first house was very easy. I could do anything alone (first house). Go to a movie, go to an event, hang out somewhere, go to dinner, I didn’t care if I was alone. I cherished it. Perhaps too much. What I was supposed to do was be in partnership. And the fact that I have North Node in Scorpio I needed to be a resource for others and ask people, ”What do you need?” Let me tell you---that was very hard for my South Node in Taurus in the first house!! I wanted to be my own person, do my own thing in my own time. At the same time, it was a bit lonely (Do ya think?). But once I put myself out there in a seventh house way my life was inordinately richer. Doors opened for me in ways I cannot explain. Perhaps downright miraculous. The funny thing is that I made the move to my North Node before I actually learned about the nodes. I felt compelled to stretch and get beyond myself. I knew it was calling me and I was doing the work but when I actually learned about the nodes it sealed the deal and I could never look back. If you want to learn more about your nodes I strongly encourage you to get Jan Spiller’s book “Astrology for the Soul.” It is a seminal book on the topic.

But back to my point (as always I drift). The nodes are going to change signs in August. The North node will move from “We are the world- Aquarius” into “Is this prudent?- Capricorn” and the south node will move from “I am great” Leo into “My feelings are so important Cancer”. While the North Node was in Aquarius (since Jan 2008), the need to be social and gather within groups was extremely pronounced. It is interesting to me that the stock market crashed while the North Node was in Aquarius, I mean didn’t it help to know that we all were in it together? We all lost 1/3 of our investments (or greater). But now when the bell gets rung in Capricorn it will be a bit different.

Before I speak of North Node in Capricorn let’s look back and see how the nodes work. In 2005 the North Node was in Aries. Aries demands to be a leader, it gets out in front, it is fiery, it is a general in search of an army. The South Node in Libra is waiting for others to take charge. Libra leans back and let’s others pick up the slack. Curiously, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and I remember marveling at the power of the nodes. Here was North Node in Aries and there was no leader. No president, no FEMA, no governor, or senator was leading. Many of them tried but it seemed like we were a boat without a rudder. Perhaps the only one who seemed to know things was that guy from Amsterdam working on dams at the University in Baton Rouge who had warned the levees were not sound. But then he was not a leader. He was just a smart guy that everyone ignored. The energy was out there for all of us to witness---I don’t know about you, but I found myself standing up in my world a bit more during that time. I was so frustrated by the lack of leader that I became my own leader.

And on September 11, the North Node was in Cancer and the South Node was in Capricorn. Remember the south node is the lazy side, the thing we need to stretch out from. Like many astrologers on that Tuesday morning, I quickly drafted a chart for the day and saw a lot of aspects but I did note that the South Node was in Capricorn. Capricorn when it is in the South Node is a bit of a scrooge and a task master and hung up with work. Sadly, the vast majority of those people who died on 9/11 died at work. After it happened didn’t all of us go home and hug our children and family more? Didn’t we all GET the North Node in Cancer energy at that moment?

Now eight years later the nodes will switch from 9/11. It will be the North Node who will be in Capricorn and we will need to release the south node in Cancer meaning we will release the emotions, the feelings, the neediness. What does that mean? Well, I can tell you that I know a lot of people who were born with North Node in Capricorn and they never got their career off the ground because of their South Node in Cancer. They didn’t feel like pushing themselves. They didn’t feel like moving to a new town with more opportunities. They clung to the familiar even when it was no longer prudent. This is absolutely the wrong message for North Node in Capricorn. Capricorn is not particularly sentimental. Of course when it is bad it is a scrooge and penny pincher and cold ass. But when it is excelling, it has long vision and is the ultimate survivor. Don’t believe me? Between 1935 and 1936 the North Node was in Capricorn and many Jewish families in Berlin said, “Get me out of here.” They left behind generations of memories and history and they headed for new countries because they saw the writing on the wall and they knew survival was more important than sentiment. Many took a financial bath but it was still worth it to keep the family alive. Isn’t that the positive side of cancer? That is the positive side of the nodes, stretch and blend.

And in ’35 in America , it was the depths of The Depression and the Dust Bowl was so bad many Oklahoman’s, Iowans and Missourians packed up and moved to California and other states. There was no work or sustenance for them in their bread basket state. They knew they had to move and they did what they could to get there. They left roots because those roots were now barren. Who benefited? Their children and their children’s children. That is a perfect example of blending the two nodes. When you stretch out to the north you get results that come from the south. But if you do it in reverse and hang out and hide in the south energy you suffer greatly.

Let’s continue to look back at North Node in Capricorn South Node in Cancer. It took place right smack in the middle of World War 1 (between 1916 and 1918) and it was during this time that the United States joined the war.

