Friday, July 31, 2009

Full Moon --Lunar Eclipse - August 5

Full Moon Wednesday August 5, 8:55pm (EDT)

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen (are there any of you here?) it is our final eclipse for the summer. I don't know about you but this sandwich of eclipses July Lunar, July Solar, now August Lunar has been a lot of emotional energy for us mere mortals on Earth.
And now here we are processing out our emotions finally in a some what light and airy, mental way. Given we have had two new moons in Cancer which can be so watery we are getting the benefit of this Lunar Eclipse in Mental Aquarius. Aquarius is always focused on the masses and humanity and the group as a whole. "Am I with like minded people? If I am not, what can I do to add my piece to make this group that I am attached a little bit better?" We will also mull---"As much as I want to be the center of attention and shine (Sun in Leo) perhaps the best choice is to think about the group? But at the same time, maybe under that circumstance I will really shine in a way that is useful."

The Moon's conjunction with Jupiter brings an extra bounce of enthusiasm. Perhaps there will be some braggarts out there who annoy. But maybe bragging isn't so bad, after all. Also, we have Moon making a nice, fat trine with Mars and the Sun Sextiles that should get us off our butts and get going on something. If you need some energy to push you to do something use the energy of this full moon to do it. As Alan Shepard said waiting to shoot off into space for the first time... "Light this candle!"


  1. Found you on MDC - wonderful analysis! I am kicking off the "One Year to Live" meditation project on this day (by Stephen Levine, worth checking out)! Thanks!

  2. I'm fairly new to the astrology world. I was first introduced about a year ago while searching for reasons why my kids and I relate the way we do. Since then, I have been reading more and more. I found you on MDC and have followed your blogs for many months now. Can you point me to a concise, direct website to learn "the basics" of astrology? Thanks!


  3. Kristie,
    I want to turn you on to a great book...let me go get the link...

    here it is:

    this book is the best book to get you on board to the ins and outs of charts. once you start with this you can then jump to some astro sites..but start here with the basics!!!!
    it it just that good.

  4. Anon,
    I will check out Stephen Levine's meditation. It sounds great!! and what a great full moon to jump start it!