Monday, July 6, 2009

July 7--Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Capricorn – Lunar Eclipse
July 7-- 5:21am

We are experiencing the first of three eclipses. In some weird astro sandwich we have a lunar eclipse (July 7) followed by a solar eclipse(July 21) and then another lunar eclipse on August 5. Here's a snippet.

Technically we are talking about a full moon, new moon and full moon again. But with an eclipse the energy is more pronounced and our emotions get pulled. We can either snap like a rubber band or we stretch like leather on a drum and forever have a new tone. Of course this is more pronounced if you have any planets at the degrees in effect. In the case of Tuesday’s Full Moon Eclipse we are talking about 16 Cancer and 16 Capricorn, the window is a bit bigger so if you have got a planet between 14-18 Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra—prepare to stretch!

Emotionally, the energy of the full moon (lasts about 2.5 days) is a bit reserved and constrained (Capricorn) and at first glance it might seem people are cut off from their emotions. Perhaps. But I would guess that it is really more of a place of pragmatism. There are times when it is fine to emote and let the feelings flow but perhaps this window would be better served by just taking care of business first and dealing with emotions later. Some people are going to be furious if they can’t get a reaction out of loved ones. Especially since there is a semisquare with Venus (feelings not reciprocated) I would say if you are doing that---you are going to lose. The winners in this race know that their emotions can be helpful—Later! Especially since Saturn is in the mix. Saturn is in Trine to the Moon and Sextile the Sun. Saturn is very practical and very detailed (while in Virgo) and it just brings a sober touch to anything it gets near. This again, brings out the cooler side of emotions. But on the mundane level, if you have got a project looming off shore on your TO-DO list, then take this energy to finish it. Saturn loves a great task. The harder the better.

Mars and Jupiter are still in square to one another so some of us are really still gunning for a fight. And Mars is in Square to Neptune clouding the issues. Me? I would table any fight and just go fix the back porch screen door or whatever it is that needs work.

Not to beat a dead horse but it is interesting that Michael Jackson’s memorial is taking place on this Lunar Eclipse which will stretch the USA’s Sun. My guess is that people will make money off of it (Capricorn Moon). DVDS can be yours for a small price!

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