It also took place between 1953 and 1955 during the escalation of the Cold War and McCarthyism and in that case I think we can see where the fear in Cancer South Node got the better of the nation. We got another round of North Node in Capricorn between 1972 & 1973 and between 1990 until 1992 which both coincided with huge financial recessions in America. Does all of this feel familiar?

Basically, when we look back on the last century of North Nodes in Capricorn we see they are associated with very tough times. And in tough times you have to make tough choices, there is not much room for sentimentality (cancer south node). We should expect the same for our next round of North Node Cap/ South node Cancer which will last from August 2009 until March 2011. If I believed in coincidences I would say, how curious we are getting two new moons in Cancer where we are processing out our emotions just before the nodes switch into Capricorn and Cancer. Isn’t that convenient that we can clean up our act before the nodes change signs? But of course, I don’t believe in coincidences and I think this is a wonderful opportunity (by design) to prep us for the next two years which are going to have a hurdle of challenges. Don’t sleep through the next twenty eight days. Live light, eat light, watch your neediness and overt sentimentality and just for sport google north node in Capricorn. See what you can learn to prep yourself.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chuck Spezzano

Today one of my super cool cyber mom friends turned me on to something that I have to share with you. She indicated she went over to Chuck Spezzano's for a three card reading.
This got my attention and I googled Spezzano and found it. Feeling a little bit in the weeds on a topic, I decided to ask the cards for an anwer.
The three cards I picked were perfect! The answers made sense to me on many levels.

Anyway, it is Cancer New Moon and I feel like being abundant and sharing, like a good mom...for those of you who have an itch to get an answer, go here..see if it works for you!

On the Radio.....Solar Eclipse...what's the deal???

Margaret Wendt and I did a radio show yesterday on the Solar Eclipse. Althought, the eclipse has passed --the New Moon is still in effect and is the main topic of the show. I think some of you might enjoy it. I don't usually get to do a show with Marg but our schedues were open and I think thought this was a perfect topic. Take a listen.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It is now the Second New Moon in Cancer- Solar Eclipse

Cancer New Moon July 21 10:36 PM EDT

As most of you know I generate a New Moon report on my very good friend Margaret Wendt's Metaphyiscal website which you can find here,
Some of you are aware that this new moon is a solar eclipse and it is also the second new moon in cancer this year. It is also the 2nd eclipse out of 3 that we are experiencing in a row this summer. (Next is the lunar eclipse in August).
It is a very potent new moon but not has gut churning as the last Cancer New Moon (which had a big ass opposition from Pluto.) This one is not as difficult and in fact has a beautiful aspect with Uranus and a nice conjunction with Mercury which will give it a different feeling that the earlier New Moon in Cancer. But it is still very important for us to work on our feelings and emotions and how we process stuff. Next month the nodes will be switching axis to Capricorn and Cancer and we would be best served if we could get our emotions and feelings in check. I have written a lot------

Perhaps on the last Cancer cycle we were spinning out of control trying to
take care of this person or that person. Maybe we were running around
putting out fires that were caused by one dysfunctional situation after
another. Then by the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse we were not so sure it
was all worth the “sturm and drang” (get out your German dictionary). We felt spent. We lay on our couch staring up at the ceiling wondering, “What was that I just experienced and was it worth it?” And the
answer? Most likely “NO.”

Now the question to ask is, “Are you going to do things differently on this Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse?” Spirit is giving you
another Cancer cycle to get it right. And by getting it right I am talking
about learning how to differentiate between real proactive emotions versus knee jerk juvenile emotions
---and the patterns that those reactions create.

I am sure many of you have already done that differentiation during
the last 28 days, so much that you will think long and hard before you
invest one more dollar, one more drop of sweat, tear or blood towards
anything and everything. And if you are silly and misguided and continue to respond with juvenile reactions, attitudes or beliefs you will have another lunar eclipse to set you straight (August 5). The August Full Moon Lunar eclipse is asking people to find their group of likeminded people (Aquarius Moon) and see how they can move their life to a better spot or at the very least an elevated spot where they can grow and shine (Leo Sun). And guess what? No juveniles
allowed! See why you are getting a second Cancer New
Moon? It is time to work out the kinks in your emotional and feeling body.

I write quite a bit more about the moon especially the issues with the nodes and I encourage you to read the whole article. There is a lot to share.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sun Trine Uranus July 18 8:36pm (EDT)

Another great aspect in a week of pretty decent aspects. Today's Trine will power through the whole weekend. We should feel inspired and creative. Some of us will have emotional breakthrus and some of us will feel a little brighter and lighter than we have felt in awhile. It is the perfect aspect for a inpromptu invitation to a friend for an outting or maybe a small party will manifest quickly. An overall joyful day. I don't usually talk about aspects with the moon (there are hundreds of astrologers who cover that topic every day--so you are good for that data) but sunday has got two great trines and two crunchy squares. Add today's Trine with Sun and Uranus and I say the weekend is pretty darn good.

