Friday, July 31, 2009

Mars Trine Jupiter--Thurs Aug 13

Thursday August 13, 12:29pm EDT ---Mars makes a great trine with Jupiter.

Normally I would say, "Yippee, let me put 100 down on 27 black"

But with this particular day there is a lot of action in general happening. I don't spend much time on all the lunar aspects of each day considering there are hundreds of great astrologers that give you that information. But I will say that this nice perk from Mars comes on a day when the Moon is all over the place. A sexile with Venus, a trine with Mercury, trine with saturn, square with Sun, square with Jupiter, square with Neptune and sextile with Uranus.... Wow. That is a lot in one day. And to have Mars get into it with Jupiter is like someone walking in with a bottle of Wild Turkey..... "Hey, how can we add some liquor to this party!?"

Mars is probably on the right idea and will push you in some direction but take it slowly. Don't put on the party hat right away. Take your time and you should be able to get yourself exactly where you need to be by the end of the day. Keep your eyes on the prize and you'll be okay.

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