Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cancer Stuff---

I guess you can chalk this up that the Sun in Cancer is conjuncting my moon in Cancer most of this week....but today I seemed to bump into some stuff that was SO cancer.

1. Reconstructing memories....(Cancer rules memory)

I was poking around on buzzfeed after my husband sent me something very gossipy...(out of character for him but I think he was bored)...and while I was there I found this very cool thingy by Ellliott Malkin. I have never been to Florida and I have no movies like this from my childhood but I found it incredibly inspired. I would encourage any of you who can do similiar with your own movies to give it a shot. I know I would if I could.

2. Additionally, I saw that Elliott also did this very cool thing about his grandfather's geneaology. Another Cancer thing. By the way, check out his piece on Eruv (I found that very fascinating).

3. Ken Burns apparently is looking into some help on his next Documentary all about the Dust Bowl particularly in Oklahoma. Everything Ken Burns does is sooooo Cancerian. But this, Dustbowl, (America's Bread Basket during the bad time) in the middle of The Depression (Pluto in Cancer) will probably be his most Cancerian. Ken by the way is an early Leo.

And then today someone sent me some old cool photos of Los Angeles for the Last 100 years.

All perfectly Cancer!

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