Go out and have FUN! That is an order.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cancer Stuff---

I guess you can chalk this up that the Sun in Cancer is conjuncting my moon in Cancer most of this week....but today I seemed to bump into some stuff that was SO cancer.

1. Reconstructing memories....(Cancer rules memory)

I was poking around on buzzfeed after my husband sent me something very gossipy...(out of character for him but I think he was bored)...and while I was there I found this very cool thingy by Ellliott Malkin. I have never been to Florida and I have no movies like this from my childhood but I found it incredibly inspired. I would encourage any of you who can do similiar with your own movies to give it a shot. I know I would if I could.

2. Additionally, I saw that Elliott also did this very cool thing about his grandfather's geneaology. Another Cancer thing. By the way, check out his piece on Eruv (I found that very fascinating).

3. Ken Burns apparently is looking into some help on his next Documentary all about the Dust Bowl particularly in Oklahoma. Everything Ken Burns does is sooooo Cancerian. But this, Dustbowl, (America's Bread Basket during the bad time) in the middle of The Depression (Pluto in Cancer) will probably be his most Cancerian. Ken by the way is an early Leo.

And then today someone sent me some old cool photos of Los Angeles for the Last 100 years.

All perfectly Cancer!

Mercury Does it Again

On Thursday July 16 3:33am (EDT)

Mercury will be making another outstanding aspect, this time with Uranus. Twice a year Mercury trines Uranus. As mentioned earlier Uranus is in the last few degrees of Pisces and although it will move into Aries next year and then retro back into Pisces for a bit.... this is the last time we will have a trine between Mercury in Cancer to Uranus in Pisces in our lifetime. We will get one more watery trine in the winter when Mercury is in Scorpio but the energy of Scorpio and the energy of Cancer are different so let's take this energy while we have it in our life.

Communications with family can improve on that day. Reach out, write a letter, send a note, make a phone call. Today's a good day. l It is also a great day to take care of house stuff. Wonderful day to reach out to someone intuitive perhaps even psychic. Great day to exercise, eat lightly (watch the sweets), drink a lot of water and go in for a small meditation---See what your antenna picks up.

If there is an answer you need to a complicated question you could find it today in the most unusual way. Why don't you and the universe challenge each other with a little request... "Dear, Spirit, I am open to hearing the answer to this question _________ . Go ahead and send it to me anyway you want, I will hear it!"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sun conjunct Mercury

July 13 --10:15pm EDT

Even if you don't know much about astrology you probably know this.......the planet next to the Sun is Mercury. Remember when you were in grade school you learned how hot Mercury is due to its proximity to the Sun? It is just that close. Well, because Mercury is so close in astrology it has a limited number of aspects it can make to the sun---1) a conjuction 2) a sextile.
Of the two we have about 3 or 4 conjunctions a year. The last one we had was in May and now we experiencing Sun Conjunct Mercury on July 13. Now, what the eff does this mean?

It means it is a great day to come up with something clever. A bright idea. You could come up with a plan that will be the smartest thing you've done in a long time. Perhaps you will bump into someone and learn something. Conversations can be very helpful on this day. You might even find a solution to some issue. Or it could be the beginning of the solution.

Because this is taking place at 22 degrees of Cancer there will probably be something smart and helpful for your family issues. Something that supports your roots, your foundation. Maybe you will get your diet (food) together.

Just a smart day to be smart!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturn Oppose Uranus-- uncover hypocrites

When Pluto was in Sag there was a plethora of trouble (OJ, Columbine, 9/11 to name a few) all big eye candy, all steroids for the 24 news cycle which was so Sag!

Now that Pluto has moved into Cap, the power has shifted but we still see it at work. As we know Capricorn energy is about the pinnacle of success, the top of the food chain, the leaders in government, business and even charity.
Of course, Pluto is about destroying and rebuilding. Put these two together and Pluto will have nothing to do with Capricorn pretense. It walks to the top of the mountain and immediately checks the foundation. Thump, thump, thump, yelling out, “Is this ground solid or hollow?” If it is solid it will build upon it. If it hollow-------“look out below!” And with that comes a land slide, bringing mud, trees and a whole bunch of people.

Case in point, Pluto moved into Capricorn the last week of November and within the first 10 days we got---BERNIE MADOFF. How about that land slide?
Here we are six months later which is still early (will be in effect until 2023) and we had Senator Ensign from Nevada admitting to an affair and Governor Sanford and his love sick news conferences that went on and on and on...
Both men in the hot seat could lose their positions in society which feels very Pluto in Capricorn--at least at first blush. But I actually think there might be a bit more to this than Pluto’s new forage in Capricorn. Especially since both of these guys were exceptionally harsh during the heady (can I say that?) days of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. They had an extreme ‘holier than thou’ attitude about Clinton which went way beyond the usual rhetoric; they were calling for his head. (How many times can I say that word?)

