Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mercury Does it Again

On Thursday July 16 3:33am (EDT)

Mercury will be making another outstanding aspect, this time with Uranus. Twice a year Mercury trines Uranus. As mentioned earlier Uranus is in the last few degrees of Pisces and although it will move into Aries next year and then retro back into Pisces for a bit.... this is the last time we will have a trine between Mercury in Cancer to Uranus in Pisces in our lifetime. We will get one more watery trine in the winter when Mercury is in Scorpio but the energy of Scorpio and the energy of Cancer are different so let's take this energy while we have it in our life.

Communications with family can improve on that day. Reach out, write a letter, send a note, make a phone call. Today's a good day. l It is also a great day to take care of house stuff. Wonderful day to reach out to someone intuitive perhaps even psychic. Great day to exercise, eat lightly (watch the sweets), drink a lot of water and go in for a small meditation---See what your antenna picks up.

If there is an answer you need to a complicated question you could find it today in the most unusual way. Why don't you and the universe challenge each other with a little request... "Dear, Spirit, I am open to hearing the answer to this question _________ . Go ahead and send it to me anyway you want, I will hear it!"

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