For my astrological money that piece of this equation equals hypocrisy, specifically spiritual or religious hypocrisy. Given religion and spirituality are the property of Sag and Pisces and Uranus is in the last degrees of Pisces receiving an opposition from Saturn, I gotta say that is what I think it churning out some of these curious public humiliation cases. Saturn in Virgo is pushing us all to walk our talk. Make our daily life match our talk. And Uranus over there in Pisces has a lot of talk and beliefs but maybe the actions are not equal to the talk.

Curiously, I was mulling that data for the last couple of weeks when I heard this guy named Doug Coe was the spiritual advisor to both Sanford and Craig. And I remembered thinking, "one guy for those two? He sure is batting zero."

I didn’t think that much of it until I heard a fascinating interview by Terri Gross (Fresh Air : NPR) with Jeff Sharlet. Who has written a new book “The Family”.

In the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American
Power, author Jeff Sharlet examines the power wielded by a secretive Christian
group known as the Family, or the Fellowship.

The leader of “The Family” is George Coe and “The Family” is not some run of the mill bible belt church. Not by a long shot.

Founded in 1935 in opposition to FDR's New Deal, the evangelical group's views
on religion and politics are so singular that some other Christian-right
organizations consider them heretical

You see, “The Family” seeks not the meek or the mild as often associated with Jesus but instead they believe God’s way is by reaching the wealthy and the powerful.

The group's approach to religion, Sharlet says, is based on "a sort of
trickle-down fundamentalism," which holds that the wealthy and powerful, if they
"can get their hearts right with God ... will dispense blessings to those
underneath them."

Well, the last time trickle down was in our zeitgeist it proved to be a huge failure and even though The Family has been around since 1935 I have to wonder if they it will survive Saturn Oppose Uranus---and Pluto in Cap.

Take a read and a listen to this piece and you’ll also wonder about their future. It is fascinating.

Jupiter Neptune Redux

Many apologies, dear friends I meant to remind you yesterday July 10th that Jupiter and Neptune were on top of each other again unfortunately I was so busy prepping for an event that I could not get here in time. However the truth is that we are under the influence of these two all summer and not limited to yesterday but of course they will be strong right now. If your emotions feel super high and super low this weekend---blame Jovial Jupiter and Mystical Neptune. We have been discussing this alignment since May 27 which you can read HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 7--Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Capricorn – Lunar Eclipse
July 7-- 5:21am

We are experiencing the first of three eclipses. In some weird astro sandwich we have a lunar eclipse (July 7) followed by a solar eclipse(July 21) and then another lunar eclipse on August 5. Here's a snippet.

Technically we are talking about a full moon, new moon and full moon again. But with an eclipse the energy is more pronounced and our emotions get pulled. We can either snap like a rubber band or we stretch like leather on a drum and forever have a new tone. Of course this is more pronounced if you have any planets at the degrees in effect. In the case of Tuesday’s Full Moon Eclipse we are talking about 16 Cancer and 16 Capricorn, the window is a bit bigger so if you have got a planet between 14-18 Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra—prepare to stretch!

Emotionally, the energy of the full moon (lasts about 2.5 days) is a bit reserved and constrained (Capricorn) and at first glance it might seem people are cut off from their emotions. Perhaps. But I would guess that it is really more of a place of pragmatism. There are times when it is fine to emote and let the feelings flow but perhaps this window would be better served by just taking care of business first and dealing with emotions later. Some people are going to be furious if they can’t get a reaction out of loved ones. Especially since there is a semisquare with Venus (feelings not reciprocated) I would say if you are doing that---you are going to lose. The winners in this race know that their emotions can be helpful—Later! Especially since Saturn is in the mix. Saturn is in Trine to the Moon and Sextile the Sun. Saturn is very practical and very detailed (while in Virgo) and it just brings a sober touch to anything it gets near. This again, brings out the cooler side of emotions. But on the mundane level, if you have got a project looming off shore on your TO-DO list, then take this energy to finish it. Saturn loves a great task. The harder the better.

Mars and Jupiter are still in square to one another so some of us are really still gunning for a fight. And Mars is in Square to Neptune clouding the issues. Me? I would table any fight and just go fix the back porch screen door or whatever it is that needs work.

Not to beat a dead horse but it is interesting that Michael Jackson’s memorial is taking place on this Lunar Eclipse which will stretch the USA’s Sun. My guess is that people will make money off of it (Capricorn Moon). DVDS can be yours for a small price!